Quang Hai's relatives "exposed" the wedding photo studio, all the way to "blame"!

Phi ĐứcApr 06, 2024 at 07:03

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Relatives, friends, partners, reporters present and witnessing the cooperation between Quang Hai and his wife and the wedding photo studio all simultaneously exposed the studio, and defended the player against conflicting public opinion.

On the eve of the wedding reception at the hotel on April 6, Quang Hai and Zhou Qinghuyen suddenly became entangled in a wedding photo drama with a famous wedding photo studio. This is the studio that was in charge of taking photos for Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen from the main series of exterior, pre-wedding, wedding and wedding photos in Dong Anh (Hanoi).

Quang Hais relatives exposed the wedding photo studio, all the way to blame! - Photo 1

In the latest development, Ms. Kieu Lan Anh - a close person of the bride and groom has shared more clearly about the source of the tense conflict in recent days.

Accordingly, on January 1, the wedding of Quang Hai - Chu Thanh Huyen took place at the g.irl's house in Son Tay (Hanoi). Lan Anh said that the weather was quite h.ot that day, so to thank the wedding theater crew, makeup, calf, reporters,... The bride and groom invited everyone to the stage to say thank you.

At this time, some reporters were taking photos of the bride and groom when there was a scuffle with Mr. L. - the owner of the studio - who in the scandal "thought to take free photos but demanded 70 million" loudly in recent days.

Witnessing and recounting, Lan Anh said Mr. L. shoved, grabbed his collar and used impolite and uncivilized words with reporters. When the team posed for a photo with the bride and groom, Mr. L. refused to give it and said something dismissive. Meanwhile, the team in the Quang Hai crowd are mostly celebrities on social media such as Hai Trieu, Phuc Thanh, David Vink, Binh Bear,...

Quang Hais relatives exposed the wedding photo studio, all the way to blame! - Photo 2

Because of that, the concrete team did not go on stage, Quang Hai saw that and went down to the place to pull everyone up to take photos with him, in order to break the happy atmosphere.

"Although Hai is also very tired at this time, Hai still has a smile 'Everyone took a photo with me and my wife, thank you very much today for coming with me and my wife since early morning'... And that day, the troupe only had one photo with the bride and groom as a souvenir. That day, everyone was not happy about the studio owner but still maintained a peaceful attitude out of respect for the bride and groom," Lan Anh said.

Quang Hais relatives exposed the wedding photo studio, all the way to blame! - Photo 3

The more important problem is that the image that the studio returns to the bride and groom is completely incorrect.

Accordingly, Quang Hai's communications manager noted that Mr. L.'s side had to take photos to return the benefits to the sponsor, but when filtering the photos, there was none. Earlier, Mr. L. also did not allow the media teams of the sponsors to take the images.

The culmination of the incident was that the bride and groom did not get photos after the questioning, and the studio kept posting photos and clips of the bride and groom on Facebook and TikTok right when the question was taking place. So the first series of viral studio clips and photos and not posted by the 2 main characters.

Quang Hais relatives exposed the wedding photo studio, all the way to blame! - Photo 4

On March 28, the wedding day at the bridegroom's house in East England and Shanxi, Mr. L. was not present because he was busy on a business trip in Japan, only sending the staff to shoot. However, it was not until the wedding that Quang Hai learned of this absence. The others in the studio were no better than Mr. L., always condescending, shouting at the other teams at the player's wedding.

On April 1, after Quang Hai's manager paid for the photo on behalf of the bride and groom, Mr. L. posted and commented on 70 million on Facebook, causing people who did not understand to have bad words with Quang Hai and his wife.

Quang Hais relatives exposed the wedding photo studio, all the way to blame! - Photo 5

Lan Anh said that she was also one of the people who was yelled at by the studio owner during the questioning. She was originally going to speak up from the crowd but because she thought about the bride and groom, she stayed silent. Now, when things are pushed too far by the studio, she decides to speak out.

Not only Lan Ying, but the parties involved witnessed with their ears and eyes, the whole truth related to this drama was on the side of Guanghai - Zhou Qinghui.

Quang Hais relatives exposed the wedding photo studio, all the way to blame! - Photo 6

The owner of the wedding theater and flower décor said that Quang Hai is gentle, knowledgeable and understands the help of people. So when she saw that people misunderstood the player, she had to speak up to defend him immediately.

On the side of reporters working at the wedding of Quang Hai - Zhou Qinghuyen, many people posted their dissatisfaction with the wedding photography studio, specifically the attitude of the studio owner.

"When you're willing to stand in the middle of people's wedding theaters shouting like a market, you shouldn't go to any more weddings," one reporter said.

Up to now, when Quang Hai - Zhou Qingxuan's side has spoken out about the incident, people continue to leave many conflicting comments, Mr. L. chooses to remain silent. Apart from the status of the 70 million transaction (deleted) and some responses to netizens, Mr. L. did not share any more about this scandalous story.

Quang Hais relatives exposed the wedding photo studio, all the way to blame! - Photo 7

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