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Hani: Fancam queen changed her life thanks to one clip, her visual dominated 2nd generation Kpop idols

Bút Máy11:16:48 22/05/2024
Emerging from a fancam clip, Hani has proven her talent in dancing and singing in the 2nd generation KPOP. Currently, she lives a private life, rarely appears in the media and is happy with her boyfriend, a psychiatrist.

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Jessica, Baekhyun and a series of Korean stars were "slave contracts", revealing the dark corners of the stars?

Chi Chu10:42:12 03/06/2023
The case that Baekhyun, Xiumin and Chen are currently submitting an allegation of unfairness in the exclusive contract with the management unit has shocked the public. Before that, many stars spoke out about this issue. On June 1, three singers Baekhyun, Xiumin and Chen suddenly...

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Hani (EXID) publicly dating after breaking up Junsu (JYJ), the new identity is surprising

An Nhi10:51:06 30/06/2022
Netizens were surprised when Hani (EXID) publicly dated psychiatrist Yang Jae Woong after 6 years of breaking up with her ex. Immediately, many people sent their congratulations to the couple. Hani is known for many roles such as singer, actress, MC and model. She debuted as the...

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Junsu (JYJ) - SM's "stepchild" participates in the first gameshow after more than 10 years of being m.urdered

Như Ý21:56:07 09/11/2021
Korean media reported that Junsu is currently in talks to appear in a variety show "Guide map K-ROAD" by KBS WORLD. In this program, the male singer born in 1986 will participate in recording and enjoying various attractions in Busan, along with other members including musical...

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Hani (EXID) was positive for COVID-19, the new movie had to stop filming urgently, severely affected

Rosé13:23:11 20/07/2021
This is considered sad news for the film crew and the entertainment industry. According to media reports on July 20, female idol and actress Hani (EXID) has tested positive for COVID-19. Earlier, an employee who worked closely with Hani tested positive for COVID-19, prompting...

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Hyorin (Sistar): The extremely attractive magnet is compared to Korean Beyonce

youtuber17:47:00 02/07/2021
Debuting to the public as the leader of Sistar, Hyorin is impressed by her strange appearance compared to most Korean artists. at that time. Not only her looks, but Hyorin's voice is also highly appreciated and the responsible spirit of leading Sistar. Hyorin's real name is Kim Hyo-jung. No one in the family

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Hani (EXID) became a legendary fancam idol thanks to a spectacular comeback

team youtuber11:27:21 26/02/2021
The video immediately became a phenomenon that went viral at lightning speed on social networks in Korea. Not only shining overnight, Hani also helped EXID become famous throughout Asia. Hani was born on May 1, 1992 in Seoul, South Korea and is the eldest c.hild in a family of two sisters. Her real name is Ahn Hee

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