The wedding of Miss Do My Linh sets out a series of extremely strict regulations

An NhiOct 15, 2022 at 13:05

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Right on her birthday, Miss Do My Linh officially announced to get on the flower car this October. Accordingly, the queen and young master Do Vinh Quang have set many rules to make their wedding take place in the best way.

Currently, Do My Linh's wedding is becoming the focus of attention from the audience. Up to now, Do My Linh has tried and selected a wedding dress. At the same time, she and Do Vinh Quang also chose the location of their wedding party.

The wedding of Miss Do My Linh sets out a series of extremely strict regulations - Photo 1

Accordingly, the couple chose a luxury restaurant located in Chuong Duong Do ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi. The party was held warmly with the participation of family and close friends. That's why the couple also set many rules to make their happy day go smoothly and completely.

It is known that due to a private organization, the policy of not taking photos and filming is the couple's top priority. At the same time, the guests attending the party must bring a wedding card to be guided to the seat and also from here, the new couple can control the number of guests. Like many other Vietnamese stars, Do My Linh's wedding will not be accompanied by children to avoid problems.

The wedding of Do My Linh and Do Vinh Quang will take place on October 23. After getting married, Do My Linh will temporarily put aside showbiz activities to focus on taking care of her home.

The wedding of Miss Do My Linh sets out a series of extremely strict regulations - Photo 2

Do My Linh is a famous young beauty, model and MC. She was Miss Vietnam 2016, represented Vietnam at Miss World 2017 and reached the Top 40 finalists, and also won the Miss World Compassion 2017.

Since becoming a beauty queen and starting to participate in entertainment activities, Do My Linh has built a safe, quiet, and quiet image.

However, from the beginning of 2022, news that Do My Linh was dating the President of Hanoi Club (His elected son) was spread. On Valentine's Day, the two updated their check-in photos at the same resort on Phu Quoc island.

The wedding of Miss Do My Linh sets out a series of extremely strict regulations - Photo 3

My Linh also revealed a phone wallpaper with a boyfriend's face. However, when asked, the beauty always politely refused.

In April 2022, Do My Linh and her boyfriend Do Vinh Quang publicly appeared side by side at the Noo Phuoc Thinh music night in Hanoi. But they still keep a certain distance, do not show emotional gestures.

On July 3, 2022, Do My Linh was present in the stands of Hoa Xuan stadium to watch the match between Hanoi club and Da Nang team. Once again, she sat next to Mr. Do Vinh Quang in the VIP row. This is said to be the official move for the two to make their relationship public.

The wedding of Miss Do My Linh sets out a series of extremely strict regulations - Photo 4

On July 7, 2022, Do My Linh accepted the proposal of her boyfriend - Chairman of Hanoi Club Do Vinh Quang. The couple celebrates a special day at a luxury resort in Da Nang.

Recently, netizens have spread rumors that Miss Do My Linh is about to get on a flower car.

Specifically, Miss Vietnam 2016 is dating young master Do Vinh Quang. On the morning of October 13, on her 26th birthday, she officially revealed that her fiancé is Do Vinh Quang - Hien's elected son. Besides, she also shared a wedding photo taken at Lake Como, Italy before.

The queen shared: "From the first day, when Quang and I got to know each other until Quang proposed to me and the two of us prepared to get married, I never thought I would hide it from everyone because this is completely a matter of fact. It's just that I want to wait until the right time, right today - my last single birthday to officially share with everyone about my wedding."

The wedding of Miss Do My Linh sets out a series of extremely strict regulations - Photo 5

Besides, the queen also revealed about her wedding, she said: "You and I are fortunate to have the approval of both families, the love cultivated from friends on both sides and hope that on On the road ahead, everyone will always support and bless the two of you.

October has always been a month full of events and meanings for me and from now on there will be another anniversary in October. I thank everyone for their love and concern for me and you. Quang in recent times. See you all on a beautiful day in the autumn of Hanoi."

The wedding of Miss Do My Linh sets out a series of extremely strict regulations - Photo 6

Vinh Quang and My Linh were both born and raised in families in the Old Quarter area of Hanoi, attaching importance to the old traditions, customs and culture, with many generations living under the same house. Therefore, they always uphold the value of family. Their wedding was revealed by Mrs. Pham Kim Dung - Do My Linh's management company to take place on October 23.

The wedding of Miss Do My Linh sets out a series of extremely strict regulations - Photo 7

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