HOT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans?

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Although "silent" for a long time since the noisy love affair with the giant Ho Nhan took place, Hien Ho has always received special attention from the public. The female singer's "one move and one move" is always enthusiastically "waited" by the audience.

HOT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans? - Photo 1

According to a source from Thanh Nien, Hien Ho broke up with her boyfriend after being noisy "relying brothers", officially returning to the entertainment industry after 6 months of hiding. On September 11, the female singer will participate in the Cho Gao music night held in Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the source, the concert did not sell tickets, the guests were mainly producers Cho Gao and Hien Ho. After the concert, the female singer is also preparing to launch a new music product.

"Last time, Hien Ho suffered a lot of attacks, was attacked by netizens, had to close her personal page, and had quiet time. She had to find joy in music to heal," this source revealed.

HOT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans? - Photo 2

Before that, on the evening of August 2, Hien Ho made his first move after the scandal, when he uploaded a clip of the performance of Love Again From the Beginning, Old Lover and Winter Leaf on his personal YouTube channel. She also unlocked the comment section despite receiving many criticisms.

After that, social networks had the opportunity to stir up before the clip posted by a female vocal teacher, because the main character in the video was considered by many to be Hien Ho.

Accordingly, with a familiar voice and short hair tied back, the name Hien Ho quickly turned out as one of the potential "candidates" for the character covered with a pineapple.

This is also the image that appeared in Hien Ho's Can Xa MV and could be a deliberate choice from the person who uploaded the video. In addition, her fanclub is also called with the nickname Pineapple - pineapple.

HOT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans? - Photo 3

HOT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans? - Photo 4

HOT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans? - Photo 5

This is also the vocal teacher who guided Hien Ho for a long time before. The song chosen for practice is the song Hoa Tan - a product of Vietnamese lyric music that was once loved by Duong Trieu Vu's voice.

Currently, there are many opinions that Hien Ho is preparing the first steps for her comeback. In addition, some sources also believe that Hien Ho is preparing to return with a "heavy" melancholy ballad - the music that is the forte of the female singer. Accompanied by a dramatic MV that attracts viewers.

From March 19, 2022, Hien Ho was called into an emotional scandal involving a middle-aged man. The incident caused Hien Ho to face many criticisms. As soon as she was in trouble, the singer locked all social networking sites.

April 19 - 1 month since the noise, Hien Ho officially reopened his personal Facebook, speaking out about the controversies.

Apologizing to the family, audience, fans, people involved in the noisy incident, the female singer at the same time received all the criticism.

HOT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans? - Photo 6

She also believes that her actions stem from incomplete and immature thoughts, leading to many consequences. Closing the letter, the young singer also hopes to receive sympathy and tolerance from everyone.

It can be said that since the scandal "brothers rely on", Hien Ho almost disappeared from Vietnamese showbiz. Choosing to stay hidden for a while so that everything passes like the way many celebrities do when they get into scandals, Hien Ho still hopes to return and be accepted by the audience.

However, whether the audience "forgot" her or not no longer has to wait for the answer, but surely, her new journey will not be as easy as before.

HOT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans? - Photo 7

In the past time, Vietnamese showbiz has witnessed many re-appearances of vocalists who are in the market like Son Tung M-TP, Jack 97... Although the scandal has somewhat subsided, the effects of the product are not as good as before. It seems that the audience is taking advantage of their right to "boycott" thoroughly with the celebrities involved in the stigma. This tough move of the audience received a lot of support when many people believed that a thorough boycott of artists with negative marketing was a way for Vietnamese showbiz to become more transparent.

HOT: Hien Ho broke up with 'he relied on', opened a free show to regain love from fans? - Photo 8

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