Chi Pu revealed her fatal weakness after the lip-syncing noise and also mentioned love stories

Hoa TuyếtNov 30, 2023 at 09:39

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Chi Pu recently said that her love life was difficult because of an imperfect part of her face. At the same time, revealed information related to the Vietnamese music industry's comeback product called "Flowers Under the Sun".

After nearly 20 years of artistic activities, Chi Pu is still regularly on the list of beautiful female stars voted by the public. In particular, fans who had the opportunity to meet the female singer commented that she was not "photogenic", because her beauty in real life is many times more beautiful than in pictures.

Chi Pu revealed her fatal weakness after the lip-syncing noise and also mentioned love stories - Photo 1

Even though Chi Pu has an attractive figure, Chi Pu is not satisfied with a part of her face. Accordingly, not long ago, a famous makeup artist in Hanoi posted a quick video interview with the female singer.

When asked what the most confident part of her face is, the singer Anh Oi Anh Stay excitedly answered it was her eyes. As for the part that is not confident, she said: "Maybe there is a bump in the nose, this is a difficult love path."

Chi Pu revealed her fatal weakness after the lip-syncing noise and also mentioned love stories - Photo 2

Immediately after the clip was successfully posted, many netizens expressed surprise in the comments section when they learned that Chi Pu was not confident about her nose, even though she had a beautiful appearance.

"Chi is very pretty", "Someone else has a nose and I have low self-esteem, what should I do", "My nose is exactly like Mrs. Chi's, even though everyone says it's beautiful, I still don't find it beautiful",... are comments left by netizens.

Chi Pu revealed her fatal weakness after the lip-syncing noise and also mentioned love stories - Photo 3

For those who have followed Chi Pu's journey, after many years of working in the entertainment industry, she has tried herself in many different fields. However, it wasn't until she turned to being a singer that Chi really attracted attention from a large audience.

Especially at the beginning of this year, the original Hanoi singer excellently won the show "Tyillions Ride the Wind and Turn the Waves 2023" in China. This is the launching pad to help her "encroach" the market of a country with billions of people, as well as once again affirm her name in Vietnamese showbiz.

Chi Pu revealed her fatal weakness after the lip-syncing noise and also mentioned love stories - Photo 4

On November 26, Chi Pu suddenly shared on her personal page a beautiful image accompanied by an impressive quote: "As a flower, everyone looks for the sun to bloom. I choose to create my own sun, even if it is the sun in the darkness."

Not keeping fans waiting, on the evening of November 28, the female singer officially revealed the teaser of her new song titled "Flowers Under the Sun". The MV for this song will officially air tonight (November 30).

Chi Pu revealed her fatal weakness after the lip-syncing noise and also mentioned love stories - Photo 5

Besides sharing the teaser, Chi Pu also wrote on her personal page: "Each of us is a brilliant flower shining under our own sun. Flowers Under the Sun is a gift that Chi hopes to have." can comfort you and accompany you through life's uncertain days. Because no matter what, the trees still bloom, the sun still rises and I hope everyone will be happy."

It is known that the images in the teaser "Flowers Under the Sun" are interwoven slices that create a feeling of curiosity for viewers. The opening scene is a seductive Chi Pu wearing a tight white dress appearing in a dark room, creating an interesting and striking contrast. Surrounding her are iron frames that bring a magical and mysterious feeling.

Chi Pu revealed her fatal weakness after the lip-syncing noise and also mentioned love stories - Photo 6

Next is the image of radiantly beautiful Chi Pu looking at herself in broken mirrors; The girls wearing the same outfit walked on bare feet... The moment the female singer wore a gorgeous outfit with her flowing hair walking alone on an infinity staircase with beautiful lighting effects. create an impressive scene.

Chi Pu revealed her fatal weakness after the lip-syncing noise and also mentioned love stories - Photo 7

From the r.eveal of the melody and image, it seems that Chi Pu's comeback product this time will have a gentle tempo, but up to now, many people still cannot determine whether it will be a ballad or a dance song. .

Chi Pu revealed her fatal weakness after the lip-syncing noise and also mentioned love stories - Photo 8

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