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The 1st runner-up was "instigated" by the reigning MI to compete in Miss Universe, her arrogant past was brought up again

Hoàng Phúc21:35:10 21/03/2024
On her personal page with nearly 200,000 followers, Miss International 2023 1st Runner-up - Sofía Osío - posted a series of extremely seductive photos in a swimsuit, attracting the attention of beauty fans.

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The most 'fighting' Miss Universe of all time, confronting the president right during her term

Phi Đức14:07:08 20/03/2024
Paulina Vega is probably the queen most mentioned by the media during her tenure because of her harsh statements, fights, and arguments with the pageant's chairman at that time - Donald Trump.

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Mai Phuong's strongest opponents before the Miss World finals

Khánh Huyền14:22:47 09/03/2024
In the final days approaching the Miss World finale, fans were buzzing about and predicting the top spot. Many strong opponents of Miss Mai Phuong have also appeared with extremely strong fighting ability in this playground.

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Miss World 2023 candidate: Speaking 5 languages, 2 master's degrees, Mai Phuong is hard to compare

Đình Như11:56:01 29/02/2024
At the Miss World 2023 race - Miss World, beauty Camila Pinzón - representative from Colombia is being highly appreciated. She impresses with her good education and many meaningful volunteer projects.

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Miss World: A beauty queen misread it as Miss Grand, Mai Phuong confidently shouted VN

Đình Như10:18:30 21/02/2024
On the evening of February 20, the welcome party of Miss World 2023 took place at Ashok Hotel in New Delhi, India with the participation of 114 contestants. The event was hosted by Miss World 2021 - Karolina Bielawska and former Miss World 2018 - Vanessa Ponce.

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Miss Universe 2014 was accused of "hypocrisy" by Trump, how beautiful is it after 10 years?

Phương Thảo16:22:48 06/01/2024
Although she was the last queen under Donald Trump, the beauty from Colombia was considered a hypocrite by the owner of the pageant. Paulina Vega was also not to be outdone when she strongly condemned the former US president's statements.

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Runner-up Miss Grand revealed that she will continue to compete in Miss Universe, the audience is afraid that President Nawat will "get angry"

Phi Đức18:24:44 21/12/2023
After w.inning the title of 2nd runner-up at Miss Grand International 2023, María Alejandra López participated in an interview with the media in her hometown. She revealed that she intends to participate in Miss Universe in the future.

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Miss Colombia was sent by her husband and children to Miss Universe, Mr. Nawat was enraged, banned 1 person from appearing

JLO15:59:21 04/11/2023
Camila Avella - the first beauty in history to win Miss Universe Colombia when married, having children. Recently, she was sent off by her husband and daughter and a large number of fans to El Salvador to compete in Miss Universe 2023.

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Y Nhi was called out by netizens when Miss Peru publicly sent her love message to her boyfriend: Not on the same level

Ning Jing17:30:49 26/10/2023
After overcoming many beauty competitors from many countries around the world to win the top position of Miss Grand International, the new Miss Peru immediately publicly declared her love for her boyfriend.

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Head of Miss Grand VN Organizing Committee talked about Le Hoang Phuong's 4th runner-up position: "We had higher expectations"

Nhật Hân10:20:02 26/10/2023
So Le Hoang Phuong's journey to conquer the Miss Grand International crown officially ended with the 4th runner-up position. However, this result still seems to have not met the expectations of the organizers in Vietnam?

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Miss International changes her "way of playing", Phuong Nhi makes netizens lose hope because she firmly holds the "losing vote"?

Bảo Tiên11:29:02 23/10/2023
Recently, the organizers of Miss International 2023 have just announced innovations in the beauty contest's regulations. Accordingly, these things are considered to be extremely disadvantageous for the representative of Vietnam - Phuong Nhi.

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Miss Grand International: Hoang Phuong has just taken the form that has changed, the Thai beauty is far behind and it is difficult to keep up

Tuyết Ngọc11:15:18 08/10/2023
The race to conquer the Miss Peace International crown is entering its fiercest phase; Le Hoang Phuong's current position compared to the general ground makes fans extremely worried.

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Miss Grand International: Le Hoang Phuong surpassed Thai representatives, but "inferior" to this beauty

Tuyết Ngọc16:02:06 06/10/2023
Noting the next day of the series of activities within the framework of the Miss World Peace 2023 pageant, Miss Le Hoang Phuong is clearly overwhelming the Thai representative.

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Huang Fang "bumped" with Mr. Nawat, did his demeanor and language proficiency deserve the expectations of the new Miss?

Nhật Hân14:58:12 05/10/2023
After a big win in just 2 days of entering the Miss Grand International competition. Top 5 Pre - Arrival had a meal with President Nawat. Here, Hoang Phuong has the opportunity to express himself, will he satisfy the expectations of beauty fans?

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Miss Grand International 2023: Hoang Phuong is among the top candidates for the Miss title

Hướng Dương18:30:43 22/09/2023
Close to the final day of the Miss Grand International contest, the atmosphere is gradually heating up more than ever. Especially when a series of contestants' profiles from different countries are revealed.

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R.evealing a "diaper mother" of a c.hild to compete in Miss Universe 2023, extremely h.ot beauty, curves "like a racetrack"

An Nhi15:46:51 04/09/2023
Camila Avella is the beauty crowned Miss Colombia Universe 2023 and will represent her country in 2023. She is a mother of one, possessing beauty and a h.ot b.ody, predicted to be a formidable opponent in the beauty arena this year.

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The Chilean representative at Miss Universe 2023 is the daughter of Miss World Chile 1992 Celeste Viel

Tuyết Ngọc21:30:01 15/08/2023
Not long ago, Chile officially found a representative at Miss Universe 2023. The beauty of the new Miss Universe Chile 2023 makes Vietnamese beauty fans quite worried about the candidate of the country.

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The reigning MU slipped the title of Timeless Beauty, Mr. Nawat immediately declared MG as number 1

JLO11:53:00 29/06/2023
Until the next appointment, after the beauty contests in turn found the Miss for the new season, the fans eagerly await the owner of two extremely attractive titles: Timeless Beauty and Miss of the Flowers. voted by 2 beauty experts.

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The plane crash: R.evealing who saved the lives of 4 children, explaining many mysteries behind?

Xuân Xuân15:45:59 13/06/2023
The case of 4 children miraculously surviving the plane crash and then surviving for 40 days in the forest is now surprising many people. Recently, after recovering, the children have gradually revealed many things about the accident.

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Plane crash: 4 miraculous survivors have been found after 40 days wandering in the Amazon

Chi Chu11:09:33 10/06/2023
After the plane crashed into the deep forest, although 3 adults died, 4 children were very young, but miraculously survived and survived by themselves. After 40 days of searching, officials recently said they had found all four children.

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New MGI used the trick to "take down" Thuy Tien, the brightest candidate Miss World appeared, Mai Phuong closed the door?

Hoàng Phúc11:08:03 21/02/2023
The only bright spot of Miss Grand International after the noisy series was the discovery of Isabella Menin with her beautiful beauty. However, the Brazilian beauty was recently accused of cheating, even related to Thuy Tien. Accordingly, for beauty fans, Miss Grand...

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Miss Charm "matches" bathing costumes: Colombia, Puerto Rico "beautiful weight" MGI, Thanh Thanh Huyen is inferior?

pipi10:20:03 06/02/2023
Miss Charm's bathing suit is currently receiving a lot of praise. Although it's only a series of behind-the-scenes photos, Miss Charm's beauties are already "beautiful" when placed on the scale with MGI. The beauty arena Miss Charm 2023 (MC) is taking place actively in Vietnam...

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Thien An was accused of plagiarism, copying articles online to compete for Miss Grand, Mai Phuong met a formidable opponent at MW

Minh Lợi13:50:30 03/01/2023
The original queen of Long An was dug up for her presentation in a sub-test of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022, which was identical to the article on the internet. Currently, this information is causing the beauty fan community to stir. Recently, a TikTok account suddenly posted a clip...

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Ariadna Gutiérrez - The only beauty in Miss Universe history who was given the wrong crown now?

Hoàng Phúc11:35:11 27/05/2022
Ariadna Gutiérrez became the most pitiful g.irl of Miss Universe 2015 when she wore the crown and was stripped away in an instant because the MC announced the wrong result. After 7 years, she became a model in the US, still beautiful and fiery as before. On May 25, Ariadna...

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