The reigning Miss International 2022 was denied the noble title, who will take the throne?

Chi ChuJun 30, 2023 at 17:21

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Recently, Miss International 2022 Jasmin Selberg has lost the title of Timeless Beauty after a nervous wait for the results. Previously, the reigning Miss Universe was also denied this title.

Immediately after announcing the 4th and 3rd places of the Timeless Beauty race - Timeless Beauty 2022, the beauty site Missosology has officially announced the 2nd place. And the g.irl who received this achievement is Jasmin Selberg - Miss International 2022.

The reigning Miss International 2022 was denied the noble title, who will take the throne? - Photo 1

This also means that the current Miss International is not the choice of the judges. Currently, the audience is wondering whether Timeless Beauty 2022 belongs to the 3 beauty queens of the 3 front lines Miss Earth - Miss World - Miss Supranational. The fact that Jasmin Selberg was rejected in the sprint also surprised many people. Because the g.irl from Germany possesses a sweet and elegant beauty. She once made beauty fans wobble when she appeared in Japan and last December.

The reigning Miss International 2022 was denied the noble title, who will take the throne? - Photo 2

So, after the 3 girls of the Top 10 have been named, only 2 more girls will be honored for the 2nd place and the winner. Many people are predicting that Miss World - Karolina Bielawska will be named. Perhaps the Miss World organizers have also been waiting for this a.ward for a long time.

This season, Vietnam is lucky to have Kim Duyen as the g.irl who enters the deepest round, but because the battle is quite fierce, the 2nd runner-up of the Super Nation has to stop at the Top 20 final, before Miss Huong. Giang - Top 16 Miss World 2019 also reached the Top 10, ranked 6th overall.

The reigning Miss International 2022 was denied the noble title, who will take the throne? - Photo 3

On June 26, the beauty site announced the list of 10 Timeless Beauty, selected from the top 12 Miss Supranational, top 12 Miss Earth, top 13 Miss World, top 15 Miss International and top 16 Miss Universe. From the top 10 randomly arranged, the jury will choose the person with the highest score to a.ward the title.

After finding the Top 20, Top 10, the jury announced the ranking of the Timeless Beauty a.ward system. Up to this point, 4th place belonged to Amanda Dudamel - runner-up Miss Universe 2022, 3rd place belonged to R'bonney Gabriel - reigning Miss Universe.

The reigning Miss International 2022 was denied the noble title, who will take the throne? - Photo 4

This also means that the two big sisters at Miss Universe 2022 are not the choice of beauty experts for the title of Timeless Beauty 2022. The battle to find the winner is still continuing, beauty fans are eager. Looking forward to which g.irl will be honored. The jury of this race includes former beauty queens, famous beauty experts in the world who have to strain their brains to find the g.irl worthy of the "noble" titles.

The reigning Miss International 2022 was denied the noble title, who will take the throne? - Photo 5

The remaining beauties in the top 10 nominations are 1st runner-up Miss Universe 2022 Amanda Dudamel, 2nd runner-up Miss Universe 2022 Andreina Martínez, International runner-up 2022 Tatiana Calmell, top 16 Miss Universe 2022 Alessia Rovegno , 1st runner-up Miss World Olivia Yacé and top 5 Miss Universe 2022 Gabriela Dos Santos.

The only representative of Vietnam, runner-up Kim Duyen, also stopped in the top 20 at the 2023 Timeless Beauty nomination. Kim Duyen represented Vietnam to attend Miss Supranational 2022 and won the second runner-up. There, in the list of top 67 nominations of Missosology, there are two Vietnamese beauties present, which are Miss Do Thi Ha and runner-up Kim Duyen. The fact that Vietnamese beauties stopped at the poll made fans regret.

The reigning Miss International 2022 was denied the noble title, who will take the throne? - Photo 6

The holder of the title of Timeless Beauty 2021 is Miss Supranational 2021 Chanique Rabe. Before that, beauties like Paulina Vega (Miss Universe 2014), Edymar Martinez (Miss International 2015), Catriona Gray (Miss Universe 2018), Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters (Miss Universe 2017) , Lindsey Coffey (Miss Earth 2020)... was honored with Timeless Beauty.

The reigning Miss International 2022 was denied the noble title, who will take the throne? - Photo 7

In 2018, H'Hen Niê became the first Vietnamese representative to win the title of Timeless Beauty after entering the top 5 of Miss Universe 2018. Timeless Beauty is an a.ward launched by the beauty site Missosology since 2004. only awarded annually until 2010. Every year, this beauty site will select candidates from 5 beauty contests: Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Supranational, Miss International and Miss Earth, then the jury evaluates and scores through many rounds to find the winner. winner.

The reigning Miss International 2022 was denied the noble title, who will take the throne? - Photo 8

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