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Hien Ho wrote a letter of repentance and apology after the "brothers rely on" noise, the fans cannot ignore this.

Nguyễn Kim10:55:58 18/12/2023
After a period of silence due to a love scandal, Hien Ho began releasing some music products but did not receive positive feedback from the public like before. Recently, the beauty posted a long letter talking about the noise that happened.

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Hien Ho "rioted" with a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, people asked for a link, what did the singer say?

Uyển Đình10:17:48 11/09/2023
On recent forums, Hien Ho revealed a clip of 10 minutes and 33 seconds, stimulating the curiosity of netizens. In response to the dizzying news being shared, Hien Hu's side has officially spoken.

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Hien Ho's account was hacked, r.evealing his time to go to work at a roadside beer shop: What's the truth?

Chi Chu14:43:42 19/02/2023
Hien Ho is currently causing a stir on social media with the latest images. While her personal page is constantly posting a series of photos and confusing statuses, social networks continue to spread images of the female singer working at a roadside beer bar. After being caught...

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Hien Ho officially received a bitter ending after the "reliable brothers" noise: Being boycotted for a whole month?

pipi11:24:34 21/12/2022
Although she used to cause outrage when she continuously expensive shows with extremely high salaries after the noisy sub-tams, but since the event was boycotted by students and the school canceled the show, Hien Ho is no longer invited to sing. as much as when they first came...

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Hien Ho drove G63 to support Ngo Kien Huy, dodged the camera lens, hurriedly left?

N.P17:18:55 14/11/2022
Appearing to support male singer Ngo Kien Huy, Hien Ho drove a Mercedes AMG G63 and quickly attracted media attention. However, the female singer acted to avoid the camera and quickly left. On the afternoon of November 13, the press conference to launch Ngo Kien Huy's new music...

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Thuy Tien is in controversy for being "involved" with Hien Ho, the truth behind makes many people fall back?

N.P11:15:51 03/10/2022
Not only attracting attention when she shared an article related to Hien Ho's drama "reliable brothers", Thuy Tien recently continued to receive many mixed opinions when she made a move to "get involved" with women. full-fledged singer. As a beauty with a passion for singing...

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Hien Ho is still waiting in line by fans, hugging and crying for encouragement after the noisy "brothers to rely on"

N.P14:39:49 13/09/2022
Hien Ho's return to showbiz with many controversies surprised many people when he still had a large loyal fan base, supporting her after the recent concussion scandal. After many months of "hiding" because of the noise of the minor tam, Hien Ho recently officially "re-appeared"...

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HOT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans?

Nắng13:43:49 07/09/2022
Although "silent" for a long time since the noisy love affair with the giant Ho Nhan took place, Hien Ho has always received special attention from the public. The female singer's "one move and one move" is always enthusiastically "waited" by the audience. According to a source...

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Turns out this is the reason Hien Ho "revealed" a series of shocking photos, and still "relying" with the giant U60 for 4 years?

Huỳnh Như20:44:32 22/03/2022
Netizens "find" the reason why Hien Ho revealed a "reliance" photo with the giant U60, even more surprised with the number of years together. These days, every few hours on social networks will spread intimate images of Hien Ho and his "dependant brother" giant U60 Ho Nhan. It...

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