As happy as Zhou Qinghui: As a bride, she slept until noon, her husband cleaned the house, dried her clothes

Kim LâmFeb 17, 2024 at 14:11

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Zhou Qinghuyen's life after registering his marriage with Quang Hai has received special attention from the online community. In a recent livestream, she made a move to assert her sovereignty while revealing that her husband was "pet like an egg".

After three years of dating midfielder Nguyen Quang Hai, in early 2024, WAG Chu Thanh Huyen has officially returned to his home as a bride with a family ceremony.

On February 7, Quang Hai also officially registered his marriage with his wife Chu Thanh Huyen, marking a big turning point in his life. The most flowery player in Vietnam has finally chosen to spend his life next to the beautiful h.ot g.irl. After announcing their marriage registration, a part of the couple's married life was revealed on social media.

As happy as Zhou Qinghui: As a bride, she slept until noon, her husband cleaned the house, dried her clothes - Photo 1

Small details such as the fact that Zhou Qingxuan can comfortably sleep until 11 noon when staying at her husband's house or the fact that her mother-in-law cares about Qing Xuan, the story of food and sleep, shows that the WAG born in 2000 was very pampered when she got married.

In Guanghai's house, Zhou Qingxuan had a different schedule than everyone else. When the whole family went to bed early, the new bride still worked hard until late. She told her mother-in-law to go to bed first, not to worry about herself.

In addition, in the livestream on the night of February 15, Zhou Qingxuan showed off the space in her and Quang Hai's house, the WAG emphasized that this is "her and her husband's home" to assert sovereignty.

As happy as Zhou Qinghui: As a bride, she slept until noon, her husband cleaned the house, dried her clothes - Photo 2

Moreover, Zhou Qingxuan also revealed that when she sat at work, Guanghai was busy drying clothes and cleaning the house. The time was around 11 p.m. The hard work and hard work of the midfielder born in 1997 made netizens drop their hearts. Quang Hai outside of training, he stays at home to take care of his family and help his wife.

Many times Zhou Qingxuan sat in the livestream, Guang Hai was by her side while watching football, and could help get the things she needed. Or maybe the guy goes to the kitchen to cook noodles, get fruit, get water,... brought to her. Simple things but show the player's pampering and sharing for his wife.

As happy as Zhou Qinghui: As a bride, she slept until noon, her husband cleaned the house, dried her clothes - Photo 3

In the first days of the year, midfielder Quang Hai's family often gathers to eat and drink. Recently, a friend of Zhou Qingxuan shared a photo of visiting Quang Hai's family. During the meal, WAG Thanh Huyen sat with her mother-in-law, she attracted attention when she appeared with an unusual round 2. Many people suspect that the wife of the 1997 midfielder is pregnant, but when looking closely, Zhou Qingxuan is wearing a loose-fitting dress. Most likely, this dress "drowned" the beauty born in 2000.

As happy as Zhou Qinghui: As a bride, she slept until noon, her husband cleaned the house, dried her clothes - Photo 4

Earlier in the Tet holidays, Thanh Huyen comfortably wore a long dress with Quang Hai's family to wish Tet. Thanh Huyen also spends a large amount of m.oney to invest in ao dai, wearing a set every day. Although wearing a tight shirt, it still does not show more than round 2. The two are expected to get married in 2024, so fans are eager for the couple to welcome their first c.hild.

As happy as Zhou Qinghui: As a bride, she slept until noon, her husband cleaned the house, dried her clothes - Photo 5

This year, Zhou Qinghuyen celebrated New Year's Eve and celebrated Tet on the 1st at her husband's house. The h.ot g.irl born in 2000 and her husband's family wrapped cakes on 29 Tet, the scene of harmonious love made fans drop their hearts. Traveling to the beginning of the year, Quang Hai's wife happily showed off her brilliant dresses and branded bags when she and her parents and siblings went to celebrate Tet. On the 2nd, Guanghai drove Zhou Qingxuan to his grandmother's house in Shanxi.

As happy as Zhou Qinghui: As a bride, she slept until noon, her husband cleaned the house, dried her clothes - Photo 6

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