Hien Ho immediately took action against the question of breaking up "reliable brothers", despite fierce criticism from fans

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After the show marked the return with a series of rumors about breaking up with her boyfriend, Hien Ho began the work of regaining the lost glory by accepting the invitation to run the show and advertise heavily.

On the evening of September 11, Hien Ho suddenly reappeared at a music night in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. This is the rare time the female singer appeared after being caught in a love scandal at the end of March 2022. At the event, the singer wore a red dress, simple makeup and a high bun. The owner of the song "Yes as without" actively posts photos on his personal page, does not share views, does not limit comments as before. This move of Hien Ho after the "reliance brothers" scandal immediately caused a storm throughout social networks.

Hien Ho immediately took action against the question of breaking up "reliable brothers", despite fierce criticism from fans - Photo 1

The event quickly sparked a wave of protests from the public. Although they apologized earlier, netizens still insisted on "securing" the singer's voice, but did not stay when she re-appeared. Most of the comments were harsh, saying that the female singer did not deserve to return to work because her private life was too scandalous.

Ignoring public opinion, after the comeback show, Hien Ho recently continued to receive a new show. Specifically, netizens recently discovered that the female singer will appear at a night club in Hanoi. The organizers also called on the audience with attractive content: "Let's welcome the comeback of female singer Hien Ho".

Hien Ho immediately took action against the question of breaking up "reliable brothers", despite fierce criticism from fans - Photo 2

Before the above information, responding to the press via the hotline left in the advertisement for the Hien Ho show, the representative of this night club confirmed that Hien Ho has the same performance schedule as the information in the above article. However, about the method of buying tickets, this person said that she had to book a table in advance and deposit a certain amount of m.oney to participate in the female singer's performance. It is not clear whether the information about Hien Ho's new show is accurate or just a media trick, but with every move on her personal page, it can be seen that Hien Ho seems to be looking for the light again. halo after his "reliance brother".

Hien Ho immediately took action against the question of breaking up "reliable brothers", despite fierce criticism from fans - Photo 3

Before that, there were many rumors that Hien Ho broke up with her boyfriend after noisy "depending brothers" and would officially return to the entertainment industry after 6 months of hiding. After the last concert, the female singer is also said to be preparing to release a new music product. "Last time, Hien Ho suffered a lot of attacks, was attacked by netizens, had to close her personal page, and had a quiet time. She had to find joy in music to heal," the source said.

Hien Ho immediately took action against the question of breaking up "reliable brothers", despite fierce criticism from fans - Photo 4

Before that, in March 2022, Hien Ho caused a stir when he revealed a series of love photos with a married rich man U60. In the midst of this noise, the singer chose to be silent, locking her social networking sites. Before the backlash of public opinion, the singer born in 1997 later apologized for the love story. The beauty said that when her information and images appeared in the media, the singer herself received many criticisms from this incident. The 9X vocalist "feels extremely apologetic and frustrated with myself because of what's going on".

Hien Ho immediately took action against the question of breaking up "reliable brothers", despite fierce criticism from fans - Photo 5

Regarding emotional noise, Hien Ho admitted that he was wrong when he fell into a scandalous relationship. She apologized to those involved, the audience loved and supported her. Beauty 9X hopes to receive sympathy and tolerance from everyone. However, netizens are still not satisfied with the singer's scandal. Even, a series of audiences repeatedly asked to "lock up" Hien Ho, not to let her work in showbiz because of the scandal of her private life.

Hien Ho immediately took action against the question of breaking up "reliable brothers", despite fierce criticism from fans - Photo 6

Before Hien Ho's move, most of the audience criticized the singer and said that she did not respect the audience, ready to "bleach" and defy everything to return to the entertainment world. Some viewers also cited Chinese artists such as Ly Dich Phong, Ngo Diec Pham ... - who are being "locked" from the entertainment world because of many scandals. They believe that Vietnamese showbiz should also have a certain rigor, so that the audience can give love to worthy artists.

In addition, a number of other artists were also involved, becoming the focus of criticism such as Erik, Thu Trang - Tien Luat, MC Nguyen Khang, Trinh Thang Binh... for their statements in support of the comeback of the singer. Hien Ho. Despite the disparaging words, Hien Ho is expected to return to showbiz and art activities in the future.

Hien Ho immediately took action against the question of breaking up "reliable brothers", despite fierce criticism from fans - Photo 7

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