Hien Ho wrote a letter of repentance and apology after the "brothers rely on" noise, the fans cannot ignore this.

Nguyễn KimDec 18, 2023 at 10:55

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After a period of silence due to a love scandal, Hien Ho began releasing some music products but did not receive positive feedback from the public like before. Recently, the beauty posted a long letter talking about the noise that happened.

After a noisy private life in 2022, Hien Ho gradually returned to showbiz with music projects. However, the wave of criticism from the online community towards the female singer is extremely large. This makes Hien Ho's path back to Vbiz more obscure than ever.

Recently, Hien Ho suddenly posted a long article on her personal page, talking about the emotions she experienced after a private life scandal that shocked public opinion in 2022.

Specifically in the latest article, the beauty frankly said: "A long time working, living in music and experiencing indescribable emotions. Despair, regret, suffering, joy and including fears and finally liberation! Wrong and distorted actions and thoughts that eventually lead oneself down a wrong path."

Hien Ho wrote a letter of repentance and apology after the brothers rely on noise, the fans cannot ignore this. - Photo 1

The female singer sadly believes that she once had an illusion that it was love and luck: "Until the day God gave me a slap to let me know how wrong and stupid I was. Infatuation Material things, illusions, my own stupidity, I had to pay the price. It's worth it! I deserve to receive such a painful slap! Many things are right and many things are wrong."

Hien Ho hopes the audience will be there to remind and scold her when they see the female singer deviating from her trajectory: "This is my first time coming to this life, I also made many mistakes and I'm also on the path moving towards a more perfect future than now. I thank everyone who has guided and reminded me in many different ways, whether heavy or light, and especially the friends and family members of Thom who are still Please stay and patiently watch my journey as I grow up. Everyone gave me a hug full of love and warmth!".

Hien Ho wrote a letter of repentance and apology after the brothers rely on noise, the fans cannot ignore this. - Photo 2

This is a rare time when Hien Ho speaks frankly about his mistakes. Recently, the female singer has been active again in showbiz and on social networks, even though her release of new products or performances has faced many mixed reactions and criticism from the audience.

In the comments section, fans sent words of encouragement and hoped Hien Ho would try to change herself and regain public sympathy. However, there are still many netizens who show a harsh, uncompromising attitude towards the female singer's serious mistakes in the past.

Hien Ho wrote a letter of repentance and apology after the brothers rely on noise, the fans cannot ignore this. - Photo 3

After half a year in hiding due to scandal, Hien Ho returned to showbiz by organizing private music nights, releasing new music products, singing and attending a number of events. On her personal page, the female singer still happily updates her life, pictures of her performances or trips with friends, golfing...

Despite facing attacks from a large audience, often receiving mocking and sarcastic comments, no longer being supported when launching new products like before, and boycotting shows in which she participated, it seemed that Hien Ho still didn't care and innocently focused on his activities.

Hien Ho wrote a letter of repentance and apology after the brothers rely on noise, the fans cannot ignore this. - Photo 4

A few days ago, Hien Ho livestreamed on social networks. Even though it had more than 10,000 views, the majority left sarcastic comments like: G63, 13,... This caused Hien Ho to quickly exit the livestream, even after only a few minutes of appearing.

Hien Ho wrote a letter of repentance and apology after the brothers rely on noise, the fans cannot ignore this. - Photo 5

The above move shows that the audience still does not accept Hien Ho's return after the biggest noise in her private life in the entertainment industry in recent years. Public opinion is becoming more and more strict with artists who violate ethical issues.

Hien Ho wrote a letter of repentance and apology after the brothers rely on noise, the fans cannot ignore this. - Photo 6

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