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Soanh acted kindly to Diep amid rumors that his wife was having an affair, saying the last word

Bảo Nam14:38:09 09/07/2024
After a period of making people talk about their relationship, on the evening of July 8, Soanh - TikToker with 4.5 million followers suddenly confirmed that she had broken up with Diep (Broomless Diep).

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Soanh publicized the image to the Court when Diep Lo recorded an affair, what was it for?

Hoàng Phúc11:46:17 04/07/2024
In the midst of the controversy related to the recording of Diep's confession of a.dultery, Soanh suddenly posted a sad status, along with which the guy also went to the Court but did not r.eveal the reason for what he came for.

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Diep is missing, Soanh is worried, begging to let go of his ex-wife?

Hoàng Phúc13:30:17 03/07/2024
After a long time of silence, recently the story of the tiktoker couple Soanh - Diep suddenly became h.ot again. The g.irl's family was released with a recording admitting to having an affair with her husband's friend, which shocked the people.

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Diep disappeared like Brake, after being released by Unknown to admit a.dultery

Thảo Mai17:01:49 02/07/2024
In recent days, Diep without a broom (born in 1999) - a h.ot TikToker with 2.1 million followers suddenly became a character of interest to netizens. She was married to Soanh in March 2023.

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Diep was mocked for having a husband and was also rumored to be dating a director, so she immediately spoke up

Bảo Nam16:14:23 31/05/2024
Since divorcing Soanh, Diep has been involved in many false rumors. Recently, she continued to be rumored to be dating a wealthy and famous person. However, the female tiktoker immediately spoke up to correct her.

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Diep hinted that he was sick, went to SG to date a handsome guy, Soanh was openly jealous?

Thảo Mai14:44:14 29/05/2024
After breaking up with Soanh, Diep started a new life. The first thing she did was go abroad. As soon as she returned from China, the female tiktoker suddenly hinted that she was depressed after a noisy marriage.

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Diep announced the good news after the noisy breakup with Soanh, taking up a new position and promising fans one thing

Trí Nhi06:46:26 28/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Diep No Broom officially announced good news to fans after a series of noisy breakups with her tiktoker husband Soanh. Currently, the two have confirmed that they are going their separate ways, but every move of the couple is compared and discussed.

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Soanh turned the car around, implying that his ex-wife was cheating on him, Diep immediately spoke up, accusing his ex?

Hoàng Phúc16:40:47 27/05/2024
Recently, the divorce story of tiktoker Soanh - Diep received the attention of fans. After the breakup, although they confirmed that there was no third person present, the couple's actions caused people to raise many questions.

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Diep encountered an accident in China and was immediately rescued by a stranger, but Soanh turned a blind eye

Hoàng Phúc16:50:47 26/05/2024
After ending her marriage with Soanh, which many people regretted, Diep started a new life. The first thing she did was decide to go to China to work and travel to experience.

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Diep wants to stay in China because he found new love, Soanh gives up?

Keng16:43:20 24/05/2024
After packing up from Soanh's house, Diep had his first trip abroad. In China, she enjoys many delicious dishes. The daughter even declared that she wanted to stay here.

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Diep left China after a noisy breakup with Soanh, netizens called for the Fat Cat case to be prosecuted

Đức Trí06:46:43 22/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Diep No Broom continues to make moves that make people stir after the noise of ending his 5-year love affair with Soanh. Accordingly, Diep publicly announced her trip to China, looking radiant, netizens even joked that she was going to handle the Fat Cat case.

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As soon as Diep moved out of Soanh's house, someone picked her up. Who would have thought that they would be "pranked"?

Bảo Nam13:15:01 18/05/2024
After packing up and leaving Soanh's house, female tiktoker Diep started life somewhere else. However, she has not revealed much about her new living space because the renovation has not yet been completed.

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Soanh - Diep divide assets after divorce, there is still one thing that is difficult to decide, the community is also confused?

Hoàng Phúc10:22:32 13/05/2024
After 1 year of marriage, Soanh - Diep officially said goodbye to the surprise and regret of many people. Speaking about their short marriage, both affirmed that no one was at fault.

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Diep is not left out, Soanh flirts with girls on social networks, is praised as "handsome"?

Pinky13:50:27 11/05/2024
Revolving around the noisy breakup story of couple Diep and Soanh, netizens recently continued to stir when Soanh was caught having a public and affectionate response with a female account on her personal page. Before that, he also livestreamed admitting the breakup.

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Soanh first spoke out about the news of the affair, having a "rain sister" after breaking up with Ye

Quỳnh Quỳnh19:41:47 10/05/2024
After a series of hotgirl dating questions caused the marriage with Ye to break down, recently, Soanh has spoken out about the incident that attracted the attention of netizens. At the same time, the guy also clarified the relationship with the rumored 3rd person.

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Soanh almost cried on live, 1 time said all about Diep, revealing the attitude of parents on both sides

Bảo Nam11:52:03 10/05/2024
After 1 period of silence and only posting openly about the divorce, recently, tiktoker Soanh has officially spoken out about her current relationship with her ex - Ye without a broom.

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Ye Broomless Impersonated After Statement About Fat Cat, Soanh Dao Breakup

Gia Nhi11:40:54 10/05/2024
H.ot tiktoker Ye broomless has just made a post sharing herself in distress, when she has been impersonated recently, stigmatizing the image amid the noise of breaking up with Soanh and making a move about the Fat Cat story. Her image deteriorated because of false rumors.

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Soanh and Ye simultaneously changed their TikTok names, and they "loved" to cut ties

An Nhi17:17:19 09/05/2024
More than 1 month since the outbreak of the love drama, every move of Soanh and Diep has attracted attention from netizens. Recently, the two simultaneously made new moves such as tacitly announcing their official path.

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Soanh painfully borrowed Zhencheng to break up with Ye, choking back tears

Phúc Sen15:38:38 09/05/2024
The couple Diep and Soanh so far after 2 months of noisy entanglements, both of them are constantly revealing confusing details, increasingly showing their lives alone, both trying to gradually practice with a lifestyle without the other half.

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Ye showed off his S-curve, super slim ant waist, revealing after parting with Soanh

Thanh Phúc10:25:12 02/05/2024
Ye without a broom has just made the online community wave, when there is a series of new images on his personal page. Accordingly, the female tiktoker showed off her bold figure, revealing a slim ant waist and an S-curve, which everyone praised wholeheartedly.

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Diep nonchalantly showed off her s.exy bare shoulders, her beauty improved after the noisy breakup with Soanh

T.P12:42:30 29/04/2024
Tiktoker Diep without a broom continues to make the internet stir when suddenly there is a new move on his personal page. Accordingly, Soanh's wife showed off her s.exy bare shoulders, confidence in her beauty and hidden self-love after the noise related to love.

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Soanh ordered Diep, admitting it was difficult to control himself, to forbid his ex-wife from doing one thing

Bảo Nam09:20:43 27/04/2024
After Diep's series of unstable posts, Soanh recently officially sent a message to his ex-wife. The tiktoker guy shows his power and asks the other person to do this one thing.

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Diep comforted himself after the breakdown, did something that was heartbreaking to watch, the fans shouted Soanh's name

Thanh Phúc09:08:45 25/04/2024
Tiktoker Diep without a broom continues to make moves related to the noise of breaking up with her husband of 5 years, Soanh. Although there has been no official announcement other than rumors, the recent moves of the two have made netizens implicitly confirm it.

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Diep lost weight and her health plummeted after breaking up with Soanh, publicly revealing her shocking weight

Trí Nhi10:04:34 24/04/2024
H.ot tiktoker Diep without a broom made people worried when he recently announced his current weight. She claims to be super skinny Asian, everyone who sees her is shocked when they see her unstable weight.

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