Miss International 2022 Jasmin "exposes" her large tattoo, writes a letter revealing her past

Nguyễn KimJan 15, 2024 at 14:45

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Jasmin Selberg is one of the queens who is highly appreciated for her beauty in the history of Miss International. She is known as the "living doll", however, recently, Jasmin caused surprise when she publicly announced her large tattoo that attracted attention.

Recently, former Miss International - Jasmin Selberg suddenly published two photos with a large tattoo on her thigh. She wrote on her personal page that:

"Some people know, some people don't know, I've had my tattoos since 2018. I'm not sure if I should post these pictures but maybe I should finally get it done.

Miss International 2022 Jasmin exposes her large tattoo, writes a letter revealing her past - Photo 1

Knowing that tattoos are hardly seen at beauty pageants, I faced a lot of reactions when I started competing in 2020. It's bittersweet, because it's part of the I. Most of the time I decide to cover it up. And because of that, I always have to cover both my legs with makeup. A lot of girls helped me during the competitions, especially during the last nights of the competitions, they helped me paint my legs with hundreds of brush strokes while under great time pressure. There were judges who said to my country director: Oh! Your candidate is so beautiful, so cute. But she has tattoos", ultimately ending up with worse scores.

That really made me wonder about the old days. But in the end: I am who I am. My tattoos have deep meaning to me and they are a lifelong part of me that I no longer want to hide, as part of self-love and acceptance."

Miss International 2022 Jasmin exposes her large tattoo, writes a letter revealing her past - Photo 2

She also said that the first thing she shared with the representative of the Miss International contest - Mr. Stephen Diaz after w.inning was a confession about the tattoo. He just said: "I know". Jasmin did not expect that the contest organizers realized this but did not judge her and the beauty felt extremely happy.

"Little by little, I decided to introduce my true self to the world over the past year. And I am no longer judged like before," Miss International 2022 expressed.

Below the article, many viewers sent words of encouragement and advice to her to be more confident with her tattoo. Many comments also said that tattooing cannot evaluate a person.

Jasmin Selberg was crowned Miss International 2022 - Miss International 2022. To win, Jasmin surpassed 65 other contestants. Miss International is one of four long-standing and prestigious beauty contests in the world. This beauty contest emphasizes the beauty of contestants' knowledge, presentation skills, foreign languages, and social knowledge.

Miss International 2022 Jasmin exposes her large tattoo, writes a letter revealing her past - Photo 3

During the sideline activities of the contest, the new Miss Jasmin always shines and attracts the cameras thanks to her beautiful, elegant face and sunny smile. Jasmin's beauty is considered consistent with the criteria of the Miss International contest.

Jasmin Selberg, born in 1999, in Dortmund (Germany). She has a height of 1m78 and is a student majoring in History and Philosophy at Ruhr University (Germany). On her personal page, the blonde beauty introduced herself as being passionate about travel, liking to explore new civilizations, reading history books and playing the piano.

Miss International 2022 Jasmin exposes her large tattoo, writes a letter revealing her past - Photo 4

Jasmin Selberg has desirable pearly white skin, a balanced b.ody, outstanding height and angel-like beauty. Elegant and calm demeanor and elegant dress sense. The blonde beauty has her own foundation named after herself to support homeless elderly people with housing and finding jobs.

Miss International 2022 Jasmin exposes her large tattoo, writes a letter revealing her past - Photo 5

Before the Miss International 2022 contest, Jasmin Selberg participated in a number of international and domestic beauty competitions such as Miss Globe 2021 (Miss Globe), Miss Supranational 2022 (Miss Supranational). She also tried her hand at the Miss Universe Germany contest but only finished in the Top 16.

Miss International 2022 Jasmin exposes her large tattoo, writes a letter revealing her past - Photo 6

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