Song Hye Kyo returns with the new movie The Glory, will she regain her old position or continue to flop?

Hoàng AnhSep 30, 2022 at 09:41

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It can be said that the brilliant success of a series of works associated with Song Hye Kyo's name in the past is an inevitable factor that makes the actress reach the pinnacle of her career and become famous throughout Asia. However, in the past few years, Song Hye Kyo's works have often fallen into a catastrophic decline, causing the actress's name to affect a lot.

To regain her form, the fact that Song Hye Kyo must have an explosive work is a very clear and important goal for the present time.

Song Hye Kyo returns with the new movie The Glory, will she regain her old position or continue to flop? - Photo 1

The Korean film race in the second half of 2022 gathers a lot of good and attractive movies, with huge investment from the script to the actors. Among them, the project The Glory starring Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun is one of the films that are expected to make a difference in the near future.

With the recklessness of choosing a completely new genre, Song Hye Kyo will make the audience have a different view of herself?

Song Hye Kyo returns with the new movie The Glory, will she regain her old position or continue to flop? - Photo 2

The past years can be said to be the "unstable" period of Song Hye Kyo. After the resounding success of the movie Descendants of the Sun, the audience put even more hope into her next roles and projects.

But the more I hoped, the more disappointed I became, consecutively Song Hye Kyo's dramas failed miserably.

Not only having problems in choosing the script, her acting also encountered many controversies from the audience.

Acting, one color, no emotion, unnatural, ... is a series of words that viewers feel through the characters that Song Hye Kyo has shown in recent films.

Song Hye Kyo returns with the new movie The Glory, will she regain her old position or continue to flop? - Photo 3

The unstoppable slide of "Song Joong Ki's ex-wife" is causing the audience to gradually lose their expectations and look forward to her roles. Even a small part chose to "turn the car around", refusing to continue to support their idols.

But recently, the confirmation of participating in a project with a completely different style and content from Song Hye Kyo's previous works, has attracted a lot of attention from the online community.

Song Hye Kyo returns with the new movie The Glory, will she regain her old position or continue to flop? - Photo 4

Contrary to previous romantic and humorous scenarios, The Glory has a different color when it comes to the revenge of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) who dreamed of becoming an architect, but She soon dropped out of high school because of school v.iolence.

Hating those who bullied her, she waited for years for a plan of revenge. When the person was married and had a c.hild in elementary school, Moon Dong Eun became a teacher to approach the c.hild. A sad and dark story that begins with terrible revenge for the p.erpetrator and the indifferent person also comes.

Song Hye Kyo returns with the new movie The Glory, will she regain her old position or continue to flop? - Photo 5

It can be seen that this is the first time during her career years, Song Hye Kyo tries her hand at a complicated inner role. She herself once shared that, "This is my first time trying this genre. A new feeling with a revenge-themed movie. Both the colors and the characters are opposite to what I used to be. done so far.

I look forward to showing my new expressions and emotions. I never started a job thinking I could do it well because I've done it many times. Although filming for a long time, I still feel nervous."

Will The Glory help Song Hye Kyo regain her old position? Perhaps we have to wait for the movie to officially air before we can evaluate and judge.

Song Hye Kyo returns with the new movie The Glory, will she regain her old position or continue to flop? - Photo 6

Recently, besides focusing on big events and projects, Song Hye Kyo also has many special interactions with actor Park Hyung Sik. On Park Hyung Sik's personal page, every picture he posts receives quick interactions from his ex-wife Song Joong Ki. Before that, Park Hyung Sik sent a coffee truck, gave flowers and even went to the set to visit Song Hye Kyo. This action also proves the non-trivial relationship between these two characters.

It is known that Park Hyung Sik is a young tycoon. He is the son of a corporation specializing in importing supercars.

Song Hye Kyo returns with the new movie The Glory, will she regain her old position or continue to flop? - Photo 7

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