Lan Ngoc was given land in Scotland by fans, receiving the title of princess

Mẫn NhiApr 06, 2024 at 09:58

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'Play big' like fan Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, give idols a monumental piece of land in Scotland, accompanied by a certificate with the title of Lady Of The Glen. This action from fans of the beauty also made the online community admire.

In the afternoon of April 5, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc caused a fever when r.evealing a meaningful gift for her birthday. On her personal page, the actress shared her feelings when receiving this gift: "I am still vague, really grateful for the love I have received so far. Thank you for always loving, believing and accompanying Ngoc."

Lan Ngoc was given land in Scotland by fans, receiving the title of princess - Photo 1

Specifically, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc was bought by 1 fan to give a souvenir land in Scotland. It is known that this land belongs to Highland Titles - 1 organization that funds forests and nature reserves in Scotland. This is a personal gift from this fan to Ning Duong Lan Ngoc on the occasion of his birthday. Accompanying this land is a certificate of the title "Lady Of The Glen" from Highland Titles that fans want to give her "pearl girl".

Lan Ngoc was given land in Scotland by fans, receiving the title of princess - Photo 2

Sharing the reason for giving Lan Ngoc a "huge" gift, the owner revealed: "To show my admiration and admiration for Ngoc, I decided to buy a small piece of land in Highland Titles. When owning this land, Ngoc officially became a Princess in Scotland, Princess Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc. I think this title really deserves the person and temperament of Ngoc.

Lan Ngoc was given land in Scotland by fans, receiving the title of princess - Photo 3

This is my own personal gift to Ngoc. It is also a blessing for Ngoc to be more and more successful in her career, as well as to find what Ngoc pursues, her example and efforts will give her strength to nurture green sprouts, and forever endure the same time."

Lan Ngoc was given land in Scotland by fans, receiving the title of princess - Photo 4

It is known that the size of each piece of land in Lan Ngoc area purchased by fans is often not disclosed. However, usually, Highland Titles area will allow customers to buy in the range of 0.09-9m2, with the highest price can be up to 197 USD (4.5 million VND).

Lan Ngoc was given land in Scotland by fans, receiving the title of princess - Photo 5

Highland Titles said it was a meaningful action aimed at nature conservation. Actors "have the right to visit their land at any time, or leave it to future generations," the company's website states. They use the m.oney from the sale of land plots to plant more trees, increase habitat for wildlife living in the reserve, while preserving land resources and protecting green areas for the planet.

Previously, many international artists, especially those who received awards at the 2022 Oscars, have also been given similar plots of land. Beyonce, Benedict Cumberbatch and Billie Eilish are prominent names that can be mentioned.

According to Highland Titles' website, there are more than 300,000 "lords" and "princesses" recognized by them. These titles are not noble titles and the holder cannot sit in the British Royal Palaces.

However, this is only land with conservation uses. The land mentioned in the article is owned by Charitable Trust in Scotland. The owners still have the right to visit the land freely, but their actions and rights will be somewhat restricted by the laws here.

With these regulations, Lan Ngoc is allowed to use in any legal documents if they wish. However, they will not be able to pass on that title to their descendants.

Lan Ngoc was given land in Scotland by fans, receiving the title of princess - Photo 6

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