Duy Manh "completely transformed" when appearing in his daughter's project

Phong TrầnMay 18, 2024 at 09:32

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Duy Manh broke his image for the first time, no longer a demanding father, nor the image of a male singer with many "shocking" statements. He appeared with his "exceptional" in an extremely youthful, dynamic, somewhat playful, and adorable image.

The Vpop race in the first half of 2024 became more exciting when the female owner of the hit song No One Expected - Cam officially returned with a brand new song called Love or Not Love on the evening of May 16. In particular, the MV for the song also features Cam's father - singer Duy Manh and a quality cameo line.

Duy Manh completely transformed when appearing in his daughters project - Photo 1

In the MV, Cam plays a special f.emale s.tudent when she is always the center of attention at the school sports day. Duy Manh plays the role of a physical education teacher. He has a scene playing table tennis with his daughter and other students. At the end of the MV, there is a scene of awarding medals to students, while Cam rests his head on his father's shoulder in the ending image. Talking about his father's appearance, Cam jokingly called his father "family brother" and "accused" him of r.evealing the filming of the MV in advance. During the holidays, Duy Manh caused laughter with a photo taken at a school with the caption: "On holidays, people have a day off, I still go to school" .

Duy Manh completely transformed when appearing in his daughters project - Photo 2

Duy Manh completely transformed when appearing in his daughters project - Photo 3

This is not the first time Duy Manh has supported his daughter's alcohol use in music. When Cam released his debut MV No one expected that in 2022, the male musician - singer would praise his daughter's enthusiasm and wish her to keep her career fire. Later, he rewrote the lyrics for the famous song "Your Love is the Ocean" for the father and son to duet together.

Duy Manh completely transformed when appearing in his daughters project - Photo 4

In Cam's previous music product, Come Pick Me Up, Let's Go Playing , Duy Manh not only composed a song for his daughter on the occasion of March 8 but also took on a lovely role as a father in the MV. Talking about the opportunity to compose songs for girls, Duy Manh revealed: " About 15 years ago, most people liked to listen to music to enjoy sadness. But now most young people If I want to enjoy the joyful and youthful music atmosphere, I have to play with my daughter's friends and approach them so I can update new thinking.

When Cam first released his first song, No One Expected, young people kept calling me 'father-in-law, father-in-law', so I wrote a song about the feeling of a father when his c.hild is about to have a boyfriend. , how nervous and a little worried as well as happy that my daughter has a lover."

Duy Manh completely transformed when appearing in his daughters project - Photo 5

If it weren't for supporting his daughter's career, it would certainly be a long time before the audience would see Duy Manh's new image in MVs: Charming and humorous. He is even willing to "research" teenage psychology to update new thinking and apply it to his compositions for girls. Although he still shows strictness in the process of educating his children, it cannot be denied that Duy Manh still wholeheartedly supports and accompanies Cam on every journey.

Duy Manh completely transformed when appearing in his daughters project - Photo 6

In an interview, Cam said his father was a thoughtful and meticulous person at work. He wants to compose a lot for his daughter and is always afraid that the songs won't suit her voice and style. Cam was born in 2000 in Hai Phong, the eldest daughter of musician - singer Duy Manh. From a young age, she was exposed to music and received a strict education from her father.

Duy Manh completely transformed when appearing in his daughters project - Photo 7

Cam's real name is Nguyen Thu Cam. She was born into a family with a musical tradition, studied piano at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music and studied abroad in Rome, Italy. She is determined to pursue the singing path with a youthful image with her debut song titled Nobody Expected in September 2022. The song was well received on TikTok, reaching nearly 8 million streams on Spotify and nearly 9 million views on YouTube. Cam is one of the female artists whose images were shown in Times Square, USA in Spotify's EQUAL campaign.

Duy Manh completely transformed when appearing in his daughters project - Photo 8

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