Thuy Tien announced the breakup, the guy said exactly 5 words that made the queen "dumbfounded"

An NhiJun 20, 2024 at 07:06

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Being a secretive queen when it comes to love, when she posted a status line announcing their breakup, Thuy Tien made her fans surprised. Many people also left comments to comfort the queen.

Thuy Tien is still a name that attracts public attention 3 years after w.inning the first Miss Grand International crown for Vietnam. Besides her successful career, fans also pay special attention to the queen's love story.

Recently, Thuy Tien made the audience confused when she shared the quote about love "The first day after breaking up". Until now, other than being "paired" with Quang Linh Vlogs, the queen has not shown any signs of being in a relationship or dating anyone. For that reason, Thuy Tien's moody status line about love immediately "made waves" after a few hours of posting.

Thuy Tien announced the breakup, the guy said exactly 5 words that made the queen dumbfounded - Photo 1

Accompanying the post is a series of pensive photos, containing many of Thuy Tien's feelings. In the attached photo series, the actress wears a very simple outfit with light makeup.

However, besides her sweet, gentle and feminine beauty, people also discovered that Thuy Tien's eyes were a bit sad. Thuy Tien's face and charisma gradually lost their radiance and freshness like the previous days. This moment of Miss Thuy Tien made many viewers worried. A series of comments constantly left words of encouragement and comfort for the Saigon-born beauty.

Thuy Tien announced the breakup, the guy said exactly 5 words that made the queen dumbfounded - Photo 2

However, in fact, Thuy Tien is just playing a character in a music project collaborating with singer Duc Phuc. Accordingly, on the evening of June 18, Duc Phuc released an MV teaser revealing the comeback product - First Day After Breakup.

True to the song's title, the MV teaser opens a love story without a happy ending between Duc Phuc and the female lead - Miss Thuy Tien. At the beginning of the teaser, Thuy Tien with a radiant face, filled with happiness, hurriedly returned home when she heard that Duc Phuc was back.

But in contrast to that joy, Duc Phuc coldly told her: "I came to give you the house key." This moment made Thuy Tien numb, unable to believe the truth. She was almost even more depressed with the last 5-word message from Duc Phuc: "You must be happy."

Thuy Tien announced the breakup, the guy said exactly 5 words that made the queen dumbfounded - Photo 3

Regarding the relationship between Thuy Tien and Duc Phuc, in the past, the two have collaborated many times on projects, the queen was even a "cameo" in a MV of the male singer. After that, the two still maintained a good friendship, often talking and meeting in everyday life.

Recently, Duc Phuc and Misthy went to the place where Thuy Tien was working to wish an early happy birthday. Therefore, Duc Phuc - Misthy's thoughtfulness made Thuy Tien extremely touched: "My brother and sister came all the way to Hue to wish me a happy birthday. Are you close?" Duc Phuc also left a comment: "What a lie, seeing that we came out as a surprise, so he suddenly lied to me, happy birthday."

Thuy Tien announced the breakup, the guy said exactly 5 words that made the queen dumbfounded - Photo 4

It is known that before becoming a beauty queen, Thuy Tien raised the "seed" with her dream of cinema. In 2023, the queen registered to attend the acting class of People's Artist Le Khanh. Even though her schedule is busy, she still tries to spend 50% of her time on acting classes.

Thuy Tien announced the breakup, the guy said exactly 5 words that made the queen dumbfounded - Photo 5

Not long ago, Miss Thuy Tien wanted to try her hand at a role on the big screen when she participated in the casting for a popular movie recently but was not selected for the movie. The director of that movie also said he chose the actors based on the criteria of being suitable for the role. However, not being cast in the film does not mean not having acting ability. At the same time, depending on fate, if we do not cooperate on this project, we may work together on future projects if suitable.

Thuy Tien announced the breakup, the guy said exactly 5 words that made the queen dumbfounded - Photo 6

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