Hoa Minzy "blocked" Ha Duc Chinh, he was about to become a father and had to "freeze" after hearing this.

Trí NhiMay 16, 2024 at 15:21

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Female singer Hoa Minzy just had an interaction with football player Ha Duc Chinh and his wife, h.ot g.irl Mai Ha Trang, and people had the opportunity to laugh at her extremely rude and teasing behavior towards the other couple. This is a close friend.

At noon on May 14, h.ot g.irl Mai Ha Trang - wife of striker Ha Duc Chinh - shared a selfie with her husband in the elevator. Mai Ha Trang wore a black dress that hugged her b.ody, clearly r.evealing her round pregnant belly. This is the first time she has shown a close-up photo of her butt when she is pregnant with her first c.hild, and is expected to be close to her due date. The figure and beauty of the h.ot g.irl in Bac Giang are still attractive, not inferior to the two hottest pregnant mothers in the football industry - Doan Hai My and Chu Thanh Huyen.

Hoa Minzy blocked Ha Duc Chinh, he was about to become a father and had to freeze after hearing this. - Photo 1

The photo quickly attracted the attention of fans, especially those interested in the couple Ha Duc Chinh - Mai Ha Trang. Many people sent their congratulations and expressed their admiration for Mai Ha Trang's increasingly beautiful beauty during her pregnancy.

What's interesting is that in the comments section, female singer Hoa Minzy - the close sister of Ha Duc Chinh and Mai Ha Trang - left a comment teasing Ha Duc Chinh. Ha Duc Chinh then happily responded and offered to read the story to Hoa Minzy's son, Bo. However, Hoa Minzy cruelly refused with the reason "you're confused when you read that. You can't sleep. Sometimes my niece laughs in her stomach."

Hoa Minzy blocked Ha Duc Chinh, he was about to become a father and had to freeze after hearing this. - Photo 2

This trio's humorous interactions made fans extremely excited. Many people expressed admiration for their close friendship and hoped that in the future, their children would also be able to play together like their parents.

Previously, despite publicly announcing her pregnancy, Mai Ha Trang still cleverly dressed to hide her waistline. The WAG g.irl rarely appears in crowded places. At the wedding of Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen in April 2024, when Doan Van Hau held the hand of his pregnant wife Doan Hai My to attend, Ha Duc Chinh went alone. Travel and vacation images of Duc Chinh and Ha Trang were also hidden. Duc Chinh's wife rarely revealed her beauty when pregnant with her first c.hild.

Hoa Minzy blocked Ha Duc Chinh, he was about to become a father and had to freeze after hearing this. - Photo 3

Along with Duc Chinh, his two close friends Van Hau and Quang Hai will also become fathers this year. WAG trio Doan Hai My, Chu Thanh Huyen, and Mai Ha Trang unexpectedly became pregnant with "Dragon babies".

Hoa Minzy and Ha Duc Chinh and his wife are friends with a close relationship, the female singer has also repeatedly expressed her admiration for the beauty of h.ot g.irl Mai Ha Trang. Many times singer Hoa Minzy joked with his junior who is wearing the Binh Dinh shirt under the pictures of his wife: "Ha Duc Chinh is lucky," Hoa Minzy wrote. Responding to his close senior, the striker born in 1997 said: "Hoa Nguyen, but it's a bit hard." The female singer born in 1995 said that when Duc Chinh goes out with his wife: "Everyone likes it."

Hoa Minzy blocked Ha Duc Chinh, he was about to become a father and had to freeze after hearing this. - Photo 4

Ha Duc Chinh and Mai Ha Trang got married in May 2022, Duc Chinh and Ha Trang started publicizing their love story in April 2019. At that time, the talented and beautiful couple traveled to Da Nang and Hoi An. After that, they also interacted with each other more often on social networks. Ha Trang was commented that her beauty improved after getting married. Netizens praised Duc Chinh for taking good care of his wife.

Hoa Minzy blocked Ha Duc Chinh, he was about to become a father and had to freeze after hearing this. - Photo 5

The h.ot g.irl has a good-looking face, big round eyes, high nose, and white skin. Compared to the girlfriends and wives of other players, Ha Trang has a rather private life. Her Facebook only updates pictures of her daily life. Since making her love story public, she has not hesitated to show her love and wholeheartedly care for her husband.

Currently, Mai Ha Trang is pregnant with her first c.hild and is expected to give birth in the near future. Both are very excited to welcome new members to the family and often share happy moments together on social networks.

Hoa Minzy blocked Ha Duc Chinh, he was about to become a father and had to freeze after hearing this. - Photo 6

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