Hien Ho livestream begging the audience for mercy, about to change her career to a streamer?

Thảo MaiFeb 02, 2024 at 10:18

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In recent days, Hien Ho regularly has livestreams on social networks, attracting a lot of attention. Most recently, the singer has had experiences that have received attention from the audience.

Specifically, Hien Ho suddenly revealed that she had to be treated for depression, taking medication to go to bed every night for the past 2 years.

Hien Ho livestream begging the audience for mercy, about to change her career to a streamer? - Photo 1

The singer shared: "I have to take medicine to sleep, it has been about 2 years, since that happened. I'm okay with taking medication, I try to stay positive, not sad. I went for treatment for depression at a hospital in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM, the psychiatrist followed me very closely because my work was very large. I had a misconception about depression medication at first, but when I studied it carefully I thought it was necessary, I couldn't afford to give up the opportunity to better myself."

Hien Ho livestream begging the audience for mercy, about to change her career to a streamer? - Photo 2

In addition, the singer born in 1997 also shared the reason why Hien Ho has worked so hard to sing at club venues with flashing lights: "Singing at clubs is always fun, in general, people have inspired me because after so many things, I am no longer confident. When I go to sing at the club, people still shout names and some of the sisters hug and encourage me."

Hien Ho's sharing received a lot of talk from the online community, some people sympathized but also appeared many detractors and sarcasm of the singer when trying to find a way back to work after the previous noise.

Hien Ho livestream begging the audience for mercy, about to change her career to a streamer? - Photo 3

After a hard time launching music products but receiving many criticisms, Hien Ho recently also attracted attention when she regularly livestreamed gaming on social networks. There are many opinions that because singing is no longer favorable, Hien Ho now wants to switch to streamer work.

Hien Ho livestream begging the audience for mercy, about to change her career to a streamer? - Photo 4

Not long ago, Hien Ho also responded because he was constantly attacked with negative words. The singer responded: "The show is canceled, scolding is also scolding, boycott is not lacking. I lived in confusion, tormented with fear. My image has collapsed, and I have broken down or regretted what I did. Now I just know how to move on, I move on and correct my mistakes, I'm not wrong everyone. The romance alone I built and decided all the stars. I'm no longer involved in that story. I want to make amends, I want to remake my life... And your lesson, just look at me and don't make mistakes like you do because you've learned a big lesson."

Hien Ho livestream begging the audience for mercy, about to change her career to a streamer? - Photo 5

Nearly 2 years ago, Hien Ho got involved in the emotional noise that shocked Vietnamese showbiz. From a singer loved by the public, Hien Ho was called for a "boycott", which was fiercely opposed. For a long time, the singer had to stay hidden, "frozen" social networking sites to avoid attacks from netizens. Until recently, Hien Ho wrote letters of apology, admitted mistakes and regularly livestreamed about past events. However, she has not really been embraced by the public after the love scandal.

Hien Ho livestream begging the audience for mercy, about to change her career to a streamer? - Photo 6

Hien Ho was born in 1997, emerged after the Vietnamese Vocal Contest in 2017 with the title of runner-up, and is noted for her beautiful appearance, short hair although her voice is not too prominent.

After 6 years of singing, she has many hits such as "I used to be different" (Vuong Anh Tu), "There is like none" (Dat G), "Then the lover also turns into a stranger" (Rin9) ... In addition to quality music, the audience also talked a lot about her e.rotic noises with characters inside and outside showbiz.

Hien Ho livestream begging the audience for mercy, about to change her career to a streamer? - Photo 7

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