Hani: Fancam queen changed her life thanks to one clip, her visual dominated 2nd generation Kpop idols

Bút MáyMay 22, 2024 at 11:16

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Hani ( EXID) is a unique case in Kpop in particular and the Asian music industry in general. When talking about female idols, we are talking about fancams (videos s.hot by fans) that shook the Korean entertainment industry in 2014.

For the Kpop fan community, when mentioning the phrase "legendary fancam", almost all answers will choose the video recording Hani's Up & Down performance. After more than 3 years of posting, this video has reached 25 million views on the Internet and became the fancam with the highest views in history.

Hani: Fancam queen changed her life thanks to one clip, her visual dominated 2nd generation Kpop idols - Photo 1

In a program on international station Arirang, an MC half-jokingly estimated that about half of the Korean population had seen this fancam. With just 3 minutes and 15 seconds, the fancam saved the career of a talented group.

Not many people know that Hani's real name is Ahn Hee Yeon, which means she will always live in happiness. And Hani truly lived up to her name. She brings good news and opportunities not only to herself but to her entire band. The sudden coverage and strange appeal of the video filmed one day in early October 2014 became a "lifesaver" for the EXID group, which was on the verge of disbanding.

Hani: Fancam queen changed her life thanks to one clip, her visual dominated 2nd generation Kpop idols - Photo 2

In August 2014, Hani and her group members were given the last chance by their management company when they released the song Up & Down. However, EXID has never been a name that has received public attention. That's why Up & Down failed to make a splash and sank on the charts.

At that time, EXID's management company was financially exhausted and could not maintain their activities. The 5 members began to consider choosing a new path because they knew it was the group's last moment.

At this moment, a fancam accidentally recorded by an audience of Hani was posted online. The fancam coverage quickly brought Up & Down back up the music charts.

This song with catchy music and seductive choreography jumped 94 places to top the Gaon chart and brought home the first trophy in EXID's career.

In the same year, Up & Down also entered the list of g.irl groups with the longest time staying in the Top 10 of MelOn chart with 13 weeks. This achievement helps a group like EXID that seemed to be on the verge of disbandment to be on par with top g.irl groups.

Hani: Fancam queen changed her life thanks to one clip, her visual dominated 2nd generation Kpop idols - Photo 3

The group's career turned to a new page, "god" Hani also stepped into stardom. A series of advertising contracts and event invitations came to Hani with incentives on par with big stars.

Besides that, many questions have been raised about the success of "fancam queen" Hani. All that helps her become famous is her attractive b.ody. People clicked on her video just to admire her rumored "deadly" charm.

A perfect b.ody and good-looking face are a factor, but Hani's appeal also lies in her stage charisma. Anyone who has seen her personal fancams must admit that the female idol knows how to "use" her eyes and b.ody language when performing.

Ever since she was just an anonymous g.irl in a group that was about to disband, Hani has carried the aura of a top star. Every dance move, every look in her eyes, or every stroke of her hair is enough to make viewers feel mesmerized.

Hani: Fancam queen changed her life thanks to one clip, her visual dominated 2nd generation Kpop idols - Photo 4

Besides, Hani has a beautiful face. She has a slim chin, high nose bridge and talking eyes. However, her beauty is actually not too prominent in the Korean entertainment industry, which already has many beauties.

What makes her stand out from many other famous beauties is that she is not afraid to s.how o.ff her makeup-free face to the crowd. Compared to many other stars, Hani often posts photos of her face lacking eyebrows or tired eye bags on her personal page without fear that this will make fans criticize her.

The female idol not only knows how to use her impressive figure and fiery dances to become famous. The runner-up position in the show gathering top voices Mask Best Singer helped fans realize how talented she is.

Possessing a deep, thick baritone voice with the influence of jazz songs, Hani is a "rare and hard to find" product among countless Kpop female voices.

Hani: Fancam queen changed her life thanks to one clip, her visual dominated 2nd generation Kpop idols - Photo 5

"I like jazz songs. I practice this genre a lot. But the company wants me to use a different voice to sing to match the group's songs, so since I debuted until now, I haven't had many opportunities." sing in her real voice," she shared.

Transformation and personal life

In 2016, Dispatch revealed that Hani was dating senior Kim Jun Su (JYJ). Jun Su at that time was the idol with the largest fan base in Kpop, so the pressure fell on Hani. Despite this, the two continued to date. After a year, Jun Su and Hani broke up because of their busy schedules and not having much time together.

In 2019, Hani refused to renew her contract with Banana Culture to develop her solo career. Although they have repeatedly affirmed that EXID has not disbanded, the members themselves have to admit that it is difficult for the group to gather in full. Hani's decision to part with the company once made many LEGGO (EXID fan community) sad and disappointed. There are also opinions that the female idol is selfish, which is the biggest reason why EXID is gradually being erased from the Kpop map.

Post-EXID, Hani gradually transformed her career from an idol to an actress. Since leaving EXID, Hani has disappointed many fans with her strange appearance. Because of this unexpected change, many fans questioned the EXID member's plastic surgery to have a more "cinematic" face. Hani once declared that she would never go under the knife, but the Korean press all confirmed that this happened.

Hani: Fancam queen changed her life thanks to one clip, her visual dominated 2nd generation Kpop idols - Photo 6

Instead of the stage name Hani, she also decided to use her real name Ahn Hee Yeon in her debut drama XX (Unexpected Reunion). Despite gathering a young cast without much acting experience, the novel script and Hani's existing reputation still bring many positive signals.

In June 2023, the former EXID member's management company confirmed that she was dating her 9-year-old boyfriend Yang Jae Woong. It is known that Yang Jae Woong is a doctor and psychologist. He runs the YouTube channel "Yang Bro's Spirit World" with his brother Yang Jae Jin, a famous psychiatrist.

Besides, Jae Woong also participated in a number of Korean entertainment shows. He first appeared on television in 2017 as a mental health expert in several popular shows including "Heart Signal" (2017) and "Heart Signal 2" (2018).

Hani: Fancam queen changed her life thanks to one clip, her visual dominated 2nd generation Kpop idols - Photo 7

After that, she lived a private life and rarely appeared in front of the media. In March 2024, Hani reunited with former EXID members LE and Junghwa. She appeared in a plain outfit but still exuded a fresh and beautiful look.

Hani: Fancam queen changed her life thanks to one clip, her visual dominated 2nd generation Kpop idols - Photo 8

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