Huong Jiang And Chen Ren

Topic: Huong Jiang And Chen Ren

Huong Jiang broke the rule of doing 1 thing after 33 years, trying to keep getting married has now "burst"

Pinky16:03:56 06/05/2024
Transgender beauty Huong Giang has just made people buzz with the moment she first wore a wedding dress, doing a big thing for the first time despite keeping her promise to keep this moment for the day she got married. The people jokingly promised but have now burst out.

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Huong Jiang reveals evidence of dating young men, extremely shocking identity, is a 'saint of sucking girls'

Trí Nhi06:48:10 02/03/2024
Miss Transgender Huong Giang is making netizens stand still, with the news that she is secretly dating an underage showbiz beauty. The identity was quickly revealed by netizens.

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