Ho Vinh Khoa: Left showbiz to act in sensitive movies, now happy with same-sex husband

Nguyễn TuyếtApr 16, 2024 at 16:46

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Ho Vinh Khoa used to work in the entertainment industry as a model, actor, and singer. In 2017, he married his same-sex boyfriend and left Vietnamese showbiz. Currently, their married life is still very passionate.

Ho Vinh Khoa, born in 1988, is known as a former Vietnamese actor, model and singer. He participated and reached the final round of H.ot VTeen in 2006. Although he did not win a high prize, thanks to his photogenic face, he became famous after advertising contracts for youth products.

Ho Vinh Khoa: Left showbiz to act in sensitive movies, now happy with same-sex husband - Photo 1

In mid-2010, Ho Vinh Khoa began pursuing his music career and put aside his studies at Ho Chi Minh City University of Theater and Cinema after he became known as a model. .

Also during this time, Vinh Khoa began filming and took on the role of Khoi in the movie "Rebellious H.ot B.oy and the Story of the Laughing B.oy, the Whore and the Duck" or "Hot B.oy Rebellion" for short. " by Vu Ngoc Dang was released in 2011.

When the film aired, it made a strong impression at that time. Ho Vinh Khoa's role was also considered well-rounded by the Vietnamese press. This role also helped him win the Outstanding Supporting Actor a.ward for the Feature Film category at the 17th Vietnam Film Festival.

Ho Vinh Khoa: Left showbiz to act in sensitive movies, now happy with same-sex husband - Photo 2

Talking more about "Hot B.oy Rebellion", the film is set in Ho Chi Minh City and tells two different stories. The first story is about a love triangle between three boys named Khoi, Lam and Dong; in which Lam and Dong "work". The second story is about a foolish guy named Laughing and his friendship with a g.irl named Hanh.

The film received many positive reviews and had high revenue in Vietnam. Internationally, the film was also screened at several film festivals and received less positive reviews. The film is considered a breakthrough in Vietnamese cinema with its depiction of the lives of gay people.

Also in 2011, Ho Vinh Khoa released the music video "The Secret I Want to Forget" with co-star Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc. In 2013, he participated in the Strictly Come Dancing competition.

Ho Vinh Khoa: Left showbiz to act in sensitive movies, now happy with same-sex husband - Photo 3

In 2015, Ho Vinh Khoa confirmed that he would play the second role in the movie "The Ghost of the Vuong Family", also directed by Vu Ngoc Dang, in the horror genre but with gay elements. However, the film was not successful and was considered not scary enough.

At this time, he also released the first song he composed called "Dance With Me" and was enthusiastically received by the audience. By early 2016, the actor faced mixed reactions when he posted sensitive images on his personal page.

Ho Vinh Khoa: Left showbiz to act in sensitive movies, now happy with same-sex husband - Photo 4

Soon after, this image was deleted but was still spread by fans and media channels. At that time, Ho Vinh Khoa confirmed that he was harmed because his personal account was hacked. However, in the following months, the online community still easily encountered "skin-revealing" selfie images on the actor's Instagram.

In 2017, Vinh Khoa suddenly married her same-sex boyfriend - Rhonee Rojas - King of Thailand 2011, with 5 bloodlines (Chinese, American, Filipino, Spanish, Thai). This is the first time the actor has publicly revealed his gay love story to fans.

Ho Vinh Khoa: Left showbiz to act in sensitive movies, now happy with same-sex husband - Photo 5

Both have common interests in taking sensitive photos and traveling. His passion is even called "The male god of the backpacking world" by VnExpress. After getting married, he left the Vietnamese entertainment industry and lived with her husband in the United States.

Although very jealous of the couple's happy life. However, the fact that the male lead H.ot B.oy Rebellion openly acted in sensitive movies on the onlyfans platform and accepted an "open relationship" made many people disappointed.

Even though we know that everyone has their own direction, wasting talent to pursue a "sensitive industry" is really a waste. In 2021, on the occasion of their 4th wedding anniversary, Ho Vinh Khoa and his partner had sweet things to share with each other.

Ho Vinh Khoa: Left showbiz to act in sensitive movies, now happy with same-sex husband - Photo 6

Over the past four years, Ho Vinh Khoa has been peacefully in the US with Rhonee exploring famous tourist destinations one after another. They have a not high but stable income, enough to meet their basic needs and satisfy each trip.

"We are just the two of us, we don't have to worry about anyone and don't want a big house or luxury car, so we can spend freely, even have enough left over to travel. For more than two years, we have explored many places. In America, such a life is considered okay," the former actress once shared.

Ho Vinh Khoa: Left showbiz to act in sensitive movies, now happy with same-sex husband - Photo 7

By 2022, Ho Vinh Khoa and his husband showed off buying a new house and car in Las Vegas after 3 years of setting goals. The actor also did not forget to thank his partner: "I love you and I'm very excited to start a new chapter in our lives."

To date, Ho Vinh Khoa's same-sex marriage with his foreign husband is still passionate. In an interview with the Laborer newspaper, the actor freely shared his life with his partner: "My work is not too busy, I only work half a day and mainly process photos at home.

Ho Vinh Khoa: Left showbiz to act in sensitive movies, now happy with same-sex husband - Photo 8

Rhonee is a sports trainer, often working out with clients according to their schedule. When he goes to work, I wander around cleaning or doing some errands. We don't cook but eat out. A day of work made both of them so tired that they didn't even bother to draw. Then chat, watch movies or listen to music. The two of us lay on the sofa and talked to each other until we fell asleep."

When he was still active in Vietnamese showbiz, Ho Vinh Khoa hid his true gender for fear of public pressure. When it comes time to live as herself, the former actress feels her current life is extremely fulfilling. He accepts a life without glory in exchange for peace.

Ho Vinh Khoa: Left showbiz to act in sensitive movies, now happy with same-sex husband - Photo 9

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