Thuy Tien encountered "tribulation" at Quang Linh livestream, managing defiant speech

Bút Bi06:43:02 04/06/2024
The presence of Thuy Tien in the sales livestream with Quang Linh made fans wave. However, the live session encountered quite a few technical glitches. Notably, CEO Loc Vo also voiced challenges and also made harsh statements to the audience.

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Miss Y Nhi boyfriend openly said "love you", s.mashing breakup rumors

Thanh Phúc14:40:46 03/06/2024
Y Nhi after studying in Australia, information about her personal life with her boyfriend of the same age also became trickling in the media. Many bad rumors were also made at this time, recently the couple suddenly made a new move, fans buzzed.

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The news that Y Nhi dropped out of school in Australia to return to Vietnam to find her glory, the miss tycoon spoke out

Bảo Nam10:29:36 03/06/2024
After nearly a year studying abroad in Australia, Y Nhi recently planned to return to Vietnam to participate in 1 number of events. Also from here came rumors that the queen dropped out of school. Faced with a series of questions, the beauty's management company has spoken.

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H'Hen Nie went to Dien Bien to do something special, fans complained because of the "top-notch" super product

Phúc Sen08:42:45 02/06/2024
Miss H Hen Nie made fans buzz when she just released her debut MV, which has a deep meaning about Vietnamese people, filmed entirely in the mountains of Dien Bien. Fans immediately scrambled, sharing wildly before the super product of this top.

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Ex-boyfriend reveals hint of "falling in love again" with H'Hen Niê, covers his face but leaves out a detail

Bút Chì16:01:12 01/06/2024
H Hen Nie's boyfriend has openly reunited with his lover in a very special way. Previously, the queen shared that she broke up with her current love but then the two revealed many moves to reunite.

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Huong Giang let 2 transgender beauties f.ight, "1 lost 1 longer", r.evealing international exam tickets

Pinky09:14:00 01/06/2024
Miss Huong Giang and Miss International Queen Vietnam have officially announced Vietnam's representative to the international beauty arena for transgender people Miss International Queen 2024, which will be held in Thailand in the near future.

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H'Hen Niê has a move to learn from Nam Em to "hold the mic", people are worried about her singing voice

An Nhi17:01:44 31/05/2024
With the advantage of beauty, outstanding physique and ever-improving singing ability, H Hen Niê attracted attention when announcing the launch of a music product. Fans said they would support H Hen Niê wholeheartedly on her musical path.

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Mai Phuong appeared strangely, how did she react to the rumor of leaving her old company for the US?

Bút Bi16:52:45 31/05/2024
Miss Mai Phuong suddenly reappeared after more than a month of silence with a fashion photo shoot for the brand she represents. Previously, many rumors said that she had left her old management company to go to America with her family.

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Runner-up Thuy Tien was said to be "mischievous" because she was suspected of intentionally "slandering" Phuong Trinh Jolie

Thiên Di15:52:27 30/05/2024
The noisy gossip of actress Phuong Trinh Jolie has made the Vietnamese entertainment industry extremely bustling in recent days. During this time, runner-up Thuy Tien also made a move that was misunderstood by people as being mean to her seniors.

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Tieu Vy is rumored to have left her management company after 6 years, is she officially free from restraints?

Phúc Sen14:04:26 30/05/2024
Miss Vietnam 2018 - Tran Tieu Vy confused beauty fans when she suddenly received information that she had terminated the contract with her current management company and left after 6 years of being crowned. Immediately, insiders officially spoke up.

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Miss Y Nhi returned home after nearly a year of studying abroad, preparing to reappear after a loud scandal

Nguyễn Kim13:32:05 29/05/2024
After nearly a year studying abroad in Australia, Y Nhi's side has confirmed that they will return in the near future to participate in some sports-related activities. This is considered the first comeback since the queen got into trouble after her coronation.

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Binh Phuong Highway stipulated the funeral of Duc Tien's husband, unable to pay the expensive costs

T.P09:34:43 29/05/2024
Miss Binh Phuong, the wife of late actor Duc Tien, is facing mental and material difficulties when the cost of organizing her husband's funeral in the US reached a huge number. Bang Kieu's ex-wife, after calling for support, now reveals more rules for the funeral.

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Thien An encountered Phat La at the event, showing a distant attitude, ignoring each other?

JLO15:11:27 28/05/2024
At the end of 2023, rumors appeared on social networks that Phat La and Thien An were secretly dating. Not only do they often appear together at showbiz events, the two are also hinted at going on vacation together.

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Miss Y Nhi confronted anti-fans and sent a signal from Australia to Vietnam, which was shocking to hear

Gia Nhi09:04:17 28/05/2024
Miss Y Nhi, after 6 months studying abroad in Australia, avoiding public opinion from the series of noise after her coronation, now the beauty born in 2002 has gradually perfected herself to become a completely new, mature and mature version of Y Nhi. more mature.

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Lydie Vu "combated" the antifan when she was sarcastically criticized for not being good at Vietnamese, fans praised her highly

Thiên Di14:30:57 27/05/2024
After being announced as Vietnam's representative to compete in the Miss Supranational 2024 beauty contest, Lydie Vu received many compliments, support, and encouragement on her upcoming journey. Besides, some comments expressed dissatisfaction with this beauty.

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Duc Tien's wife, Binh Phuong, was afraid of losing her memories, so she extracted the home camera and saved everything about her husband

T.P11:36:14 27/05/2024
Miss Binh Phuong had heart-wrenching shares about life a few days after receiving news of her husband, actor Duc Tien, passing away. She felt sad because her daughter kept asking where her father was, not knowing that he was no longer alive. The queen is also afraid of losing all her memories of her partner, saving them all on the...

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Phuong Nga burst into tears in the Cannes Film Festival hotel lobby because of an unexpected incident

Bảo Nam14:19:36 26/05/2024
On the evening of May 25, runner-up Phuong Nga shared panoramic footage of the road to the 2024 Cannes film festival. In contrast to the smooth opening, an unexpected incident occurred that made it difficult for the couple to manage.

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Lydie Vu "crushed" a series of strong opponents and received good news at Miss Supranational 2024

Nguyễn Kim15:07:15 25/05/2024
Immediately after being chosen to represent Vietnam at Miss Supranational 2024, Lydie Vu was predicted by a beauty page to reach the top 6 finals. This can be seen as a happy sign for the Vietnamese-French beauty.

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Miss Binh Phuong was in dire straits after Duc Tien's husband passed away and had to accept donations

Thanh Phúc12:08:49 25/05/2024
Duc Tien's beauty queen wife has just been revealed by singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh about her difficult situation in America after her husband's sudden d.eath. Funeral costs here are not low, making it difficult for the family to manage. Bang Kieu's ex-wife spoke up to donate.

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Miss Tieu Vy had a health problem because she ate 2 durians, people are worried

JLO15:15:11 24/05/2024
Miss Tieu Vy recently suddenly posted a close-up photo of a bowl of minced meat porridge and many packs of c.igarettes with the status line: The result of eating two durians when you are weak.

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Runner-up Phuong Nga landed at Cannes Film Festival, fans were shocked because they were "beaten up", Binh An expressed his attitude

Phúc Sen13:33:17 24/05/2024
Runner-up Phuong Nga and her husband, actress Binh An, made the internet stir when they suddenly announced that they were going to France to attend the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. This was a coup that made everyone bewildered, because the day of departure was a new beauty. Notification.

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Thuy Tien "transmitted her spirit" to Minh Tu and received good news shortly after getting married

An Nhi14:32:47 23/05/2024
Recently, Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien and Minh Tu were among the top social media influencers in April. This is a proud achievement for the hard work and seriousness of both Thuy Tien and their profession. Minh Tu.

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Miss Binh Phuong, Duc Tien's wife, tearfully revealed something special 3 days after her husband passed away

Pinky13:34:39 23/05/2024
Miss Binh Phuong, Duc Tien's wife, just shared about her late husband, r.evealing the actor's special personality 3 days after her husband passed away. After hearing this, netizens were heartbroken and choked with grief.

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Miss Ngoc Han resigned as Deputy Director despite earning 1.4 billion/year, the reason is surprising to everyone!

Minh Lợi17:07:10 22/05/2024
Recently, beauty queen Ngoc Han announced that she will no longer hold the position of Deputy General Director of Ninh Van Bay Tourism Real Estate Joint Stock Company (stock code NVT) - owner of the luxurious resort Six Senses Ninh Van Bay. After 2 years holding this position.

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