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Thai male god Win Metawin falls in love with his student Ho Ngoc Ha, his visuals explode

Pinky13:47:00 28/06/2024
Thai actor Win Metawin just had a reunion with his student Ha Ho - singer and model Phi Phuong Anh, at an event in Malaysia. This clash made many fans excited, enthusiastically sharing the affectionate images of the two.

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Win Metawin - Thai male god: Rich family, used to be discriminated against for his appearance and unbelievable things

Hoàng Anh16:55:10 13/10/2022
The summer of 2020 of the Asian womanizer community became extremely exciting by the Sarawat - Tine couple in the hit Thai boylove movie 2gether The Series. Thanks to that, the main actors in the film, Bright and Win, became the most sought-after beauties in the Golden Temple...

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Huong Giang makes fans stand still when comeback MV with a Thai male god?

Hoàng Anh10:32:10 21/09/2022
The comeback with the new MV this time, although the teaser is extremely short and very informative, still makes fans of Huong Giang's new product "stand still". Besides, many people have been keen to find a Thai male god who is likely to appear next to Huong Giang with a series...

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Art Pasut and Pinky Savika reunite in new movie

Nam Phương16:52:02 29/03/2022
The film Legend of the Mekong (original name is Khum Sab Lum Kong) belongs to the genre of modern action movies with many mythological elements produced by Thailand in 2020. The film is about an adventurous journey to find the city of Nakusa, a city that only appears in legends...

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Sam Sam Comes Then Thai version: Aom Sushar and Push Puttichai f.ight more than Trieu Le Dinh - Truong Han

team youtuber12:30:02 05/06/2021
In the Thai version, the character Sam Sam will be named Namking, played by the dwarf mushroom Aom Sushar and the president Phong Dang was renamed Payu, was in charge of Push Puttichai. Starting to shoot in 2019, but until June 5, the new Thai version of Sam Sam Came Then officially aired. Previous Chinese version

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