Ye Broomless: Suspected of betraying Soanh, after "cutlery" abandoned her boyfriend?

Hoàng PhúcApr 02, 2024 at 17:10

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Bui Thi Bich Diep is known as a young g.irl of the talented 9x generation, owning a personal tiktok account of up to 1.8 million followers and a Youtube channel reaching more than 1 million Subs. To achieve this achievement, the "channel owner" herself must also try and make a lot of effort.

Female Tiktoker was born in 1999, she used to be known for a series of videos sharing funny and cute moments next to a guy named Soanh (Tran Minh Son Anh, born in 1998).

Ye Broomless: Suspected of betraying Soanh, after cutlery abandoned her boyfriend? - Photo 1

The videos of the Soanh - Diep couple mainly revolve around the "miracle broom" with funny situations but full of sweetness and fun. Therefore, among millions of videos on social platforms, the couple's videos are still commented on with their own colors, close scripts and funny content that makes viewers unable to take their eyes off.

"The owner of the channel" left an impression on viewers by her close, everyday acting features and cute and funny image when appearing next to her "loved one". Soanh's muddy clips, angering Ye and the cranky response accompanied by Ye's "broom god" image have brought thousands of views and followers.

Ye Broomless: Suspected of betraying Soanh, after cutlery abandoned her boyfriend? - Photo 2

Thanks to their humorous and straightforward personalities, the couple has received a lot of love from viewers.

Besides, Diep also owns a personal Facebook page with nearly 200,000 followers. These are admirable achievement numbers for many content creators on social platforms. Looking at the current achievements, Diep said it is the result of a long journey of continuous effort and effort. "Initially, we only intended to record a video to capture our moment together but did not expect to be liked and shared by so many people. However, this is also a challenge that requires both of them to be more thoughtful from the content script, behind the scenes to the image when appearing," the female tiktoker shared. That is also why the "channel hostess" was determined to make a spectacular transformation journey.

Ye Broomless: Suspected of betraying Soanh, after cutlery abandoned her boyfriend? - Photo 3

Bich Diep said: "It was fun to shoot at first, but the more followers increased, the more expectations and pressure it required. From work with content, the pressure of social networks... However, we always encourage each other to try and as long as we love each other, anything can be done, any pressure will be overcome."

Possessing a good-looking appearance with a cute and friendly face, she is still quite self-deprecating with her flat nose. She said she always cherished plans for rhinoplasty to get the perfect image when appearing in front of "the public".

Ye Broomless: Suspected of betraying Soanh, after cutlery abandoned her boyfriend? - Photo 4

Up to now, her dream has been successfully fulfilled with an impressive "makeover". Ye was completely confident with himself.

The love story caused regret with Soanh

Recently, Soanh-Ye caused a stir when announcing their path. Accordingly, the incident originated from the video titled "Goodbye" of the two. After this video, many speculations erupted, most of the online community thought that the reason for the breakup was because Ye was unfaithful and went back and forth with his ex. Although the corrected video was posted by the owner himself, it seems that the negative news streams have not subsided.

Ye Broomless: Suspected of betraying Soanh, after cutlery abandoned her boyfriend? - Photo 5

At the time when the drama was being at the peak of netizen's interest, many fake accounts impersonating female TikTokers were created, partly to spread rumors, partly to enlist to earn followers. Standing in the middle of the storm, she shared: "Ye only has this blue tick account. During my time off social media, I hope those who love me are not affected by misinformation. Ye thank you."

Currently, the news that the couple has broken up makes people extremely regretful because before, the couple had a happy time and bonded.

Ye Broomless: Suspected of betraying Soanh, after cutlery abandoned her boyfriend? - Photo 6

In 1 interview, when asked about how to keep happiness in love and marriage, both Soanh and Diep emphasized harmony and understanding from both sides. In it, Bich Diep confided: "Since falling in love for more than 5 years, the two of us have never talked about breaking up, cold war or irritation with each other. Being angry with each other for a few minutes is healing, both of them always sit down to solve problems when there is a problem. Especially don't repeat things that cause both of you to conflict.

"When you're not on the same page, the simplest solution is to listen and accept the other person's bad side. Don't try to change them or force them to obey us, we have to accept them first. When there is a conflict, we always work together to find out the cause and how to solve the problem", Son Anh confided.

Ye Broomless: Suspected of betraying Soanh, after cutlery abandoned her boyfriend? - Photo 7

Also in this interview, Soanh - Diep said that to choose between affection or m.oney, brothers and sisters always choose affection. Because, Bich Diep and Son Anh have walked together from the time when they had nothing in hand to the time when they were as stable as they are now. It's something they both cherish.

It is also the above sharing in the past that many people still cannot accept that the couple has gone their separate ways.

Ye Broomless: Suspected of betraying Soanh, after cutlery abandoned her boyfriend? - Photo 8

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