Xiao Chien is in danger of being usurped by his "boyfriend" Heat Ba as the "prince of speech", saying: "It's not easy!

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Having just been made a "grand prince" not long ago, Xiao Chien was suddenly surpassed by an emerging male god. No stranger is the current "lover" of the Xinjiang beauty Li Heatbo.

Specifically, on September 6, a high-end jewelry brand suddenly announced that Cung Tuan officially became its newest brand ambassador. Thus, only in the first half of 2023, the male lead An Lac Story has pocketed for himself 6 high-class representatives, absolutely no less than any other male peak of Cbiz.

Xiao Chien is in danger of being usurped by his boyfriend Heat Ba as the prince of speech, saying: Its not easy! - Photo 1

Thus, if everything goes well, in the near future, Gong Jun is likely to usurp Xiao Chien to become the new "grand prince" of the Chinese entertainment world. Meanwhile, Xiao Chien's fame and influence at the present time is undeniable.

However, some argue that it is not easy for Gong Jun to overcome Xiao Chien. Because since the success of the historical masterpiece "Tran Tinh Command" in 2019 starring with Wang Nhat Bo, Xiao Chien has quickly become one of the young peaks of the Chinese-language entertainment industry.

Xiao Chien is in danger of being usurped by his boyfriend Heat Ba as the prince of speech, saying: Its not easy! - Photo 2

At the same time, the actor also earned himself a large number of fans, which can be said to be among the most popular actors today. This guy's position is further strengthened when a series of works that make a big splash such as Jade Essence Knife, That Dream Sea or Sunshine With Me respectively air in 2023.

As the most influential face in Cbiz, it is no wonder that Xiao Chien often catches the eye of luxury brands. This shows that, not only successful with acting, but he also dominates the fashion market of the country of billions of people, often being "chosen to send gold", bombarding the entertainment world and advertising.

Xiao Chien is in danger of being usurped by his boyfriend Heat Ba as the prince of speech, saying: Its not easy! - Photo 3

The proof is that Xiao Chien is currently leading the ranking of Chinese celebrities with the most advertising contracts. In which the actor is collaborating with 31 brands in different fields, according to SCMP.

There are data that also prove that the consumption of Xiao Chien's fans is so strong that the brand he advertises can recoup the investment in just 5 hours, and double that profit within just 1 day.

Xiao Chien is in danger of being usurped by his boyfriend Heat Ba as the prince of speech, saying: Its not easy! - Photo 4

Ignoring the above problem, currently, Xiao Chien has a film project that is very well received by the public and has achieved quite a remarkable achievement.

Accordingly, the drama "Sunshine with Me" aired on CCTV8 channel not long ago marked the 2nd time actor Tran Tinh Order has a work on the radio this year, after "Dream Sea". From the first episodes, the show has achieved extremely impressive results.

From statistics, the drama achieved admirable ratings, averaging 1.47% for episode 1 and peaking at 1.59%. With this number, "Sunny with Me" broke CCTV8's rating record for the past 5 years. Previously, programs or movies in the same time slot on this day and time in previous years were quite low, difficult to compete with other stations.

Xiao Chien is in danger of being usurped by his boyfriend Heat Ba as the prince of speech, saying: Its not easy! - Photo 5

In addition, the ratings of the first day of the drama also surpassed the ratings of the last episode of "Nhat Road Chaoyang", which is considered a better start than expected.

Labor Page reported that at the present time, if counting the male stars of the 9X generation alone, perhaps Xiao Chien is a prominent and highly appreciated name. This is reflected in his acting ability in the movie "That Sea of Dreams" broadcast not long ago. Chinese-language media have constantly praised Xiao Chien for his good role-playing performance and bringing authenticity to his role in the film.

Xiao Chien is in danger of being usurped by his boyfriend Heat Ba as the prince of speech, saying: Its not easy! - Photo 6

In the new episodes of "Sunshine With Me", it is noteworthy that because he could not withstand the pressure, Sheng Yang (Xiao Chien) lost his temper and "physically impacted" the face of his mean superior. Thinking this action would get him fired, but unexpectedly, the guy received a promotion notice.

This scene was highly appreciated by the audience because of Xiao Chien's explosive acting. In addition to the actor's acting, "Sunshine with Me" was also praised for its interesting script.

Xiao Chien is in danger of being usurped by his boyfriend Heat Ba as the prince of speech, saying: Its not easy! - Photo 7

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