Hari Won's name was called by Tien Dat's wife, he said it all at once, r.evealing his relationship with his ex-lover

Gia NhiJun 20, 2024 at 13:33

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Although the 9-year love story of Hari Won and Tien Dat ended a long time ago and both of them have new happiness, the audience still keeps repeating it on social networks. Recently, rapper Tien Dat's wife shared frankly about their relationship.

In 2018, rapper Tien Dat married his wife Thuy Vy, and the couple welcomed two sons, Finn and Sonij. After 6 years together, the marriage of the male artist and his wife is considered to be increasingly fulfilling.

However, Tien Dat is often called out by the online community regarding his ex-girlfriend Hari Won. 8 years after breaking up, the two artists both fell in love with new people, but both of their love stories were constantly "dug up".

Hari Wons name was called by Tien Dats wife, he said it all at once, r.evealing his relationship with his ex-lover - Photo 1

Recently, during a conversation with the media, Thuy Vy - rapper Tien Dat's wife - attracted attention when she shared something related to her husband's ex-lover. Being a private person, this is the rare time she accepts an interview.

According to Thuy Vy, she said she was comfortable and didn't think too much when the media kept mentioning Tien Dat and Hari Won's names. She said that when the two broke up, her husband and ex-girlfriend were not tense and still greeted each other normally.

Hari Wons name was called by Tien Dats wife, he said it all at once, r.evealing his relationship with his ex-lover - Photo 2

Thuy Vy shared: "Mr. Dat and his ex have a lot of friends in common, now they still hang out with the two of them and with me normally. I don't see how that affects anything. Originally, the relationship between Mr. Dat and she wasn't stressed at all.

Each person has their own life so they limit talking to each other, but if they meet at an event, they still greet normally. Before Hari, my husband had a relationship with Dai Trang from The Bells and until now I'm still quite close with her."

Hari Wons name was called by Tien Dats wife, he said it all at once, r.evealing his relationship with his ex-lover - Photo 3

Since getting married, Tien Dat has limited his artistic activities. He focuses on business and taking care of his wife and children. The male artist was praised by his wife for being a thoughtful husband who knows how to take care of his wife and children. Recently, Tien Dat received a lot of attention when participating in the show Brother Overcame Thousands of Thorns, re-appearing in showbiz after a period of absence.

Previously, Tien Dat and Hari Won had a love story that lasted 9 years. By 2016, the two officially "went their separate ways". However, the above information was only announced when the singer Huong Night Flying Away was "caught" on a date with Tran Thanh. At that time, even though they had explained, both were continuously attacked by the online community.

Hari Wons name was called by Tien Dats wife, he said it all at once, r.evealing his relationship with his ex-lover - Photo 4

Over the years, Tien Dat and Hari Won have been constantly "named" under articles related to each other. Recently, when Xoai Non confirmed her divorce with Xemesis, Tran Thanh's wife was unreasonably "dug up" for the spokesperson who once affirmed that Tien Dat was the last man of her life. The above statement is also a "weapon" that anti-fans often use to mock the male comedian and his wife.

As for Tran Thanh, he was praised for freely mentioning his wife's ex-boyfriend. The male comedian once expressed his gratitude to Tien Dat for accompanying Hari Won for 9 years: "If it weren't for Tien Dat in the past 9 years, perhaps there wouldn't be Hari Won today."

Hari Wons name was called by Tien Dats wife, he said it all at once, r.evealing his relationship with his ex-lover - Photo 5

Tran Thanh added that no matter how much public opinion criticizes him, he and Tien Dat still maintain a good relationship. Hari Won's husband shared previously: "We still maintain peace and are still friends. Because Thanh respects Mr. Dat very much, I understand that he is a very good person to his wife and has gone through a long enough journey." It's been a long time to do something in Hari's life. I'm grateful to him. Recently, Mr. Dat also had some problems, so I was the one who told Hari: 'Have you called Mr. Dat?', 'Comfort him. is he yet?'".

Hari Wons name was called by Tien Dats wife, he said it all at once, r.evealing his relationship with his ex-lover - Photo 6

Tien Dat is currently focusing on the show Brother Overcoming Thousands of Thorns. The male artist shared that he had no intention of returning to showbiz but wanted to try when he received an invitation from the show. The rapper continued: "I was very nervous when I accepted the invitation to participate in the show because I hadn't been on stage for a long time. But I still find it interesting because I get to return to my previous job. I really like the job of an artist. favourite". Former lover Hari Won also said that the players in the show are artists mostly over 30 years old, at the same time as him, so he is curious about who they are and who he will face.

Hari Wons name was called by Tien Dats wife, he said it all at once, r.evealing his relationship with his ex-lover - Photo 7

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