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Luong Gia Huy: The male king glared at women, was a patriarch, and was once scolded by the crowd

Phúc Sen17:13:25 29/03/2024
King Luong Gia Huy is a name that is no longer strange to Vietnamese netizens, especially those who love reality TV shows. Although he has an attractive appearance, Luong Gia Huy has been criticized a lot when he was accused of being a patriarch.

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Luong Gia Huy: the "patriarchal" guy. Amazing race, crowned male king of the world

Vân Anh18:26:01 27/02/2024
Luong Gia Huy - Ha Anh's student in Perfect Gentleman once made a bad impression in the audience's eyes when participating in The Amazing Race. He was also crowned the Male Ambassador of the Universe, w.inning more than 50 countries and territories.

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Diep Lam Anh appeared after an extremely tense 'war of words' with 'small tam' Quynh Thu, her beauty attracted attention

Ning Jing13:29:07 21/07/2023
After many days of fighting on social networks with Quynh Thu and her ex-husband - young master Duc Pham, recently, Diep Lam Anh had a reunion with Trang Tran as well as the cast of The Amazing Race after 10 years.

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Huong Giang's 2 ex-lovers and surprisingly similar points

Hoàng Phúc10:53:45 21/08/2022
After 2 years of working together, Huong Giang has officially announced her farewell to Matt Liu recently. Looking back at her love life, there are two people who have passed through her life, Matt Liu and Criss Lai. Especially since the two have similarities. In March 2021...

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"Saint cursed showbiz" Trang Tran and the past were sentenced to 9 months of suspended prison

Thắng Nguyễn18:42:22 07/04/2022
Not only that the former supermodel cursed her colleagues directly, but also because of her temper, in the past, Trang Tran was sentenced to 9 months of suspended prison for insulting a public official. Trang Tran, also known as Trang Khan, is well known as a model, actress and...

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Nhan Phuc Vinh - Nha Phuong's rumored love: The male god is handsome, multi-talented but single at the age of U40

Hoàng Phúc07:48:33 07/01/2022
Nhan Phuc Vinh is one of the "male gods" of the Vietnamese screen, possessing a brilliant career and a private life. Nhan Phuc Vinh is known as one of the "male gods" of the Vietnamese screen, possessing a handsome and tall appearance, masculine style and impressive acting...

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