Huong Giang met 'fate' after more than 1 year of parting with Dinh Tu?

Khánh HuyềnDec 07, 2023 at 09:55

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After more than 1 year of separation, Huong Giang first made a move that interested many fans when sharing a love moment with a hidden man, who is said to be the actress's new lover.

More than 1 year of breaking up with a 6-year love affair with actor Dinh Tu, Huong Giang recently suddenly posted an intimate image with a hidden man with the caption: "Destiny". The above picture quickly attracted the attention of the online community, everyone expressed surprise, curiosity mixed with happiness when seeing that the actress has found a new destination. Below the comment section, many viewers left adorable congratulations for her:

- Congratulations, because you deserve to be happy, always keep positive energy, be playful.

"Concussion, my sister, happy for you.

"I hope this will be a happy, final landing for my sister.

- Congratulations to you 2, looking forward to the good news on your latest day.

Huong Giang met fate after more than 1 year of parting with Dinh Tu? - Photo 1

Huong Giang and Dinh Tu used to be a favorite couple of many Vietnamese screen viewers. For nearly 6 years, the couple regularly posted love photos and "listened" to each other sweetly on social media. Until some time later, fans discovered the two were no longer posting photos and interacting with each other as often as before. This raises questions about the couple having "gone their separate ways". Not only that, the girls also set the mode of "single", the boys do not post pictures of their girlfriends but instead with love moments in the movie and in real life with Huyen Lizzie.

Huong Giang met fate after more than 1 year of parting with Dinh Tu? - Photo 2

At noon on May 13, 2022, Huong Giang wrote on her personal page: "No matter who you meet, they are all people who need to appear in your life. No matter what happens, it's something that needs to happen. No matter what moment it started, it was the right moment. Every encounter in life is destiny, there is no right or wrong. Huong Giang would like to thank everyone who has always loved and supported Huong Giang. Thank you for accompanying Giang for a long and meaningful journey. And it's finally over, it's over! Let it be good memories."

Huong Giang met fate after more than 1 year of parting with Dinh Tu? - Photo 3

Huong Giang's status line received the sharing of many viewers. However, there are also many people who criticize the actress for choosing too sensitive a time when Dinh Tu and Huyen Lizzie are being interested in a beautiful love story in Shang Sunny Day. In addition, Huong Giang's supposedly unclear sharing caused many people to focus on Dinh Tu and Huyen Lizzie, turning the two actors suddenly into the focus of criticism.

Huong Giang met fate after more than 1 year of parting with Dinh Tu? - Photo 4

In response to these comments, Huong Giang emphasized: "This is just a story of 2 people, not all destinies come to fate, hope people do not speculate and do not judge, thank you."

Huong Giang - Dinh Tu met and dated after co-starring in "Quiet in the deep". At first, when the relationship was public, this relationship was not supported by fans because Dinh Tu lost to 3-year-old Huong Giang and the actress had been through a boat and was a single mother.

Huong Giang met fate after more than 1 year of parting with Dinh Tu? - Photo 5

However, despite all the differences, the couple remained holding hands for years. Despite the age difference, Dinh Tu and Huong Giang are still very beautiful, sometimes walking together.

Before coming to Dinh Tu, Huong Giang experienced a marriage breakdown and had a stepdaughter. In 6 years of love, they have never shared plans for the distant future and said they want to enjoy the sweet months of love.

Huong Giang met fate after more than 1 year of parting with Dinh Tu? - Photo 6

Huong Giang has attracted attention with her personality roles in Living with her mother-in-law, Quiet in the deep, The g.irl from people's house and most recently, The Season of Flowers Found Again. In addition to acting, Huong Giang is also an MC and won the Miss Hanoi Student A.ward 2009.

Huong Giang met fate after more than 1 year of parting with Dinh Tu? - Photo 7

Dinh Tu was born in 1992, known for a series of TV series such as: Loving sunny days, Hating is love, Love is hate, Sunflower against the sun, A lifetime of resentment ...

Huong Giang met fate after more than 1 year of parting with Dinh Tu? - Photo 8

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