Miss Do Thi Ha "hummed" according to the studio "coffee" Quang Hai, fans argued fiercely?

Nguyễn KimApr 06, 2024 at 14:37

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One of the recent incidents of public attention is the noise of wedding photos between Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen and the famous wedding photo studio. Recently, Miss Do Thi Ha was also dragged into the scandal for leaving a comment on the other studio owner's post.

Recently, the famous couple of Vietnamese football village Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen suddenly became involved in controversy when the studio took photos for the couple at the wedding suddenly deleted photos and posted the status "remove photos or pay", with screenshots of 70 million received from Quang Hai. The studio said that the bride Zhou Qinghuyen was the one who contacted her to ask for a photo but when she stopped cooperating, she said "I thought you took a free photo".

Miss Do Thi Ha hummed according to the studio coffee Quang Hai, fans argued fiercely? - Photo 1

After a few hours, this photographer named L deleted the post that received 70 million from Quang Hai but instead changed the cover photo to a summary of the weddings he had taken, including Dang Thu Thao, Nha Phuong, Do My Linh, Phuong Oanh... Worth mentioning, below this post, Miss Do Thi Ha left a comment: "My brother is too hot".

Miss Do Thi Ha hummed according to the studio coffee Quang Hai, fans argued fiercely? - Photo 2

This 5-word sentence has made Miss Vietnam 2020 entangled in the phi market, many people think that Do Thi Ha is participating in drama and "coffee" on the other side. However, a section defended that perhaps this was just a normal, mere interaction between Do Ha and Mr. L because the two were acquaintances and not related to the noise between the photographer and the Quang Hai player. In the midst of netizens divided into conflicting debates, until the evening of April 5, Do Thi Ha still maintained this comment on her photography personal page L.

Miss Do Thi Ha hummed according to the studio coffee Quang Hai, fans argued fiercely? - Photo 3

Regarding this incident, the communications manager of the wedding event Quang Hai and Zhou Qinghuyen shared the couple's views. This person said that the 2 parties decided to stop cooperating, Quang Hai transferred m.oney and asked the studio to take down the photos:

"When he was working, he collided with reporters and people so much that he decided to stop cooperating. After announcing the cessation of cooperation, Mr. L said the cost was 70 million VND. At first I thought it was 100% funded. But after a request to pay, my party pays and asks to take down the photo. He accepted it too. But when it came time to transfer the m.oney, he was."

Miss Do Thi Ha hummed according to the studio coffee Quang Hai, fans argued fiercely? - Photo 4

Miss Do Thi Ha hummed according to the studio coffee Quang Hai, fans argued fiercely? - Photo 5

In addition, Quang Hai confirmed that he asked for a quote for the photography package but the studio did not send it. Moreover, on the couple's most important wedding day in the East of England on March 28, the principal manager (i.e. Mr. L.) was absent without notice nor answering the reason.

Although this noise caused the online community to erupt into controversy, neither Guanghai nor Zhou Qingxuan cared or made an official move. Busy preparing for the wedding day, but the couple still only focuses on their main work. Between wedding days, Quang Hai still plays tournaments and Zhou Qinghuyen regularly livestreams sales every day.

Miss Do Thi Ha hummed according to the studio coffee Quang Hai, fans argued fiercely? - Photo 6

On the afternoon of April 4, Zhou Qingxuan went to the livestream to close the order as usual, but the netizen's comment only mentioned the noise with the wedding photo studio. To this curiosity, Quang Hai's wife spoke for the first time.

"Everyone, I don't know. You guys keep commenting on that photo, I don't know. Really, I don't care. Really, I didn't notice that. The work of the 2 spouses just does their job well, and whoever says anything, people just say it themselves, we don't say anything. People like to talk to themselves, but my wife and I don't care," Zhou Qingxuan said.

Miss Do Thi Ha hummed according to the studio coffee Quang Hai, fans argued fiercely? - Photo 7

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