Miss Ngoc Chau suddenly "deteriorated", criticized as old as U60

An NhiOct 14, 2022 at 10:40

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Praised for her beauty after being crowned, but recently the appearance of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 has surprised netizens, almost not recognizing Ngoc Chau.

Since being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 - Ngoc Chau has repeatedly made netizens "wake up", especially with makeup mistakes that make her look older than her real age.

Miss Ngoc Chau suddenly "deteriorated", criticized as old as U60 - Photo 1

Recently, Ngoc Chau's visual continues to become a h.ot topic of discussion on a forum specializing in beauty. Specifically, appearing at an event, Ngoc Chau wore a black body-hugging dress, but the pattern and design of the costume made her "submerged" a lot.

Miss Ngoc Chau suddenly "deteriorated", criticized as old as U60 - Photo 2

Besides, the eternal theme when it comes to Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, makeup, continues to appear. Choosing the bold makeup style plus the outfit made netizens almost didn't recognize Ngoc Chau.

After being crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2022, the new Miss Ngoc Chau returned to her hometown Tay Ninh to participate in community activities, exchange and meet the audience.

Miss Ngoc Chau suddenly "deteriorated", criticized as old as U60 - Photo 3

In addition to being enthusiastically welcomed by the home audience, some netizens also "see" the beauty moment of the new Miss Universe Vietnam encountering some problems. Despite having quite a thick layer of makeup on her face, many fans still clearly noticed the acne spots appearing on Ngoc Chau's face.

Not only that, some fans also think that the makeup layout is making Ngoc Chau look older, different from the layouts that she appears on stage. However, not long after that, Ngoc Chau quickly regained her radiant charisma and beauty in front of the camera and the audience, proving her "top of the top" beauty despite ordinary cameras.

Miss Ngoc Chau suddenly "deteriorated", criticized as old as U60 - Photo 4

Ngoc Chau is considered a strong fighter of Vietnam at Miss Universe. However, because the Miss Universe World 2022 contest was postponed, many people were worried that Miss Ngoc Chau would not be able to attend the contest.

Specifically, the 71st Miss Universe pageant will not be held in 2022 but will be rescheduled to the first quarter of 2023. In addition, Puerto Rico may not be the host country of Miss Universe. world this time.

According to these beauty pages, Miss Universe World Organization will soon make an official announcement to all beauty fans about this contest.

Miss Ngoc Chau suddenly "deteriorated", criticized as old as U60 - Photo 5

Thus, the representative of Vietnam at this contest, Miss Ngoc Chau, will have to wait until 2023 to participate in the contest. Many beauty fans are concerned that when the contest leaves the calendar to 2023, Ngoc Chau will not be able to participate.

The contest does not allow contestants over 28 years old to participate, while next year, Ngoc Chau is 28 years old. Thus, the beauty still has the opportunity to participate in Miss Universe World.

Miss Ngoc Chau suddenly "deteriorated", criticized as old as U60 - Photo 6

Before that, just a few days after being crowned, Ngoc Chau was predicted by the Missuopinions beauty site to win the title of 2nd runner-up at Miss Universe. The beauty site Sash Factor has also ranked the Vietnamese representative at 7th out of 25 contestants who will definitely attend Miss Universe 2022. This is a good sign for Ngoc Chau before entering this beauty race.

Although many people think that Ngoc Chau representing Vietnam in the Miss Universe pageant may be at a disadvantage due to her higher age than many other competitors. However, looking at the faces that once represented Vietnam (Hoang Thuy reached the Top 20, H'Hen Nie reached the Top 5) participating in this beauty arena and all reached the top, a.ge is not a factor. worrying about Ngoc Chau.

Miss Ngoc Chau suddenly "deteriorated", criticized as old as U60 - Photo 7

It is not surprising that 100% of the judges in the final night of Miss Universe Vietnam voted Ngoc Chau as Miss. She is a beauty who possesses many outstanding features such as increasing beauty, beautiful b.ody, good performance ability, skillful behavior, intelligence, good English speaking. It can be said that Ngoc Chau converges maturity in all aspects.

As a judge following the contest, supermodel Ha Anh commented that Ngoc Chau has a beautiful b.ody and intelligence. According to Ha Anh, with her temperament and talent, Ngoc Chau can go far at Miss Universe.

Miss Ngoc Chau suddenly "deteriorated", criticized as old as U60 - Photo 8

Currently, Ngoc Chau will also have more time to carefully prepare for the competition. Hopefully, with her strengths, Ngoc Chau will shine in the harshest beauty arena on the planet.

Miss Ngoc Chau suddenly "deteriorated", criticized as old as U60 - Photo 9

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