Choi Yena: Former IZ*ONE member had cancer, suspected of "exchanging love for fame"

Kim LâmJun 08, 2024 at 14:12

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Choi Yena used to be a member of the popular Korean g.irl group IZ*ONE, which is known and loved by many people. However, she also encountered noises on her career path.

Choi Yena was born in 1999, is one of the most popular female idols after making her public debut through Produce 48 and then debuting with the group IZ*ONE. After IZ*ONE disbanded, she did not join EVERGLOW as expected, but conducted personal promotion, solo debut.

Choi Yena: Former IZ*ONE member had cancer, suspected of exchanging love for fame - Photo 1

Choi Yena is known to be the younger sister of singer and actor Choi Sung-min. From an early age, the singer was diagnosed with Lymphoma (meaning a form of b.lood cancer). "The disease was so severe that even the doctors at the hospital advised my family to give up. Because of the family's poor conditions and the burden of hospital fees, my parents had to make kimbap street vendors early in the morning."

It is known that then a miracle came to Choi Yena. She underwent surgery to completely remove the pathogen and lived a very healthy life.

Choi Yena: Former IZ*ONE member had cancer, suspected of exchanging love for fame - Photo 2

In 2018, she participated in a survival program of Mnet, Produce 48 and won 4th place overall. She then debuted, joining as a member of the g.irl group IZ*ONE. But the group disbanded in 2021.

Prior to her debut, Choi Yena was a trainee at Polaris Entertainment before moving to Yuehua Entertainment. She has also appeared in the cooking program of SBS Korea.

After participating in Produce 48, she debuted as a member of the g.irl group IZ*ONE. Soon after, the group released their debut album on October 29, 2018 under the name "COLOR*IZ". The beautiful singer also participated in the program "Idol Prison" along with JB (GOT7), Jang Do Yeon, Jeong Hyeong Don,...

However, in 2021, this group suddenly announced that it would disband after 3 years of debut. Then on January 17, 2022, she decided to make her solo debut with her debut album Smiley combined with BIBI. It is known that when she debuted, she won the first victory of Mnet's music show M Countdown.

Choi Yena: Former IZ*ONE member had cancer, suspected of exchanging love for fame - Photo 3

Once on the list of popular prominent artists, but when the group disbanded, former IZ*ONE members were involved in scandalous noises. As a result, she gradually became unsympathetic to fans and the public, being sarcastically ridiculed by everyone and feeling disappointed.

Specifically, in December 2021, she was entangled in rumors of a romance with a tycoon capable of dominating South Korea's economy and politics, Chairman Lee Jae Hwan of CJ Group. And netizens speculated that she was the name mentioned. Because after breaking up, she participated in many variety shows such as: "Prison Life of Fools", "Girls High School Mystery Class", "Idol Dictation Contest",... While a female rookie can hardly become a permanent cast of variety shows in such a short time.

Choi Yena: Former IZ*ONE member had cancer, suspected of exchanging love for fame - Photo 4

In addition, many of Yena's shows are from tvN, the TV arm of CJ ENM under CJ Group. The female idol even has her own reality show produced by Studio Waffle - a small channel that also belongs to tvN.

After that, Yuehua Entertainment - Choi Yena's management company, firmly denied the allegations and emphasized that it would rely on the law if the websites continued to spread malicious rumors.

Not long after, Choi Yena personally spoke out against the rumor that being "adopted" was seriously affecting her image, reputation and honor. In a letter posted on the management company's website, Yena said that she herself felt worried when she had to directly talk about these unpleasant rumors to fans.

Choi Yena: Former IZ*ONE member had cancer, suspected of exchanging love for fame - Photo 5

However, because she was constantly called by name in a bluffing way despite the previous denial by the management company, Yena thought that she could not sit still and wait patiently for the people who spread the false news to be dealt with.

"The first time I read an article about my name being mentioned in this series of rumors, was when I was at home eating.

I affirm to everyone, I don't know that person (chairman Lee Jae Hwan - PV) and the story that my name has been constantly "attached" recently. The rumor that I was sponsored was unfounded, but spread quickly as if it were true, which surprised me and really annoyed me.

I just want to pursue my dreams and work hard, why do I have to fall into this unbelievable situation... And even when I see so many people believing in that false information that is being spread, I feel extremely angry and heartbroken," Choi Yena said.

Choi Yena: Former IZ*ONE member had cancer, suspected of exchanging love for fame - Photo 6

Once again, Yena affirmed that she was not at all a female idol "sponsored" by Chairman Lee in exchange for m.oney, rights or fame in the rumors. She hopes that her fans will not have to worry about what has happened for many days anymore.

The IZ*ONE beauty expressed: "I am very sad when I encounter this situation, my spirit is also severely affected, but I will try to overcome those things to work harder for the love that people have for me.

I will let everyone see a more positive side of myself and become an optimistic, strong Choi Yena worthy of everyone's affection..."

Choi Yena: Former IZ*ONE member had cancer, suspected of exchanging love for fame - Photo 7

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