Hoa Minzy decided not to reunite with her ex-boyfriend, because of her son

Phương ThảoApr 12, 2024 at 07:45

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Before breaking up, Hoa Minzy and young master Minh Hai had an admirable love story. But now when asked again about a reunion, Hoa Minzy affirmed that it would not happen.

Recently on her personal page, Hoa Minzy shared a short 20-second clip recording the moment of welcoming her son when he just returned from a 1-month trip to Australia.

In the clip, Hoa Minzy's son is picked up from his grandmother's car. As soon as he saw his mother, Hoa Minzy's c.hild immediately showed off the gift he bought for his mother.

Hoa Minzy decided not to reunite with her ex-boyfriend, because of her son - Photo 1

Hoa Minzy also left a proud status about her son: "Going to Australia to buy a gift for my mother, a pink doll that I like hihi. So why do I just want to be a b.aby kaka?"

Besides the adorable moment between mother and daughter, netizens also paid attention to the moment Hoa Minzy met her ex-mother-in-law. Even though they did not interact with each other, from the face and smiling expression of young master Nguyen Minh Hai's mother, the public guessed that the relationship between Hoa Minzy and her ex-mother-in-law is still very good. Not only that, Hoa Minzy's mother also did not forget to remind her grandson to say hello to his grandmother before leaving.

When sharing a video of meeting her son again after a long time apart, Hoa Minzy received many comments about reuniting with her old lover so that the c.hild could live with both parents.

"I just feel sorry for a complete family for Bo. He gets to stay with his parents every day instead of having to split up like this."

However, Hoa Minzy affirmed that after so many things have passed, the possibility of reuniting is impossible, she even felt "embarrassed" when reading comments related to marriage with her ex.

Hoa Minzy affirmed that b.aby Bo is having a very happy and joyful life, not "pitiful" like what people think. The female singer said the reason she doesn't want to return to live with her ex is also related to her son. Hoa Minzy confided: " It's better to separate and smile all the time than to stay together and hear your parents f.ight. I think it's ok to be a little more open-minded."

Hoa Minzy decided not to reunite with her ex-boyfriend, because of her son - Photo 2

The mother revealed that because she stopped at the right time, the people involved are now able to maintain civility and comfort when facing each other. At the same time, Hoa Minzy affirmed that she would never "inject" her son's head with bad and incorrect things about the family.

Hoa Minzy decided not to reunite with her ex-boyfriend, because of her son - Photo 3

It can be seen that, despite many times being questioned about "resuming the old love" with young master Minh Hai, Hoa Minzy still insisted that the two were just maintaining a normal relationship to take care of their common son together.

Hoa Minzy decided not to reunite with her ex-boyfriend, because of her son - Photo 4

Before that, Hoa Minzy also shared a clip confiding in b.aby Bo about her parents' breakup. The c.hild innocently confessed that even though his parents don't love each other, they still love him very much. Hoa Minzy also did not prevent young master Minh Hai from seeing his son, who had just spent a long vacation with his father and grandmother in Australia.

Hoa Minzy decided not to reunite with her ex-boyfriend, because of her son - Photo 5

In early 2022, Hoa Minzy and her boyfriend Minh Hai announced "going their separate ways" after many years of being together. The couple has a son together, Bo, born in 2019, but has not registered their marriage nor held a wedding.

Sharing in a talk show, Hoa Minzy affirmed that she is still single after many failed love stories. The female singer confided: "I am a person who believes very much in love and wishes for love. Of course at this time, I have more things to think about. I have never been married, so tell me to move on." The next step is very strange because I've never been married before. I've also never been able to wear a bride's dress, have no wedding ceremony, or have people come to ask me to marry them."

After the breakup, Hoa Minzy's beauty level improved significantly and her career also improved significantly.

Hoa Minzy decided not to reunite with her ex-boyfriend, because of her son - Photo 6

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