Dr. Cao Huu Sheng brought flowers to "confess" Hoa Minzy, commenting this on b.aby Bo?

Kim LâmApr 03, 2024 at 09:10

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Recently, Dr. Cao Huu Sheng shared a picture of going to a close dinner with Hoa Minzy, causing people to stir on social networks. Notably, the male doctor also said that the subtext made fans quickly "push the boat" enthusiastically.

After going their separate ways with b.aby Bo's father, Hoa Minzy is now quite private about romance. Recently, she has often been rumored to be dating Van Toan but both deny it, considering each other as close friends because they have been together for the past 10 years.

Dr. Cao Huu Sheng brought flowers to confess Hoa Minzy, commenting this on b.aby Bo? - Photo 1

And Dr. Cao Huu Sheng is a name that is no stranger to many people. Not only known as a talented infertility doctor, Dr. Cao Huu Thinh also received love for his humorous personality. Notably, this doctor has a close relationship with many artists in Vietnamese showbiz. Every time this doctor takes a picture with any artist, it makes people constantly interested and discussed.

Dr. Cao Huu Sheng brought flowers to confess Hoa Minzy, commenting this on b.aby Bo? - Photo 2

It seems that there is no relationship between Hoa Minzy and Dr. Cao Huu Thinh, recently, the singer from Bac Ninh made people stir before the moment she went to eat with Dr. Thinh and happily took photos together.

Notably, the doctor also posted a caption when sharing a photo with Hoa Minzy: "What do you guys feel? Let's see if we can turn on love? Let me play, close the order." In the photo, Dr. Thinh and Hoa Minzy sit next to each other, holding a bouquet of crimson roses in their hands.

Dr. Cao Huu Sheng brought flowers to confess Hoa Minzy, commenting this on b.aby Bo? - Photo 3

Below the comment section, netizens showed quite interest in the image with the status line that Dr. Thinh posted. Many people "push the boat" enthusiastically this couple. Even actor Thanh Truc humorously left a comment: "I don't believe you, but I trust you." Nam Shu was surprised by the moment Hoa Minzy and Dr. Sheng shared the same frame: "Oh well."

However, many netizens immediately found out, Dr. Sheng posted this image on April Fool's Day (April 1). With his humorous personality, Dr. Thinh just wants to make the online community curious. Below the comment section, Dr. Thinh also left the following comment: "Post like that, who believes it?"

Dr. Cao Huu Sheng brought flowers to confess Hoa Minzy, commenting this on b.aby Bo? - Photo 4

Perhaps, this doctor and Hoa Minzy only met to exchange work. Because at this meeting, Hoa Minzy's mother also brought her son, Bo. The bouquet of flowers that Dr. Sheng held in his hand was given by Hoa Minzy herself. However, he got into a "bad crying" situation when little Bo repeatedly demanded that bouquet of flowers.

The male doctor said: "Being given Cotton but being asked by Bo to return it, saying my mother's cotton, my mother said I gave it to Uncle Sheng without insisting on saying my cotton. The default type of cotton is mother's, unbelievable, it is Hoa Minzy's c.hild."

Dr. Cao Huu Sheng brought flowers to confess Hoa Minzy, commenting this on b.aby Bo? - Photo 5

In addition to the unexpected comments, there are netizens who think this may be Dr. Sheng's prank because the image was posted on April Fool's Day. As for Hoa Minzy, she also exclaimed in surprise at Dr. Sheng's move: "I don't think you are so muddy."

Dr. Cao Huu Sheng brought flowers to confess Hoa Minzy, commenting this on b.aby Bo? - Photo 6

Not out of the game, late on April 1, Hoa Minzy shared a series of plans for 2024, including getting married and having children. Hoa Minzy humorously wrote on her personal page: "This year the album is out. This year there was a live show. This year married and had children. Great 2024."

Dr. Cao Huu Sheng brought flowers to confess Hoa Minzy, commenting this on b.aby Bo? - Photo 7

Due to posting on April Fool's Day, many viewers are curious, not knowing if Hoa Minzy's shares are true or simply a joke on social media. And it is not known if it is true that in 2024, the singer will get married and have children.

Dr. Cao Huu Sheng brought flowers to confess Hoa Minzy, commenting this on b.aby Bo? - Photo 8

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