Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen was taken care of by Quang Hai in bed, netizens said "sorry"

Nguyễn KimMay 17, 2024 at 17:00

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WAG Chu Thanh Huyen is now living a very happy life after her fairy-tale wedding with her husband Quang Hai. She regularly updates daily photos on social networks.

At the end of March and early April 2024, midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai held a lavish wedding ceremony with his bride Chu Thanh Huyen, officially joining the same family after three years of love. Before deciding on a hundred-year relationship, Quang Hai and Chu Thanh Huyen had a long period of secret love, not making it public, hiding their dating photos. Only after becoming husband and wife, the couple freely showed off their intimate moments together, "giving away" to netizens.

Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen was taken care of by Quang Hai in bed, netizens said sorry - Photo 1

On the evening of May 16, h.ot g.irl Chu Thanh Huyen showed off to netizens a video recording of her being cared for by her husband during pregnancy. The video begins with Quang Hai entering the room and packing up the blankets and pillows. The guy placed two pillows next to each other at the end of the bed and gently helped his pregnant wife onto the bed.

Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen was taken care of by Quang Hai in bed, netizens said sorry - Photo 2

Because Chu Thanh Huyen's pregnant belly was quite large, Quang Hai helped her lie down, put Thanh Huyen's legs on two pre-placed pillows, and carefully adjusted them so that his pregnant wife could have a comfortable lying position. Before going out, the player born in 1997 also carefully pulled the blanket to cover Chu Thanh Huyen. From beginning to end, Quang Hai has the appearance of a gentle husband taking care of his wife.

Chu Thanh Huyen shared: "Dad stays at home, mother and c.hild are given a bed to sleep in. Dad goes on a business trip for a week, mother and c.hild are self-sufficient." In addition, the WAG also posted the moment she saw her husband off to work. "son" Hai did not forget to kiss his wife goodbye before leaving.

Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen was taken care of by Quang Hai in bed, netizens said sorry - Photo 3

Under Chu Thanh Huyen's post, many people expressed their admiration for the h.ot g.irl born in 2000 when she married a gentle and caring husband like Quang Hai. The couple's married life is also compared to real-life love because it is so sweet and cute.

Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen was taken care of by Quang Hai in bed, netizens said sorry - Photo 4

Recently, Quang Hai assigned his pregnant wife a mission to take their families to Phu Quoc for a vacation. On her personal page, Thanh Huyen regularly updates her status of having fun going to the beach with her parents and husband's parents.

Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen was taken care of by Quang Hai in bed, netizens said sorry - Photo 5

She hugged her pregnant belly and happily shared many moments with her paternal and maternal family members. This is also a fun trip that Quang Hai's wife planned to enjoy her free time before returning home to prepare for the day of "labor".

On this trip, Chu Thanh Huyen successfully completed the task assigned to her by her husband, and also scored points in the eyes of netizens by showing her close feelings to both her mother and mother-in-law, r.evealing her witty and "unique" way of addressing her. reserved for parents-in-law and biological parents such as "paternal sister", "maternal sister", "paternal brother", "maternal brother"...

Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen was taken care of by Quang Hai in bed, netizens said sorry - Photo 6

This is not the first time a WAG born in 2000 freely interacted with her husband's family like that. Just through their interactions, it can be seen that Quang Hai's parents love and pamper this GenZ daughter-in-law.

Notably, from one moment at the dinner table, people discovered how much Quang Hai's mother loved her daughter-in-law. When everyone clinked glasses for dinner, everyone shouted: "Whoever pays is who pays", Quang Hai's mother smiled brightly and immediately pointed to her daughter-in-law: "Huyen pays, Huyen pays".

Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen was taken care of by Quang Hai in bed, netizens said sorry - Photo 7

Quang Hai's wife also smiled happily when her mother-in-law mentioned her name. Below the post, many comments from netizens expressed their admiration for the good relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Responding to everyone, Chu Thanh Huyen admitted that her mother-in-law was very liberal and thanked everyone for their compliments.

Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen was taken care of by Quang Hai in bed, netizens said sorry - Photo 8

During this time, Chu Thanh Huyen continuously made people admire when she released lovely maternity photos, showing off her white skin, smooth figure and round pregnant belly, with no signs of stretch marks like other pregnant mothers. She brings a cheerful energy that makes fans admire and exclaim: This is what a woman looks like when she marries the right person.

Pregnant mother Chu Thanh Huyen was taken care of by Quang Hai in bed, netizens said sorry - Photo 9

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