Vu Linh'S First D.eath Anniversary

Topic: Vu Linh'S First D.eath Anniversary

Hong Loan caused controversy when she bluntly threw away all the audience's gifts to the late artist Vu Linh

Hương Duy08:41:34 28/02/2024
Hong Loan's blunt action of urging the removal of gifts and flowers from the audience to the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh is causing a lot of controversy from public opinion. Many comments expressed sadness when seeing their flower baskets lying on the road.

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First anniversary of Meritorious Artist Vu Linh's d.eath: YouTubers surrounded him in commotion, his daughter burst into tears

Trường Nguyễn12:42:25 24/02/2024
On the first d.eath anniversary of the late Meritorious Artist Vu Linh, many Youtubers came to film and take photos, creating an extremely chaotic atmosphere. Hong Loan (Vu Linh's biological daughter) burst into tears again at the audience's love for her late father.

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