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Do My Linh's husband has lost his image as a president, 'senseless' and difficult to understand, fans are confused

Phúc Sen06:46:56 15/03/2024
Miss Do My Linh's young husband - president Do Vinh Quang - made people excited about his recent move. Accordingly, Hien's son appeared to be incomprehensibly ignorant, very different from the image of a talented general that he has appeared in public for so long.

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Do My Linh's husband revealed his enormous assets, people were shocked by the specific number

Trí Nhi12:18:11 13/01/2024
Do Vinh Quang, the son of elected Hien and also the husband of Miss Do My Linh, recently made people scrutinize and discuss the huge assets he holds. Although it is known that the young master is a man of many talents, no one has imagined the specific number.

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Do My Linh revealed the face of her newborn daughter, a strict rule about children that attracted attention

T.P10:43:27 30/12/2023
Miss Do My Linh caused a stir when she suddenly showed off a close-up of her first daughter's face. The b.aby's visual was quickly praised by netizens, saying that she inherited the beautiful genes of her beauty queen mother.

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Hien's son did a special thing at the age of U30, his wife Do My Linh said something that caught her attention: Who entered?

Trí Nhi11:28:36 02/12/2023
Young Master Do Vinh Quang - Hien's son caused a stir among netizens when he transformed into a conductor, during the important ceremony of the corporation. This is a rare job that he did at the age of 30, his wife Do My Linh immediately made a move to attract attention.

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Do My Linh revealed a photo secretly taken with her husband after giving birth. The lady's aura is stunning, fans sobbed in praise.

Pinky15:46:12 22/09/2023
Miss Do My Linh has just caused a stir among people, when pictures of her after giving birth, together with young master Do Vinh Quang's husband, were secretly taken and are being widely spread across the internet.

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Do My Linh locked the chairman's lips, the groom revealed flaws in the "façade" - the husband's family commented on the daughter-in-law

Nam Phương18:14:25 23/10/2022
In a happy moment, Miss Do My Linh gave a sweet kiss to her husband. However, fans also think that if businessman Do Vinh Quang edited this detail, it would be more perfect. After the engagement ceremony was held warmly on October 17. On the afternoon of 23/30, the bride...

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Do My Linh before becoming a bride and groom: Being stoned for speaking ill of teachers and speaking poorly

Nam Phương17:08:00 15/09/2022
From the title "Miss National", Do My Linh many times met the market because of private life incidents. The beauty of Hanoi origin could not help but regret that she had made an incorrect statement about her teacher. After 6 years of being crowned the highest title of Miss...

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Miss Do My Linh was once "supported" by a giant, claiming that she could not love someone who was incompetent

Nam Phương11:52:32 13/07/2022
Do My Linh said that she had been helped by many successful people, oriented to work, but had no deep feelings. She is so important in her relationship that she can't love an inferior man. Not long ago, the media reported that Miss Do My Linh had just received a marriage...

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