Lisa beamed back to Korea after 1 month in the West with her CEO boyfriend, her beauty caused a fever

Phương ThảoJan 10, 2024 at 14:15

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Lisa ( BLACKPINK) returned to Korea after a long business trip abroad. During her time in France, many times she accidentally revealed dating hints with her rumored boyfriend, even making people think that a wedding was about to take place.

After a long business trip in France and Thailand for about a month, Lisa (BLACKPINK) had a flight back to Korea. This is also the first time Lisa has appeared in public after a series of pictures of being 'caught red-handed' on a date with her CEO boyfriend at Disneyland, as well as rumors of her preparing to marry this young master.

Landing at Incheon airport, Lisa was escorted by YG Entertainment staff. Although this was a personal schedule, there were quite a few fans present at the airport to welcome and meet BLACKPINK's youngest sister.

Lisa beamed back to Korea after 1 month in the West with her CEO boyfriend, her beauty caused a fever - Photo 1

Fans surrounded and continuously filmed, took pictures, and interacted with Lisa. Even though she had just had a long flight and was quite tired, she still relaxed and waved friendly to her fans. It can be seen that Lisa is not afraid to leave her face bare after arriving at the airport. Even without makeup, she is still extremely radiant, r.evealing her beautiful, rustic, lovely face.

Lisa beamed back to Korea after 1 month in the West with her CEO boyfriend, her beauty caused a fever - Photo 2

Lisa beamed back to Korea after 1 month in the West with her CEO boyfriend, her beauty caused a fever - Photo 3

December 9 was the opening day for Yellow Pieces Gala ticket sales with Lisa's participation. This is a charity concert event initiated by the Fondation des Hôpitaux, an annual organization since 1989, to raise m.oney to support children and adolescents in need of medical care. Currently, this event is chaired by French First Lady Brigitte Macron.

This event will take place on the stage of the Accor arena in Paris, France on January 26, 2024. This time, Lisa will appear as a solo artist. In early 2023, she was invited to attend this concert with BLACKPINK members for the first time.

Yellow Pieces Gala 2024 has the participation of Lisa and Stray Kids, two representatives from Korea, along with a cast of other famous artists, including Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5...

According to updates from the ticket sales website, all tickets for the concert were quickly sold out in just 30 minutes. Meanwhile, there are still more than 20 thousand people still "in line" waiting for their turn to go to the website to buy tickets.

Lisa beamed back to Korea after 1 month in the West with her CEO boyfriend, her beauty caused a fever - Photo 4

French media reported that Lisa will have a special stage never seen before. That is, she will combine with the Symphony Orchestra, creating a stage worth looking forward to.
Looking back at BLACKPINK's youngest sister's long business trip, she repeatedly caused a stir in the media.

Specifically, on December 19, Lisa attended the opening event of Celine's new store at the famous shopping center Siam Paragon (Thailand). Fans gathered around the event area 4 hours before waiting for their idol. Not only that, the ambassador also made the media praise her for appearing with an impressive style that is both pretty and cute and equally luxurious. Appearing in the frame with Park Bo Gum, the two together "bombarded" many news sites.

Lisa beamed back to Korea after 1 month in the West with her CEO boyfriend, her beauty caused a fever - Photo 5

At Christmas, Lisa released a video cover of the song "My Only Wish" by Britney Spears, with poetic footage in Paris. Causing a stir in the fan community was a romantic moment of the couple appearing briefly in the MV, making many people speculate that it was none other than Lisa and her rumored boyfriend.

Most recently, there are probably extremely expensive pictures of the date of Lisa and the son of the second richest billionaire in the world, caught together at Disneyland in France. Since then, the two have raised suspicions that they are preparing to go home together.

Lisa beamed back to Korea after 1 month in the West with her CEO boyfriend, her beauty caused a fever - Photo 6

Previously, because she had worked for a long time, the youngest member of BLACKPINK was rumored to have decided to settle in France to be near her boyfriend Frédéric Arnault. Although she has never spoken out, Lisa's fans have silently confirmed the idol's part and also shown to be extremely supportive of this relationship.

Lisa beamed back to Korea after 1 month in the West with her CEO boyfriend, her beauty caused a fever - Photo 7

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