Le Heatba is c.razy beautiful with a new hair color, her beauty "overwhelms" Angelababy

Quỳnh NhưMay 07, 2024 at 15:32

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Chinese social media has been dyed blue by the impressive new hair image of Li Heatbo in the TV show but also created a new trend in the country of billions of people.

Recently, Le Heat Ba has become the focus of attention on social media when she appeared with an impressive blue hair shape in the TV show "Let's start reasoning". Unlike the usual familiar image, the Xinjiang actress surprised and delighted fans with this new and personality look.

Le Heatba is c.razy beautiful with a new hair color, her beauty overwhelms Angelababy - Photo 1

According to Sina, the theme of the recording was to transform into robot-style characters. Li Chenbo wore a silver dress like a robot warrior and short flowing blue hair, exuding beauty like a fairy coming out of the comic book world. With porcelain white skin, large round eyes sparkling and the luxurious and arrogant charisma of the actress make this shape even more attractive and mesmerizing.

Le Heatba is c.razy beautiful with a new hair color, her beauty overwhelms Angelababy - Photo 2

Meanwhile, Angelababy impressed with her blue hair at the League of Legends event. Blue hair is cut short at shoulder length, combined with period outfits and sharp makeup to help Angelababy transform into a cold and attractive Lam Vong Co.

Le Heatba is c.razy beautiful with a new hair color, her beauty overwhelms Angelababy - Photo 3

In terms of beauty, both Le Heatba and Angelababy possess outstanding beauty, each with a unique feature. Le Heatba scored points with her sweet, clear beauty, with a little personality, while Angelababy possessed a charming and sharp hybrid Western beauty.

However, when wearing blue hair, Le Heat Ba is considered to "overwhelm" Angelababy a little. Thanks to her confident attitude and appropriate coordination and makeup, Enemy Le Heat Ba has completely conquered this cocoon's hair color, giving the audience a new, personality and impressive image.

Le Heatba is c.razy beautiful with a new hair color, her beauty overwhelms Angelababy - Photo 4

Besides, as soon as the images of Shi Li with blue hair were shared on social networks, it immediately "stormed" to become the hottest keyword on the social network Weibo and received countless compliments from netizens. Many people expressed their admiration for the actress's "no dead corner" beauty, and gave her compliments such as: "Beautiful as a doll", "Excellently pretty", "Like a character coming out of a comic book or a game animal", "It is true that this hair is top-notch" ...

It can be said that Enemy Le Heat Ba has once again affirmed his "top" beauty level with this new shape. Not only beautiful, but she also shows the ability to transform a variety of styles, always giving the audience new and surprising images.

In addition, the appearance of Enemy Le Heat Ba in "Let's start reasoning" also promises to bring thrilling and attractive crime solving scenes to the audience. In addition to beauty, the actress also possesses good acting ability and seasoned stage bravery, promising to bring impressive performances and attract viewers.

Le Heatba is c.razy beautiful with a new hair color, her beauty overwhelms Angelababy - Photo 5

Li Heatbo, born in 1992, is known as one of the Xinjiang beauties of the Chinese entertainment industry. Her name is associated with the films "Song of March", "You Are My Pride", "Paralysis Like a Song", "The Three Generations of the High Occipital" ... Since 2020, her career has risen significantly as the actress has appeared in the headlines, being a regular face at events in China.

Le Heatba is c.razy beautiful with a new hair color, her beauty overwhelms Angelababy - Photo 6

Xinjiang beauties are also ambassadors of many high-end brands thanks to their popularity and attractive beauty. She owns the impressive fashion style of the Chinese-language entertainment industry. Each time attending the event, the beauty of the 9X generation surprises the audience and the media with its newness and thoughtfulness. The outfits she chooses are flattering to her physique, attractive charisma and not too ostentatious, h.o h.ang.

Her dominance in fashion magazines and entertainment events in China turned the actress into a "red carpet queen", replacing senior Fan Bingbing. At international fashion events, the name Zhu Li Heatbo is not strange.

Le Heatba is c.razy beautiful with a new hair color, her beauty overwhelms Angelababy - Photo 7

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