The president of Miss World favored Y Nhi and gave a "huge gift" to the Vietnamese queen

Hoàng PhúcJun 20, 2024 at 14:42

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Recently, Miss Y Nhi thoughtfully welcomed two important figures from the Miss World organization. She wore a elegant blue ao dai and tied her hair in a neat bun, bringing the image and spirit of a Vietnamese woman to meet international friends.

Not only that, the photo taken together of the queen with "living doll" Miss World also quickly attracted attention and received many compliments from fans.

The president of Miss World favored Y Nhi and gave a huge gift to the Vietnamese queen - Photo 1

Through the regular camera, both of them shine with a radiant and attractive charisma. In particular, the beauty of Miss Y Nhi is "one-nine-tenth" and is not inferior when standing next to Krystyna Pyszková. It is known that the reigning Miss World will have a business trip to Vietnam in the coming days.

Miss World 2024 said she was very impressed with Vietnamese culture and wanted to enjoy the traditional dish pho.

Krystyna Pyszková said she was surprised and happy with the love the Vietnamese audience had for her. The beauty kept waving, saying 'Hello' and 'Thank you' in Vietnamese.

The president of Miss World favored Y Nhi and gave a huge gift to the Vietnamese queen - Photo 2

At the same time, Krystina Pyszkova is very excited to perform in the upcoming fashion show under Mr. World Vietnam.

Krystyna Pyszková, from the Czech Republic, was crowned Miss World for the 71st time in March in India. She was born in 2000, 1.8 m tall, her face is complimented like a doll. The beauty queen can speak English, Polish, Slovak, and German. She graduated in Law from Karl University, Prague, and is studying for a master's degree in Business Administration at MCI Innsbruck, Austria. Krystyna Pyszková is also a professional model in her hometown, talented in singing and playing many musical instruments. After her coronation, she visited nearly 10 countries, implementing charity projects.

Not only Krystyna Pyszková, another powerful figure, Ms. Julia Morley - president of Miss World, also "landed" in Vietnam on June 18. The appearance of powerful, key figures at this long-standing beauty playground in the upcoming event in Vietnam has made fans look forward to it even more. Many people think that this will be a good sign to help Vietnamese beauties leave a good mark in the eyes of the Miss World team.

The president of Miss World favored Y Nhi and gave a huge gift to the Vietnamese queen - Photo 3

It is known that after many missed appointments, Ms. Julia Morley came to the S-shaped s.trip of land. As for Krystyna Pyszková, this is the first time she visited Vietnam after being crowned Miss World 2023.

The president of Miss World favored Y Nhi and gave a huge gift to the Vietnamese queen - Photo 4

In addition to Ms. Julia Morley and Krystyna Pyszková, on the afternoon and evening of the same day, other Miss Continents and Mr. World 2019 Jack Heslewood will take turns landing at Tan Son Nhat airport and begin their journey to visit Vietnam, including Miss America. Leticia Cezar Da Frota, Miss Africa Lesego Chombo, Miss Europe Jessica Ashley Gagen, Miss Caribbean Ache Sarah Tessa Abrahams.

Returning to her native Vietnam, Miss Y Nhi is actively working, adding beauty to her term. She has not had any entertainment activities or volunteer projects for a while since she announced she was going to study abroad in Australia.

The president of Miss World favored Y Nhi and gave a huge gift to the Vietnamese queen - Photo 5

In recent days, Miss Y Nhi has been diligently building a charity project, the most important factor for every beauty entering Miss World. According to plans, she will set out to "bring the bell to f.ight in foreign lands" in February - March 2025.

In addition, in the past 2 days, Miss Y Nhi continuously appeared on Miss World's Instagram page. This prestigious beauty contest posted 5 images with the appearance of the Vietnamese beauty queen, including 2 articles and 3 moments on the story. This move made fans excited and proud.

The president of Miss World favored Y Nhi and gave a huge gift to the Vietnamese queen - Photo 6

Besides, a large number of audiences believe that this is a good sign for Miss Y Nhi before competing in Miss World 2025. She is gradually gaining attention from the competition team, which will increase the advantages of attracting attention. mark on the journey to conquer the noble crown in the future.

The president of Miss World favored Y Nhi and gave a huge gift to the Vietnamese queen - Photo 7

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