Chiquita (BABYMONSTER) is embarrassed by the indiscretion, the male bodyguard takes notice

Quỳnh QuỳnhApr 22, 2024 at 11:40

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Since their official debut with a 7-member lineup, BABYMONSTER has received a lot of attention from fans. Recently, the youngest Chiquita suddenly had a costume incident and the male bodyguard's actions immediately attracted attention.

Recently, BABYMONSTER returned with their first mini album and title song Sheesh. Initially, YG's rookie received many mixed opinions because of the quality of his music. Currently, the group is gradually gaining public sympathy thanks to their live stages showing off their stable skill set.

On April 13, BABYMONSTER held a fansign in Suwon, South Korea. The group "BLACKPINK's little sister" had the opportunity to meet in person as well as chat and sign albums for fans. During the event, BABYMONSTER's youngest member - Chiquita suddenly encountered a costume problem, so she quickly got off the stage and ran backstage to ask for help from the crew.

Chiquita (BABYMONSTER) is embarrassed by the indiscretion, the male bodyguard takes notice - Photo 1

This moment immediately received many camera lenses from hundreds of fans present. Luckily, YG's bodyguards appeared promptly and shielded Chiquita so that she and her crew could have private space to deal with the indiscretion.

After the clip was shared on social networks, many comments thanked the bodyguard for protecting Chiquita "at all costs", especially because she is a female idol who is only 15 years old. Besides, the online community is also skeptical about YG's stylist team for letting Chiquita - a teenage idol, wear a short skirt, which can easily lead to sensitive incidents.

Chiquita (BABYMONSTER) is embarrassed by the indiscretion, the male bodyguard takes notice - Photo 2

After this incident, the online community also hoped YG would pay more attention to Chiquita's outfit as well as praise the male bodyguard's delicate actions. Currently, the clip has received 2.7 million views on TikTok after just 2 days of posting.

Debuting with BABYMONSTER, Chiquita is one of the group's most fan-attracting elements, making an impression thanks to her innocence, humorous personality, and "salty" in her b.lood. However, she has also encountered many unnecessary noises in recent times.

Chiquita (BABYMONSTER) is embarrassed by the indiscretion, the male bodyguard takes notice - Photo 3

Not long ago, the online community passed along an extremely unflattering comment from a fan. Accordingly, this person ranks the interactions of BABYMONSTER members. Notably, Chiquita is the member ranked last because she "ignores" the group's fans the most. After that, "little Lisa" read this comment and replied: "I'm sorry. I'm here for you."

Chiquita (BABYMONSTER) is embarrassed by the indiscretion, the male bodyguard takes notice - Photo 4

Chiquita's move made the fan community unable to hide their frustration because a part of the excited fans asked questions that were too subtle. On social network X (Twitter), many posts call on the fan community to immediately stop comparing members that hurt their idols.

Chiquita was born on February 17, 2009 and is Thai. She scores points with her cute face, big round eyes and skillful dancing ability, and is expected to become the "trump card" of the "little sister BLACKPINK" group. She is likened to "little Lisa" because of her similarity in appearance, dancing ability and outstanding star quality despite being very young.

Chiquita (BABYMONSTER) is embarrassed by the indiscretion, the male bodyguard takes notice - Photo 5

Chiquita (BABYMONSTER) is embarrassed by the indiscretion, the male bodyguard takes notice - Photo 6

Recently, Kpop fans were excited to witness a unique "trend swing" from the mother of the youngest sister, Chiquita, excitedly dancing to the h.ot choreography of the song Sheesh.

Chiquita (BABYMONSTER) is embarrassed by the indiscretion, the male bodyguard takes notice - Photo 7

Following the trend of supporting her daughter, Chiquita's mother made people admire her with her surprisingly youthful visual. People also think that she looks like a 2nd generation Kpop idol. If not introduced, few people would think that this woman has an eldest daughter who is a famous idol. Even though she's just an "amateur", Chiquita's mother also has attractive charisma, expressions and dance moves. After watching Chiquita's mother's "trending" video, fans realized where the female idol inherited that outstanding energy and charisma from.

Chiquita (BABYMONSTER) is embarrassed by the indiscretion, the male bodyguard takes notice - Photo 8

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