Hien Ho: Continuously canceled Show caused income to decrease, but still living well because of this!

Nhất DiệpMar 31, 2023 at 14:42

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After a period of secret activities because of the big scandals in the past, Hien Ho has recently had more public activities, but the female singer is still criticized by most of the fans. Being ostracized by the audience caused Hien Ho's show income to decrease significantly, but she still lives well thanks to being good at making m.oney from Youtube.

Hien Ho: Continuously canceled Show caused income to decrease, but still living well because of this! - Photo 1

Accordingly, through statistics from Social Blade, Hien Ho's income on the Youtube platform has revealed that the female singer is not lacking. For example, the video with the highest views on a female YouTube channel is reaching more than 132 million. At the moment, the amount earned from this video will range from $ 66,200 to $ 529,400 (equivalent to more than 1.55 billion VND to 12.4 billion VND).

Besides, in about a recent month, the voice of "Meet but don't stay" can receive a profit from the YouTube channel of about $ 2,200 to $ 35,700 (equivalent to an amount from 51.6 million to more than 830 million dong). .

Hien Ho: Continuously canceled Show caused income to decrease, but still living well because of this! - Photo 2

In addition, Hien Ho's YouTube channel can earn from 26,800 USD to 429,000 USD annually (equivalent from 629 million VND to more than 10 billion VND). In October 2017, the female singer's YouTube channel was established and so far there have been about 99 videos with a total view of more than 512 million VND.

Hien Ho: Continuously canceled Show caused income to decrease, but still living well because of this! - Photo 3

Social Blade estimates that Hien Ho's YouTube channel has about 300,000 more views every day and earns about $74 to $1,200 (equivalent to 1.7 million to 28.1 million VND). In the last 30 days, the female singer's YouTube channel still attracted 5,000 thousand new registrations and nearly 9 million views. Therefore, the fact that the female singer easily earned a "huge" amount of m.oney even though she did not perform too much made many viewers extremely surprised.

Hien Ho: Continuously canceled Show caused income to decrease, but still living well because of this! - Photo 4

After the noisy "brothers to rely on", Hien Ho from a singer with a good appearance, quite popular voice, has become a thorn in the eyes of many audiences. The public harshly condemned and talked about the ethical behavior of the gen Z female singer, they demanded a thorough boycott, not allowing artists with bad images to operate. Through the handwritten letter, she also apologized and asked for the audience's understanding and tolerance.

Hien Ho: Continuously canceled Show caused income to decrease, but still living well because of this! - Photo 5

In the latest development, Hien Ho is also on the verge of returning to the entertainment industry, when constantly participating in events and receiving shows to the surprise of many people. Many questions arise that the scandal is still there, but Hien Ho still automatically runs the show as if it never happened.

Hien Ho's appearance, even though half a year has passed, is still labeled by the audience with ugly nicknames that no one wants to be associated with such as "small tam", "13th animal", "husband snatcher"... The singer held a closed music night, did not sell tickets, only invited acquaintances at the tea room in Ho Chi Minh City to announce her return to showbiz. It may not sound like a big deal, but this music night quickly caused a stir on social networks.

Hien Ho: Continuously canceled Show caused income to decrease, but still living well because of this! - Photo 6

At the end of February, she released the MV "It's better not to meet a very good person" marking her return to the music race and said that she read all of the audience's comments. The singer said that he had focused and spent a lot of time thinking about it.

However, the appearance of Hien Ho mostly did not have positive signs. Many questions arise whether the singer and the crew are too confident and hasty with the decision to return to showbiz.

Hien Ho: Continuously canceled Show caused income to decrease, but still living well because of this! - Photo 7

Today's audience is no longer as "forgettable" as in the past, artists with deviant lifestyles and scandals related to ethics and law can hardly handle the crisis like some artists of the past.

On the evening of March 29, the show organizer in Ha Long, Quang Ninh had to cancel the show because of a wave of fierce protests from the audience and guests when Hien Ho participated. Initially, this unit's fanpage stated that it was not interested in the artist's private life, but then had to post an apology for having inaccurate statements.

In November 2022, Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry was f.orced to remove Hien Ho's name at the last minute because students reacted and did not agree to let artists with bad images perform. The school side offered to invite with the desire to be an opportunity to help young singers correct their mistakes in the past, but this did not receive the consent of the majority of students.

Hien Ho: Continuously canceled Show caused income to decrease, but still living well because of this! - Photo 8

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