Nathan Lee bought Huong Tram's famous hit and gave it to his student Myra Tran

Vân AnhMay 15, 2024 at 21:22

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Nathan Lee once shouted the name of his junior Huong Tram 3 years ago in a campaign to "expose" showbiz, however, he expressed his affection for the female singer, only blaming her for choosing the wrong friend to hang out with when she was close to Cao. Thai Son.

A few hours ago, Nathan Lee caused a stir on social networks with a status line declaring: " I just bought the exclusive rights to the song 'Let Me Be A Little Closer to You'! ". This is the hit song that made the name of female singer Huong Tram.

Nathan Lee bought Huong Trams famous hit and gave it to his student Myra Tran - Photo 1

"Let Me Be A Little Closer to You" is a composition by musician Tang Nhat Tue, released in 2017. On May 13, the hit Ballad was just performed by Huong Tram at a music night held in Hanoi, hitting the spot. Marking the return of Vpop after 4 years of studying abroad in the US.

Nathan Lee's announcement to buy the exclusive rights to "Let You Be A Little Closer to Me" made the audience confused. Below the comment section, he frankly said he would never let Huong Tram continue performing the famous hit. The male singer also firmly affirmed that " I will never sing this song " but quickly changed his mind.

Nathan Lee bought Huong Trams famous hit and gave it to his student Myra Tran - Photo 2

Before that, Nathan Lee also posted another status line sharing that he would dedicate the song "Let You Be A Little Closer to Me" to his student Myra Tran. However, the post has now been deleted.

Nathan Lee bought Huong Trams famous hit and gave it to his student Myra Tran - Photo 3

The audience is curious about the reason behind Nathan Lee's actions. Meanwhile, Huong Tram side has not yet commented on the above information.

Remember, about 3 years ago, when Nathan Lee was the name "dominating the wave" on social networks when he continuously livestreamed "scandals" of many artists in Vietnamese showbiz such as Ngoc Trinh, Cao Thai Son, Xuan Lan... Even In fact, the male singer also openly discussed other colleagues such as Son Tung, Chi Pu, and My Tam in conversations with fans.

Huong Tram and Thu Minh were also "aired" by Nathan Lee. Huong Tram was mentioned first by the male singer because he thought that singer Duyen had a quite close relationship with Cao Thai Son - who was involved in a noisy relationship with Nathan Lee at that time.

Nathan Lee bought Huong Trams famous hit and gave it to his student Myra Tran - Photo 4

During the livestream, the male singer had kind words for his juniors, praising his voice and saying that he was the one who brought Huong Tram to the peak of glory, w.inning The Voice 2012. He affirmed that Huong Tram is a talent, but I don't know how to choose friends to play with.

Nathan Lee bought Huong Trams famous hit and gave it to his student Myra Tran - Photo 5

"Without you, Tram has no chance of w.inning 'The Voice'. My sister Minh knows about my scandal and a lot of other contestants know it. While taking the exam, everyone was waiting for me to practice but I disappeared for no reason. , later when I asked you, you went to record with Cao Thai Son. I didn't understand what you were doing.

I love you so much and have protected you for so many years.

In the Thu Minh team, Melaleuca is the most hated person. Melaleuca is currently inactive, famous and not famous. However, I must admit that I am a talented c.hild, Melaleuca's current success is partly due to my talent," the male singer said.

Nathan Lee bought Huong Trams famous hit and gave it to his student Myra Tran - Photo 6

Nathan Lee reminded Huong Tram to reconsider being close to Cao Thai Son: " Today I told Tram you should reconsider your relationship. I love you so much that's why I said it. I really hate Cao Thai." Son, because Tram was very h.ot at that time, he took her to record. Right now, she's taking the exam, while there are so many people waiting for Tram to practice, please watch again, Tram It's because I love you that I said it."

" Minh, I'm telling the truth, please watch it again. Tram is truly a 'turkey', he's not a bad guy but he's ignored. He's really talented, sings extremely well, has an extremely beautiful voice. Just Melaleuca's personality is not smart, she is a childish c.hild ", Nathan Lee reminded Thu Minh - the sister who used to be very close to him in Vietnamese showbiz but has since "retired".

Nathan Lee bought Huong Trams famous hit and gave it to his student Myra Tran - Photo 7

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