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Miss Thanh Thuy was 'harmed' by Aunt Dung, calling Nam Em her c.hild, with a disdainful attitude?

Pinky11:12:22 31/03/2024
Miss Vietnam 2022 - Huynh Thi Thanh Thuy recently had a clip cut from her livestream spread, but everything is worth mentioning when during the live, Aunt Dung opened her mouth and her statement was criticized about Miss Vietnam. You.

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Y Nhi lacks one thing to compete in Miss World, Aunt Dung hinted that she will send a "new person"?

Thảo Mai15:47:23 20/03/2024
After beauty Mai Phuong finished her journey at the Miss World 2023 contest, the next person expected to avenge the achievement for the S-shaped land is Y Nhi - reigning Miss World Vietnam.

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Miss World: Aunt Dung speaks for Mai Phuong, reassures Vietnamese fans before final

Phúc Sen07:15:29 07/03/2024
Miss Pham Kim Dung has just shared on her personal page, speaking well for the Vietnamese representative at the 71st Miss World - Huynh Nguyen Mai Phuong before the final, reassuring Vietnamese beauty fans because of worries for the queen.

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Mai Phuong reunites with Aunt Dung in India, gives extra bags of rice, announces special news

T.P10:45:46 02/03/2024
Miss Mai Phuong caused a stir when she officially met Aunt Dung right in India, at the hotel where the contestants of the 71st Miss World gathered. The beauty mogul also brought more Vietnamese food to relay pet chickens.

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Le Hoang Phuong and Aunt Dung encountered complications, were sued by the sponsor for compensation of VND 10 billion, immediately spoke out clearly

JLO10:27:08 01/12/2023
On November 29, the media reported that TAND of Binh Thanh district received a petition about a dispute over a brand promotion contract between A. Aesthetic Hospital (abbreviated) - the host of Miss Grand Vietnam 2023 and the management company of Le Hoang Phuong.

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Do Manh Cuong implicitly accused Y Nhi of 'playing a small game', releasing a series of evidence to pat the face of 'Aunt Dung'

T.P13:36:00 08/08/2023
Designer Do Manh Cuong continued to wage war with the tycoon of Miss Pham Kim Dung, the implication of being harmed and foul played, after a series of dramas attacking Y Nhi pet chicken f.orced the queen to return the crown; and unfriending, s.lashing his face on social media.

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Published photos of Thuy Tien with a "pale" face holding her head in worry, revealing a hidden corner before being exonerated?

Xuân Xuân11:22:05 01/06/2023
Although she was not present at the trial, Miss Thuy Tien was still waiting from afar for the results. The image of the queen holding her head worriedly, her pale face was recently shared by CEO of Golden Lotus. Recently, Miss Thuy Tien has officially won a debt case of VND 1.5...

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Quynh Chau - Aunt Dung was insulted by an actor, saying "the market" caused "h.ot face"?

Pipi10:00:59 13/04/2023
Actor Huu Tai constantly has challenging statements with Quynh Chau and also CEO of Golden Lotus - Aunt Dung. Worth mentioning, being a famous person, but this person has challenging statements full of "market hammer". Specifically, right after the final night of Miss...

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Miss Vietnam Thanh Thuy clashed with Thuy Tien, for the first time shocked about her senior "in the same house"

TL11:11:39 18/02/2023
After completing the charity trip in Ha Giang, Miss Thuy Tien had the opportunity to reunite with Miss Thanh Thuy at the birthday party of "Miss tycoon" Pham Kim Dung. In particular, if the new Miss Vietnam wears a white cup dress, Miss International 2021 will choose a dynamic...

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Miss Mai Phuong was threatened to send "seal" to the organizers of Miss World 2023, Aunt Dung said one sentence straight?

N.P08:10:09 07/02/2023
The fact that Miss Mai Phuong seems to be the representative of Vietnam to compete in Miss World has made netizens not very satisfied. Before Mai Phuong's noise, Aunt Dung recently officially responded. After just over 5 months of being crowned Miss World Vietnam 2022, Mai...

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Aunt Dung "strongly" handles noise with Mai Phuong, Miss World contest is firmly within reach?

KiKo17:27:49 31/01/2023
Causing a stir with the question of unfollowing Mai Phuong because of disappointment because of the recent noise of "pet chicken", but CEO of Golden Lotus recently made a move to answer everything. Last time, Mai Phuong was considered the "Miss Thi Phi" of Vietnamese showbiz...

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The rare "Miss tycoon" shows off her son, making a surprise announcement about the organization of MGI 2023 in Vietnam

Minh Lợi21:40:08 02/01/2023
Associated with the image and activities of the most popular Hoa - runner-up today, "Miss tycoon" Pham Kim Dung also received a lot of attention from fans. Recently, the "boss" couple suddenly showed a photo with their eldest son, causing many people to stir. Specifically, on...

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Thuy Tien was "ignored" on Thai land, sneaking to Korea to act in historical movies with Kim Hye Soo?

N.P10:17:18 08/12/2022
Miss International Peace 2021 recently had moments of a lifetime with fans. Not only being ignored in Thai land, the queen also made fans unable to hold back their laughter when they went to Korea to film historical films. Received an invitation from the Vietnamese Embassy in...

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"Miss tycoon" Kim Dung speaks out about runner-up Minh Shu buying the a.ward, revealing her poor background?

N.P07:32:50 21/11/2022
CEO Lotus Golden - Ms. Pham Kim Dung recently unexpectedly shared about the runner-up of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 - Minh Thu. In response to the question of the shady post-season g.irl all this time, CEO Lotus Golden has spoken out to r.eveal the truth. More than 1 month, the...

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'Aunt' Dung revealed the secret of the fashion show in Thailand, Thien An stunned, Do Ha was absent

Nắng07:51:41 19/11/2022
Recently, Pham Kim Dung appeared with Miss Do Thi Ha on a livestream, s.mashing the Do Ha scandal that was estranged from the company. In the conversation, Ms. Pham Kim Dung gave the reason that Do Ha was not on the jury of Miss Vietnam this year. For Miss Vietnam, the incumbent...

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Aunt Dung was revealed a shocking secret related to m.oney loss, neglecting Thuy Tien because of the end of her term?

N.P07:55:13 08/11/2022
Known as the queen of Miss Universe with a very close relationship with the famous Vietnamese showbiz runner-up, Kim Dung recently suddenly got into the question of neglecting Thuy Tien. Besides, the beauty queen was also revealed about the loss of m.oney. Recently, the noisy...

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Aunt Dung said she was 'shocked' about Thuy Tien's debt paper tearing, netizens dig up old videos, causing 'the wind to change direction'?

N.P08:23:59 05/11/2022
After Thuy Tien wrote a letter to explain on her personal page about her 18-year-old "tear off debt paper". Miss Kim Dung recently also shared about this issue. During the past time, netizens could not help but stir up because of the noise between Miss Nguyen Thuc Thuy Tien and...

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Aunt Dung revealed that Thien An's situation made fans sad, Thuy Tien will not work with Mr.Nawat?

Nắng09:19:08 31/10/2022
Recently, Ms. Pham Kim Dung - General Director of Golden Lotus Company, President of Miss Peace Vietnam - shared about the controversy surrounding Miss Grand International (MGI - Miss Grand International) in recent days. Ms. Dung said she had discussed with Mr. Nawat - President...

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Young Miss Bao Ngoc - The adopted daughter of Aunt Dung once caught the "blue eyes" of Mr. Nawat

Hoàng Anh14:00:07 29/10/2022
As the adopted daughter of "Miss tycoon" Pham Kim Dung, the young Miss Can Tho - Le Huynh Bao Ngoc often participates in the activities of the Golden Lotus family. Here, the 14-year-old g.irl had the opportunity to take pictures and compete with many famous domestic and...

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Aunt Dung 'gets involved', advising fans to calm down before Mr.Nawat's 'slaps' for Thien An

Nắng07:44:47 29/10/2022
Recently, in a conversation with a newspaper, Ms. Pham Kim Dung - General Director of Golden Lotus Company, President of Miss Peace Vietnam - said that in the past few days, both the organization and Thien An have received the feedback. response from fans to BTC Miss Grand...

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Aunt Dung was not eager to crown because Thien An was out of the top, patting Thuy Tien: Warm, eating Mr.Nawat.

Nắng15:59:19 26/10/2022
On the evening of October 25, the final of Miss Grand International took place in the excitement and fire of many beauty representatives from different countries. After the impressive performance, the audience seemed to be "dumbfounded" before the unexpected out top performance...

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Thuy Tien sent a message to Thien An before the final of MGI 2022, "Aunt Dung" wrote an emotional letter

N.P15:57:22 25/10/2022
With only a few hours left before handing over the crown, officially ending her brilliant term, Thuy Tien had a share that made many people cry. Besides, Miss Kim Dung also sent a letter to the queen talking about the pressure Thuy Tien had to go through. After 3 weeks of hard...

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Daughter of CEO Pham Kim Dung: Polite, standard beauty "queen" since childhood, accepting Do My Linh as godmother

Hoàng Phúc15:53:45 28/09/2022
Daughter Annie of "Miss tycoon" is sympathetic to the public by her docility and lovely appearance. With a mother who is a famous CEO, Annie is expected to become Miss in the future. In the video shared on TikTok, the CEO of Golden Lotus recently showed off his lovely daughter...

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