Crazy Horse revealed that Lisa aspires to join the legendary dancers

Phi ĐứcJan 15, 2024 at 15:18

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Three months after Lisa's ( BlackPink) performance at Crazy Horse (Paris) caused a stir, this bar recently updated some photos from the female idol's performance in September 2023, along with lyrics. praising BlackPink member.

C.razy Horse Paris highly appreciated Lisa's star quality, saying that her exclusive performances on September 28, 29 and 30 left an indelible impression on audiences around the world.

Crazy Horse revealed that Lisa aspires to join the legendary dancers - Photo 1

Specifically, C.razy Horse wrote: "As a longtime fan of C.razy Horse, Lisa knocked on the door of the famous cabaret restaurant to fulfill her dream of joining the legendary dancers. On stage, she transformed into C.razy G.irl. . Each of her performances is a demonstration of her mastery of the stage and her ability to attract the audience. Lisa excelled in iconic performances such as 'Miss Astra', 'Miss Astra Is Back', 'Crisis? What Crisis!?!' and 'But I'm A Good G.irl', always adding their own personal touch.

The intimacy of this experience and Lisa's closeness to the audience added to the film's special character, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Lisa brought a bit of magic to C.razy Horse, demonstrating not only her artistic talent but also her ability to adapt and express herself in many different artistic worlds. These five exclusive shows will live long in the memory, marking a new chapter for Lisa and C.razy Horse Paris.

Crazy Horse revealed that Lisa aspires to join the legendary dancers - Photo 2

Many of her friends came out to support her during her remarkable performances, including Rosalia, Tyga, and of course the other three members of BLACKPINK: Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie. Lisa also attracts celebrities like Cindy Mello, Christian Louboutin, Austin Butler, Kaia and many others. Her fans came to support, lining up outside the pub...".

Since it was announced that BLACKPINK's Lisa would perform at the legendary entertainment venue C.razy Horse Paris, social networking sites in general as well as the K-pop fan community in particular have been filled with both positive and negative comments. negative. Most of the questions asked were related to what kind of place this nightclub was that made one of Asia's most famous idols decide to perform here despite the fact that she might receive many criticisms. opposite opinion.

Crazy Horse revealed that Lisa aspires to join the legendary dancers - Photo 3

At that time, Lisa's performance at C.razy Horse Paris caused strong controversy on social networks. Because this is a famous nightclub with sensational and attractive "stripping" themed performances. Some viewers said that Lisa's activities this time greatly affected her image.

The keyword "Lisa's performance" currently attracts nearly 40 million reads on Weibo. Some viewers believe that the female idol born in 1997 achieved the desired promotional effect but destroyed her own brand.

Crazy Horse revealed that Lisa aspires to join the legendary dancers - Photo 4

On social networks in Vietnam, some viewers commented that although Lisa did not really "take off", the fact that she wore a skimpy outfit while dancing in the club as a K-pop idol did not seem really reasonable.. .

In the midst of controversy, Lisa still freely shared about the 3 shows, personally promoting the C.razy Horse show.

Crazy Horse revealed that Lisa aspires to join the legendary dancers - Photo 5

The reason, C.razy Horse is one of the most famous nightclubs in Paris, founded in 1951. The place is famous for its performances mixed with magic, burlesque musicals, and spectacular stage effects. , s.exy and daring dance performances.

Lisa is also not the first celebrity to perform on this stage. In a tradition started by Dita Von Teese in 2006, famous faces appear every few years. This place has also held performances for some of the world's top stars such as Beyonce, Christina Aguilera or Cher...

Crazy Horse revealed that Lisa aspires to join the legendary dancers - Photo 6

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