Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad

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Dieu Thuy is one of the actresses familiar with Vietnamese audiences in the 2000s. With a beautiful face and natural acting, she quickly left a mark in the audience's hearts with many popular projects such as Doc Suong. Blind, Legend 1C.

Despite having a favorable springboard to become a top star in the film industry, she turned sideways to become a pilot, surprising many people.

Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad - Photo 1

Dieu Thuy was born in 1989. She is known for participating in the movie Doc Suong in 2009. In the film, she plays the female lead H'May, a g.irl from the mountains of the Central Highlands. Although it is her first film, she is highly appreciated when transforming into a gentle and sincere g.irl with clear eyes.

Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad - Photo 2

After that, the actress participated in a number of beauty contests and also attracted attention. In which, she won the title of Miss Sunplay, the Friendly A.ward at the Student Charm of the 21st Century, and the Ao Dai Beauty at the Cherry Blossom Beauty Contest.

Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad - Photo 3

Gradually, Dieu Thuy entered her name in many other film projects with diverse genres such as the role of Le in Legend of 1C with the theme of the years of resistance, the role of An Lanh - an orphan but stubborn g.irl with a dream to become a scene. close in Stormy Pieces of Life,...

Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad - Photo 4

In 2013, when she finished her role in Black M.oney, Dieu Thuy suddenly turned to work as a safety engineer at a furniture company. Not long after that, she gave up this job to apply for a job as a flight attendant. for an airline in the UAE. Time with the profession helped her realize her passion. In 2016, Dieu Thuy returned to Vietnam to take the entrance exam to a pilot school. After that, she became the first Vietnamese actress to become a professional pilot.

Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad - Photo 5

To learn to be a pilot, in addition to financial preparation, the female lead Doc Fog must also find a way to change her physical condition to match industry standards. She must gain weight by eating more, drinking h.ot chocolate in the evening to improve BMI.

Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad - Photo 6

After graduating, Dieu Thuy worked for a domestic airline. Although she has left showbiz for a long time, she still receives attention from the audience and film producers. She confided to Vietnamnet: "I never thought of returning to showbiz, but showbiz still found me. Until now, people still invite me to act in movies. To be honest, I signed 1-2 contracts. The movie is already done, but I couldn't find the time, so I had to cancel the role. Now I only accept offers to shoot commercials and attend events if those schedules don't affect my job as a pilot!"

Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad - Photo 7

The actress said, "The last time I acted in a movie was in 2013, I've given up acting for more than 7 years now. Actually, at that time, many people invited me back to be an actor, but I still decided to do the right major of study as a safety engineer for a foreign furniture company.I only worked for half a year, then felt tired and suffocated because the work was too hard, I didn't have time. for yourself anymore.

On one occasion, I accidentally found an airline's recruitment information. I was called for an interview 3 days after submitting my application. Accidentally, my safety engineering and foreign language skills helped me pass as a flight attendant.

After completing a 2-month training course, stepping on a plane for the first time, I knew I loved and would stick with this profession. I want to switch to pilot training right away, I applied but the airline is no longer hiring pilots. I worked as a flight attendant for two years and then returned to Vietnam and applied for pilot training."

Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad - Photo 8

She took the pilot exam at the Vietnamese Flight School, where pilots were trained for Vietnam Airlines. Six months of studying air transport theory at Viet Flight School, for Dieu Thuy, was not an easy time.

She shared: "Study is so difficult that sometimes I think I can't pass. Sometimes I think I can't study anymore because it's too difficult. We studied 14 subjects. We got up at 6 a.m. to 12 at night. My class was almost halfway through. gave up because many people owed the subject and couldn't pay it."

After that, Dieu Thuy continued to study in the US to practice flying. It was a difficult time for the g.irl because of the pressure of living expenses, renting a house, renting a plane, hiring a teacher...

Dieu Thuy aims to complete the course in 12 months and is not allowed to fail any subject because there is no m.oney to stay!

But the weather in the US is not always nice. There are long-term rainstorms, do not call to fly. She is impatient because every month she spends 1,200 - 1,300 USD.

"That's how I was super thrifty: ride a bicycle, cook by myself, don't play. There are people who study for 2 years. Their families have a lot of m.oney, so they can leisurely study and play. But I don't have much m.oney, so I go. study is very stressful.

There were lessons that were too difficult, so difficult that I asked the teacher again, but the teacher still did not understand, causing me to panic and doubt myself. At first, I failed my cards, I cried for a few days when people thought it was normal.

I had to spend 30-40 million on a flight to rent a plane, hire a teacher, pay for the airport, pay taxes... and still fail. I feel sorry for having to save every penny" - Dieu Thuy remembers the stressful time in America.

At times, the g.irl seemed to fall to the bottom of the crisis and was tired, as if she could not complete the course. But that l.ittle g.irl did not allow herself to fail. With great efforts and hard work, after 9 months (February 2018), Dieu Thuy got her pilot's license even though her goal was 12 months.

At that time, Dieu Thuy was 29 years old.

She smiled: "I studied for 9 months because I tried and worked hard, not because I was good. People only fly 1 flight every 2 days. As for me, I fly 4 flights a day! I want to fly continuously to improve my skills. ability and not forgetting the lesson".

In May 2018, Dieu Thuy decided to return to Vietnam to apply for a job. Currently, she is a pilot of a newly established airline.

"Pilot is a difficult profession for anyone, not except female or male - Dieu Thuy said. - But in this profession, I personally find women more persistent than men. The female pilots who I know have never given up. .

It's nice to be in the cockpit. Feeling as free as a bird, then listening to friends communicate with air traffic controllers, meeting friends in the sky is very interesting. Many people looked at me with admiration. Sometimes even suspicious eyes...

To be worthy of the pilot's suit and to answer the doubtful eyes, I had to work very hard."

Regarding marriage, Dieu Thuy was married to a French boyfriend in 2018. The wedding received the attention of a large audience. However, in 2021, in an interview with Vietnamnet, she revealed that the two had returned to be friends because of the nature of work. She returned to a single life and experienced happiness in her own way.

Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad - Photo 9

Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad - Photo 10

Dieu Thuy at the age of 33 continues to pursue a job as a pilot. She also shares positive images of her daily life. Abandoning showbiz glory and popularity, the audience is now secretly happy for the actress to see that she has a life full of joys and interesting experiences.

Dieu Thuy: Vietnam's first female DV becomes a pilot, the dark corner of marriage makes fans sad - Photo 11

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