Chu Thanh Huyen sobbed, implying that she had been mistreated when she was about to give birth and begged

Nguyễn KimJun 15, 2024 at 10:16

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Although she is in the final stages of pregnancy, recently, Chu Thanh Huyen was suddenly caught up in a plagiarism drama on social networks. Quickly, Quang Hai's wife spoke up, crying and explaining on the livestream.

The loudest thing on social media recently was the case where Chu Thanh Huyen's company was accused of blatantly plagiarizing another party's image to sell products. Chu Thanh Huyen's prosecution company is temporarily called A.

A person from company A. posted a "peel" to compare two photos with the same subject. The only difference is the image of a turmeric essence product from Korea, which is said to have been leaked by Chu Thanh Huyen. Cut, collage, and replace photos to advertise and sell without any permission.

Chu Thanh Huyen sobbed, implying that she had been mistreated when she was about to give birth and begged - Photo 1

Company A. is also the place selling this turmeric essence product, the same type but the packaging on both sides is different.

The accuser wrote: "A famous person has a terrible lack of business ethics. The photo set took 6 months of effort from the entire N. team, but how could they have the heart to photoshop it and then take it to PR everywhere to look like it was real?"

Many angry comments interacted with this post, many social networks also shared and condemned the blatant "image stealing" action of Chu Thanh Huyen's company.

Faced with the controversy of netizens, Chu Thanh Huyen recently spoke up to clarify the matter. Accordingly, she expressed that "the business market is like a battlefield", which is difficult to avoid because of the PR tricks of rival companies. However, through verification, Chu Thanh Huyen also presented and clearly affirmed the above mentioned noises of plagiarism and brain matter theft.

Chu Thanh Huyen sobbed, implying that she had been mistreated when she was about to give birth and begged - Photo 2

"Firstly, the images they released accusing Chu Thanh Huyen of plagiarism and photoshopping into his brand are completely false. I do not have those images nor did I post such images. pages that Chu Thanh Huyen owns.

If one side plagiarizes or steals brain matter, the other side can absolutely sue, but they don't. They're making headlines again, making headlines about player Quang Hai's wife, I don't understand what their trick is," Chu Thanh Huyen said.

Not only that, Quang Hai's wife choked up and cried when she revealed that she was in the last months of pregnancy and couldn't even livestream sales, so she was very tired of being dragged into unnecessary dramas.

"I really hope that some parties, so-called 'competitors', will compete in a healthy way. I also made this clip to send a message to women, when you receive a certain source of information, please listen." from both sides to have an objective perspective so as not to be led by dirty information or marketing tricks," Chu Thanh Huyen reminded.

Chu Thanh Huyen sobbed, implying that she had been mistreated when she was about to give birth and begged - Photo 3

At the end of May, Chu Thanh Huyen posted a clip announcing that she was in the hospital, attracting many people's attention. Accordingly, the WAG said she was sick, had the flu and had a mild fever. In the final stages of pregnancy, getting sick is very taboo for pregnant mothers. Although his health is not good, Chu Thanh Huyen still diligently closes orders right from his hospital bed.

The fact that Chu Thanh Huyen still tried to work close to her due date surprised many people because throughout her pregnancy, Quang Hai's wife rarely rested. There was a time when she showed signs of fatigue and exhaustion on the livestream, people reminded her, but Chu Thanh Huyen affirmed that she and the b.aby were still "stealing".

Chu Thanh Huyen sobbed, implying that she had been mistreated when she was about to give birth and begged - Photo 4

Chu Thanh Huyen and Quang Hai started dating in 2021. During their relationship, the couple did not make their relationship public, only when they officially became husband and wife in early 2024 did they announce their love journey.

Chu Thanh Huyen sobbed, implying that she had been mistreated when she was about to give birth and begged - Photo 5

Having done business before, when her husband was a famous football player, Chu Thanh Huyen further developed her business, especially the livestream segment to close orders. She is considered one of the most hard-working WAGs, making clips and broadcasting regularly every day even though she is close to giving birth to "baby Dragon".

Chu Thanh Huyen sobbed, implying that she had been mistreated when she was about to give birth and begged - Photo 6

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