Huong Giang makes fans stand still when comeback MV with a Thai male god?

Hoàng AnhSep 21, 2022 at 10:32

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The comeback with the new MV this time, although the teaser is extremely short and very informative, still makes fans of Huong Giang's new product "stand still". Besides, many people have been keen to find a Thai male god who is likely to appear next to Huong Giang with a series of extremely convincing evidence.

Huong Giang makes fans stand still when comeback MV with a Thai male god? - Photo 1

Recently, Huong Giang surprised the online community when she officially released the first footage for a music product marking her return to the music track after a long time.

Huong Giang makes fans stand still when comeback MV with a Thai male god? - Photo 2

With an attractive teaser, the audience couldn't help but look forward to this "Drama Universe" that Huong Giang brings. If in the series I'm here, he made a huge splash last time, besides the impressive script content, the main actor who played with Huong Giang, Jack Su, made a big contribution to the female music product. singer closer to the majority of the audience's love.

Huong Giang makes fans stand still when comeback MV with a Thai male god? - Photo 3

Therefore, with this comeback product, fans were curious about the identity of the male lead in the MV. Notably, a name that is being constantly "called" by the online community for the main role in Huong Giang's music product is none other than Mister Supranational 2022 - Yoyo Teenarupakorn Muangmai.

Huong Giang makes fans stand still when comeback MV with a Thai male god? - Photo 4

The fact that YoYo is being called for the main male position because he is currently present in Vietnam, specifically Da Lat. Coincidentally, in a clip that was spread earlier, Huong Giang also revealed that she would shoot the MV in the dreamy land of Da Lat. Although currently this information has not been corrected by Huong Giang or YoYo, many posts about this coincidence are being spread throughout online forums.

Huong Giang makes fans stand still when comeback MV with a Thai male god? - Photo 5

Back with Huong Giang's comeback MV teaser. On his Tik Tok page, the voice of Anh is somewhere he posted a short teaser introducing his new music product, with the status line: Welcome to The New Universe! GreenTea Universe coming soon (Translation: Welcome to the New Universe! The green tea universe is coming soon).

It can be seen that, after a long time "listening" to fans about a new MV after a long absence, focusing on her own career, recently, Huong Giang has officially brought "Green Tea Universe". full of excitement back to the Vietnamese music industry.

Huong Giang makes fans stand still when comeback MV with a Thai male god? - Photo 6

The teaser was released by the female singer, although it did not r.eveal any footage of this product, but mainly introduced the theme of this MV: "The return of the Third Person Universe, and the Third Person Universe. 3 times this time... more powerful!". Making the audience extremely curious about how great the content of Huong Giang's product this time will be, when just releasing a teaser, it makes viewers feel "suffocated" by the rushing sound.

Huong Giang makes fans stand still when comeback MV with a Thai male god? - Photo 7

Netizens often say: The third person is obnoxious, but "green tea" is even more hateful. Because girls dubbed "green tea" always appear innocent, lovely, and weak to stimulate men's feelings of wanting to protect and protect. "Green tea girl" outside is gentle and pure, but her nature is dark, evil and especially 99% is always interested in "owned flowers".

Although Huong Giang's teaser does not r.eveal any lyrics or has the appearance of a character or MV scene, only by interpreting the above phrase "green tea" can we understand somewhat of the drama. Huong Giang is about to bring, it will definitely be extremely harsh and pushed to the c.limax.

Huong Giang makes fans stand still when comeback MV with a Thai male god? - Photo 8

Finally, Huong Giang has also "closed" the time to "release the chain" of this product which is the upcoming September 25th. Will with this top-anticipated comeback product, Huong Giang's music video will make the audience feel "eye-catching" and competitive with MVs released this year such as: A Thousand Pains by Van Mai Huong, Black Hickey by Chi Pu, Bad actor of Den Vau,...

In addition, in a "faltering" post about the comeback product, Huong Giang revealed that the musician who composed this song for her is none other than the "father" of the hit "The most beautiful flower" - the hit song. of the AP Army.

Huong Giang makes fans stand still when comeback MV with a Thai male god? - Photo 9

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