"Nation's husband" Lee Dong Wook arrives in Vietnam: Sisterhood surrounds the airport

Nhật DuyMar 07, 2024 at 09:59

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Due to the large number of fans gathered at Tan Son Nhat airport, Lee Dong Wook's crew changed their plans, taking the actor to the car very quickly by VIP door. Even so, he lingered a bit to receive flowers from fans.

Recently, the famous actor of the land of Kim Chi - Lee Dong Wook landed at Tan Son Nhat airport. It is known that the Goblin actor came to Vietnam to attend the event of 1 cosmetic brand. There were quite a few fans who did not mind the long way to the airport to welcome the "Reaper of Death".

Nations husband Lee Dong Wook arrives in Vietnam: Sisterhood surrounds the airport - Photo 1

Despite having just landed after a long flight, Lee Dong Wook kept his face fresh and radiant to interact with fans in Vietnam. The actor is very friendly, he waves to fans from the moment he steps out of the airport door. Despite being 43 years old, Lee Dong Wook is still extremely "marshal", dazzling and handsome. The peak visual and sharp angle of "Death" are enough to "weigh" the often unedited cam image.

Nations husband Lee Dong Wook arrives in Vietnam: Sisterhood surrounds the airport - Photo 2

As soon as news broke that the "nation's husband" Lee Dong Wook would land in Vietnam, many sisters gathered in large numbers at Tan Son Nhat airport to welcome the actor. Speaking quickly to reporters upon departure from Incheon Airport, Lee Dong Wook said he was very sleepy because he had to leave early. Perhaps because of this, although he tried to appear fresh, the actor's face still looked quite tired.

However, the "uncle" surnamed Lee still greeted the fans who came to pick them up and lingered a little to receive flowers from Vietnamese fans. Lee Dong Wook's big blog and fanpage in Vietnam also prepared small gifts for him, but because he had to move quickly and his bodyguards stopped him, fans could not deliver gifts to the actor.

Nations husband Lee Dong Wook arrives in Vietnam: Sisterhood surrounds the airport - Photo 3

It is known that Lee Dong Wook will probably stay in Ho Chi Minh City for at least 2 days to attend an event of a cosmetic brand. The Korean actor's destiny for Vietnam is quite thick when he used to accompany the cast of Running Man to the S-shaped country to film. In 2005, Lee Dong Wook starred in the film The Bride of Hanoi, capturing the hearts of audiences thanks to his beauty and excellent Vietnamese speaking ability.

At this time, Lee Dong Wook was busy preparing to shoot for his new film project. Earlier this year, he went viral with his role as "assassin uncle" Jeong Jin Man in "A shop for killers." The opening ending of the film made many netizens look forward to season 2. But speaking to a Korean reporter at Incheon airport on the morning of March 6, the actor said succinctly: "I don't know."

According to research, the event that Lee Dong Wook participated in in Vietnam was to promote the leading cosmetic brand in Korea. Attendees listened to advice on the right skincare route, met, had dinner with a special cast of guests.

Especially when attending the event, fans also had the opportunity to win 30 dinners with screen star Lee Dong Wook. In order to ensure the safety of the actor, the organizers will take actions to control the audience, limit extremism. In case of violation, guests may be deprived of the right to attend and invited out of the venue.

On the event fanpage, the organizers revealed many interesting information. In addition to cosmetics-related activities, participants also had the opportunity to meet and interact with Lee Dong Wook, Miss Thuy Tien and singer Phuong My Chi.

Nations husband Lee Dong Wook arrives in Vietnam: Sisterhood surrounds the airport - Photo 4

Lee Dong Wook was born in 1981, he began his acting career in 1999. Up to now, the actor has owned more than 40 large and small cinema works and tried his hand in many other fields such as entertainment programs, MCs, photo models ... No matter what role he appears, Lee Dong Wook performs well and leaves a mark in the hearts of the audience.

Nations husband Lee Dong Wook arrives in Vietnam: Sisterhood surrounds the airport - Photo 5

The most memorable and unique role in Lee Dong Wook's career was "death" in "Goblin" (2016).

"Goblin" scored a 19% rating in its final episode, making it one of the most popular dramas in Korea. Thanks to this role, Lee Dong Wook has won many large and small awards.

Nations husband Lee Dong Wook arrives in Vietnam: Sisterhood surrounds the airport - Photo 6

Lee Dong Wook is known as a male god who can "weigh" all different concepts, from young and serious to unisex. Because of this, he regularly appeared on many magazine covers, large and small.

As an actor, the actor is the model of a dream man, with a handsome and elegant look. In 2018, Lee Dong Wook was voted "Man of the Year", becoming one of Korea's most expensive single gentlemen.

Currently, despite being over 40 years old, Lee Dong Wook still possesses a "forever young" appearance. He still receives many offers to be a brand representative and is sought after in magazines.

Nations husband Lee Dong Wook arrives in Vietnam: Sisterhood surrounds the airport - Photo 7

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