Hien Ho despite returning to showbiz was immediately "blocked", immediately finding this character "paved the way"

Nguyễn KimAug 17, 2023 at 15:00

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The fact that Hien Ho went back to singing after a scandal in her private life caused mixed discussions among the audience. Although investing in music products to reappear, it seems that the audience has not calmed down about her previous noise.

Hien Ho is a powerful young singer. However, in 2022, she became entangled in an affair with a married man. This scandal seriously affected Hien Ho's image and she was f.orced to suspend her artistic activities. Recently, Hien Ho attracted attention when she officially returned after nearly half a year in hiding with the MV "Crying In the Club".

After more than 10 hours of release, Hien Ho's new MV only brought in 80,000 views, up to now, it still increases views quite slowly. This partly shows the indifference of the audience to a singer who has owned many hits, including products that reached more than 100 million views.

Hien Ho despite returning to showbiz was immediately blocked, immediately finding this character paved the way - Photo 1

From this, it can be seen the determination of the audience in the boycott of Hien Ho. It is not a trend, not a momentary outburst but has become a thought ingrained in the audience every time the name Hien Ho appears.

It is not clear what Hien Ho expects in this comeback, but it is clear that the audience has the right to "kill" if the singer still wants to return to showbiz. Earlier, many concerts had to be canceled because the audience strongly opposed Hien Ho's presence. For a long time, the singer hardly had a show, did not appear on TV nor appeared in any brand campaigns.

Hien Ho despite returning to showbiz was immediately blocked, immediately finding this character paved the way - Photo 2

After the noise, the number of people who opposed Hien Ho was too large, completely overwhelming the small community of people who still admire the singer. This is the biggest barrier if Hien Ho wants to return to showbiz, because in fact, very few shows or events have the courage to invite the singer to perform.

Hien Ho's comeback song was penned by musician Tien Cookie, with an electronic sound with a catchy melody and a cohesive song structure. This is also a prevailing music style in the world, bringing success to many artists.

Hien Ho despite returning to showbiz was immediately blocked, immediately finding this character paved the way - Photo 3

In addition to Fairy Cookie, there is also director Jason, producer Machiot is the next 2 main positions of Crying in the club, both have names in the market. It can be said that the fact that the artists collaborated with Hien Ho during this period is courageous.

It can be seen that Hien Ho is quite invested in this comeback. In the caption of the MV, she wrote: " Killer words, hate, I want to face all this bad... " This also seems to be her confession after a long time of being "stoned" by love noise.

Hien Ho despite returning to showbiz was immediately blocked, immediately finding this character paved the way - Photo 4

Tien Cookie's involvement with producers Machiot and Pixel Neko brought Heather Ho out of her comfort zone in music. Not a ballad or pop ballad, this time Hien Ho's song mixes a series of newer music colors, such as Pop, Trap and House. The overall mix is powerful, the melody shifting from slow to rushing, as if guiding Heather Ho to vent her frustration, responding to the "words in and out" that have cornered her over the past few months.

From the title of the song, to the music line shows quite clearly the intentions of the Hien Ho crew. The singer will hit the potential segment to run the show, but will dodge the wave of boycotts from the audience. This is also the biggest "salvation" for the singer to be busy again in the coming period, instead of burying with new products.

Hien Ho despite returning to showbiz was immediately blocked, immediately finding this character paved the way - Photo 5

It can be seen that, despite apologizing for the scandal and taking a hiatus of about 6 months, Hien Ho was still not accepted by the public when she returned. Clearly, audiences today are no longer easy to forgive for the artist's mistakes. The consolation for Hien Ho is that there is still a loyal group of fans who are expecting and supporting her comeback.

In the short term, Hien Ho's path back to showbiz is still quite murky. The only way for the singer to bounce back from the noise is to regain the sympathy of the audience, knowing that it will not be easy. She needed to show sincerity and determination to change markedly. At the same time, Hien Ho must also have quality music products that suit tastes.

Hien Ho despite returning to showbiz was immediately blocked, immediately finding this character paved the way - Photo 6

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